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Build Quality
3.4 (40)
Value for Money
3.6 (40)
Ease of Use
4.0 (40)
Cleaning & Maintenance
3.5 (42)
Noise Level
3.3 (39)
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239 reviews
SkyeNSWSydney, NSW4 posts
  Fair Incentive

I'm Addicted

I use this on Carpet and floor boards. I have two dogs who shed hair on both surfaces, and people regularly in and out of the house. I was in shock the first time using this how much was coming up off my floors using the bagless vacuum for the first time. It is easy to manoeuvre throughout the house and on the stairs as it is so light. I love this, for the price especially, it is sucking up better than my $400 Vacuum Show details
AshleeQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD15 posts

stops working as well after a few months

This vacuum is good for the price. You get what you pay for. Really good suck when I first used this, but you need to make sure you clean the filter after every vacuum. Working okay for 8 months then went terrible. Will be taking back to put my money towards a decent vacuum. Show details
Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Allan Vousden
Allan VousdenNSWSydney, NSW9 posts

Little Ripper, K Mart, Anko Vacuum Cleaner

I Got it for $67, being a Multi disabled Elderly guy, it was within my budget, i have only had for a week, but it seems to be good for the price, my son is going to buy one also, I live in a Dept housing flat, it had a massive Cockroach problem, but since i got the Anko, the roaches are trying to get out of my flat, it picks them & their eggs real good, most have been Neutralized, I would Recommend it to you. Only bad point i noticed no manual on how to empty it etc...my points 8 out of 10 Show details
Matt Reed
Matt ReedWAPerth, WA3 posts
  Fair Incentive

What a little ripper

Thought this would be a heap of dog sh*t, but how I was wrong! Works a treat and we use it 2-3 times a day cleaning up after two little crazy children Show details
Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
RajVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Perfect for me

Love it. Work well, suction is good. It looks good. And very affordable. Even if it last for one year still worth to buy it.i would suggest Go and buy Show details
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
VonsterNSWSydney, NSW14 posts

Not sure why there are so many good reviews

There are no positive features I can write about with this vacuum cleaner. I was swayed by the number of positive reviews but after buying the vacuum cleaner I can only say these people have obviously never had a really good vacuum cleaner to compare against. The suction was barely adequate even for a $75 machine. The hose connections are cheap and nasty, ie there is no connection that actually ensures it stays in place so it keeps disconnecting itself as you move the machine around the room. It keeps rolling over but I think this is a common problem with the barrel type machines. Only buy this if you are absolutely desperate and really can't afford anything more and you don't have carpets. Show details
Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
JcdPerth98 posts

Reasonable for the price

My old dyson vacuum 's handle cracked after 12 years so i bought this kmart one as a cheap replacement. For the price its actually quite decent. The problems i have with it are it loses suction at about 1/2 full. Also when emptying the canister dust and fluff/hair often clings to the side. I have to bang it quite hard to get this to dislodge at times.Sometimes i have to remove the top off and dislodge the fluff with my hand. Can be messy.Look this will do the job but in no way does it beat my dyson. So if you can afford better i say buy better.

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Piece of junk, stop working after 12 months

If you want a cheap vacuum that will last 1 year - this product is for you.

The vacuum lasted 12 months 3 weeks - Kmart refused to refund or provide store credit. Even though warranties mean squat under consumer law.

Don't let the price fool you and spend the extra $$ for a better quality or you'll end up with a lemon.

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Richard2 posts

1.7 litre glass kettle

Have bought one of these was drinking rust after a week, returned to replace with another hoping it was one bad one. To no avail second one did the same. Suggest take off the shelves to retain your reputation or try another reputable company that will look after quality control with more effort.

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AmayzingoneNSWSydney, NSW360 posts
TillTweed heads2 posts

Great product for the price

For $75 is a great vacuum. Used it to clean our new house and so far doing a great job of removing all the cat hair left in the carpet by the previous tennant. Really removes a lot of dust and crap from the carpet, as well as pet hair.

The crevice and upholstery tools work extremely well. Glad I didn't spend $300+ on a branded vacuum that would probably do a similar job.

Very happy with this purchase so far.

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robboPreston8 posts

it's OK for the prize you pay

Well it's not terribly power full but it does the job quit well and it's not expensive cleaning the vacuum is pretty easy unlike the old one's I think it's worth the money so far had it for 4 months now ,the plastic is pretty strong also just the cord is pretty short needs a longer cord

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FaleNSWSydney, NSW8 posts

Just right

These vacuums are affordable and have decent suction on them for what you pay for them. And the best of all you can go buy them any time because Kmart is open 24/7. I've had mine for a year and still going good, they're easy to clean out to and you don't have to buy bags for them.

