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Not as good as I thought

I bought this excited to use it, the first time I used it I really loved it! I used it a second time and there we’re burnt bits of milk at the bottom (which now happens everytime I use it) you can only put a splash of milk otherwise it overflows and it froths way too much leaving close to no milk at the bottom.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Not hot enough and burned milk

Was given this one as a birthday gift. Used it to steam milk, but it wasn't hot enough. So I had to steam the 2nd time. Maybe that's why there was a layer of milk burned at the bottom (while the milk was still not hot). The burned layer was quite hard to clean as well. Maybe I should use microwave instead.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

weird foam

This frother makes a weird foam that looks and feels like soap and not milk. It's not creamy at all. It also leaves a burnt deposit stuck to the bottom every single time we use it. It's well built and it looks like it's going to last but unfortunately we don't feel like using it at all.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Excellent frother on a budget price

I bought this after the expressi I originally had started to lose the non-stick coating where the milk always burned on the bottom, making the burn worse. I bought this one because it had the bigger size. It can warm up to 300mls and froth up to 190mls. It heats to 65°c which I find is quite good and doesn't burn the coffee. It's also quicker than my last one. I haven't had any burned milk