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CommunerQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD58 posts

Excellent Value


Puts my Bissell 3-in-1 240-W vacuum to shame

Its big wheels easily roll over its cord

Easy to maneuver

Comparatively inexpensive


The black hose handle connects to the telescopic tube with only a slight friction grip, so the user must have at least one hand on the tube, or it WILL detach. Occasionally, even the floor head slips out of the telescopic tube.

I cannot yet write about its durability.

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ShawnMelbourne5 posts

Kinda expensive

It is enough for smooth surface like tiles but I do not think it is enough for carpet. Some hairs still exists after cleaning. So i think its price is kinda high for what it's capable. This product have good cord length, you can use it from a remote adapter.

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NCCCranbourne3 posts

Good vacuum cleaner

Vacuum is quite powerful, good suction, good cord length, very affordable price. Only downsides perhaps would be that the parts have started to get a bit loose, it is quite lightweight and tends to tip over as I'm vacuuming, and the wheels are not the best at gliding on my floorboards. Other than that, for the price we're paying I would say it is very good value and does what it is supposed to do.

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maerPerth2 posts

Easy to clean

The home has been recently renovated and has a lot of dust.

Specially bought back to facilitate hygiene.

It is very easy to get started, it won't fall over, the suction is big, and the trash can can be cleaned.

The appearance is very beautiful.


It can be cleaned in the corner.

The dust and hair debris that sucks is very effective.

I hope that the usage time can be very long.

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Aaron6 posts

The vacuum that doesn't AND does suck

We were hesitant to buy a cheaper vacuum at first but on first use we knew we made a good choice. We've been very impressed with how much this vacuum sucks lol. We wanted the 2400w vacuum but it was sold out everywhere so we opted for the 2200w and impressed we are.

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Ct90AU4 posts

Great cleaner

Great vacuum with great suction. Makes cleaning quick and easy. Only purchased last month but so can't comment on longevity but so far so good. Easy to use and easy to empty dust. Would like cord to be a bit longer-no problems tipping over. Overall love my vacuum and great price.

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Jan S
Jan STraralgon East7 posts

Great product

Purchased this vacuum Cleaner from Kmart approximately 2 years ago and I would recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone looking for a great product for a minimal price.. It has great suction on both carpet and hard floors..I previously owned an Electrolux but could not afford another but this vac is just as good.

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jjjjj42 posts

Dont believe the positive reviews

Heres are the REAL facts about this vacuum.

It looks nice but its just junk made to a price and sold for way above its value!

If i paid $40 to $50 fine, but i paid over a $100 for ours

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You get what you pay for

At first I was impressed, as it had good suction and easy to empty. Unfortunately the hard plastic sheared off where the hose connects to the body making it unfixable. Also, the power cord is shorter than my previous machine which meant I needed to use an extension cord. It is light and compact

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Bearing3Mentone4 posts

OK nothing special

This vacuum is OK but definitely not the best. We rent so its adequate for our needs but when we buy I will get something better. Suction starts well but as it fills up, it drops away so regular emptying is needed to keep the power fresh. Emptying the container is not too bad but usually makes a bit of a mess dues to static charge causing the dust to stick . I think it almost exactly is valued at its selling price

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LukieMelbourn4 posts

Powerful vac for great value

This is a great value vacume that Kmart sell. It's super powerful and if your going for bagless this is the one to buy. It's simple to clean just press all the pull back latches and it all comes apart and can even be washed out! You'd also be surprised how much dirt it picks up compaired to our older vacume

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MilkmanCollingwood4 posts

Middle of the road vacuum

This sits right in the middle of Kmarts vacuums price wise and what do you know? It gets exactly middle of the road results. It works with ok yet unimpressive suction and does a pedestrian if unremarkable job of cleaning, Plastic quality and overall fit and finish is... average. Could a vacuum be any more "middle of the road" than this? anyway its passable

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amagMelbourne10 posts

Not a bad unit

Early days. Just got the unit last month. Pretty impressed with it so far. The vacuum has no issues with tipping over. The noise for the unit is pretty acceptable for the price. The cord length is fine too. Opening and closing the unit is straight forward and easy to do. The dust container could have been bigger. It is average

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Janelle6 posts

Not that great

Today the plastic handle snapped right off lucky I am still under warranty. suction ok, doesn’t pick up hair properly and the hair wraps around wheels and jams then really hard to clean. Very fiddly to remove and clean filters and hair and gunk from the vac head. One positive it’s a quite light unit. Would I buy again, no way. Hopefully I can get a refund as I will purchase a more expensive brand suppose you get what you pay for.

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ReaderRockhampton31 posts

Good value for the money

This vacuum works well enough, i have owned much more expensive vacuum cleaners and do not think that they faired any better than this one. It needs to be emptied every second time it is used though otherwise it loses its suction power. It moves well and is a basic vacuum which does what it is supposed to the way that home brand flour or sugar does the same thing as the more expensive branded versions.

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STEWARTHQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD28 posts

Does what it says

Purchased this product following issues with Dyson cordless stick vacuum and didn't want to spend $500 again (see my other review on this). Does everything it says on the box. Construction seems good quality and waste/dust chamber is really easy to empty in to the trash. One thing read the instructions and make sure you keep the sponge filter in the top of the waste chamber nice and clean and this will maintain good suction. Would have given it 5* but the cable length is a bit on the short side compared to some other models...... and extra 1metre would have done it for me. But at this price bracket I'd recommend this product.

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Suits12South Melbourne4 posts

Not bad - It OK very plain

This is an OK vacuum, nothing to write home about. It comes with few accessories but the wand and floor tools are decent enough quality. It starts well with good suction but definitely drops away as it fills with dust. My one stank a bit the first few times I used it but cleared up in time so it might be a good idea to start outside the first time. Over an "OK" rating

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Yowie5Brighton4 posts

Good to start with

This vacuum started off quite good. I was very pleased with it at first but over time it revealed its inherent cheapness. It's not really a "cyclonic" vacuum at all. It's just a barrel with a filter on it so as it fills up, the new dust stacks onto the old dust and suction is reduced. I usually empty it around half full because it noticeably drops in power about then. Its cheap but you get what you pat for

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Ann Daily
Ann DailyHobart4 posts

Great for a budget powerful vacuume

Bought this to just vacuum bags but now having moved into my own place it's worked out well doing the entire house and cars it was a huge bargain than buying one of those pricey ones you see on TV that do it all when this one has done it all for us

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Teneal4 posts


It was a really good vacuum to start with on carpet and tiles it was perfect, after about the first month of using it was sucking as well. I still used it to clean out my partners and I cars and to do smaller areas. I only lived in a damn townhouse when I brought this

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JamesMelbourne6 posts

Very reasonable, does a great job

I am very happy with my purchase for the price. The vacuum did a tremendous cleaning job and was very quiet when compared to other products. After about a year of having it, it did overheat more often that it should have but hardly surprising for the price. It cleaned carpets and wooden flooring well.

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Cesium3Hawthorn6 posts

Average on a good day

This is possibly the most generic vacuum I have ever used. Oddly it doesn't have any branding on it at all but it comes in a Kmart box. It looks quite good and performs in an absolutely average way. I notice that the suction tapers off quite quickly as it fills, so it's a better idea to empty it at around half full. The cord length is adequate and the wheels are actually pretty good. It was cheap but will it last? Time will tell.

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NickyNew South Wales4 posts

Great cheap vacuum that dose its job

You couldn't ask for much when you pay for cheap items but this vacuum was a great buy. At first we only got it to clean a few rooms in our appartment but we moved into mums house and it dose a great job on her floors. Loads of suck power and cord is a nice length too

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Triumph_66South Melbourne4 posts

Good - passable not exceptional

This is an "OK" vacuum but good for the price. It has reasonable suction but that dies off quickly as it fills up, so you need to empty it regularly. Its quite zippy and easy to move around the house - has a decent sized cord and good handle. The wand is metal and the floor tool is again, quite good without being fantastic. I did find hair etc get jammed up in the rollers but easy to remove. Its all round a good deal but expect a passable, not exceptional machine

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SsinSydney8 posts

Good purchase

The suction is very effective for the price you're paying. If you want exceptional quality go to a vacuum specialist store. I've had no problems with it so far. The cord is more than adequate for a 2 bedroom house. Very easy to maneuver and clean out. I would recommend it

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yanciOrmeau6 posts

Kmart 2200W Bagless

Very happy with the suction power, cleans well, level of noise is medium, easy to store, easy to put together, easy to empty and takes a few goes to get full, is very light, easy to maneuver around the house and corners, cord is very long easy to reach in various places around the house, I have a 5 bedroom house so we cover a large area with a double size living room, all bedrooms have carpets and have wood floors in toilets and walkways.

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Seven2geelong4 posts

Well made but underpowered

This looked great out of the box - nice style and pretty solid. Its very basic and doesnt come with any extras except the information and warranty cards. Its got good 360 degree rollers on the bottom and the wand and tubes are good too/ All looks good EXCEPT.... the suction is kind of weak. Its OK - is ah at first then drops away quick the more you use use. Its cheap to buy but as they say "you get what you pay for"

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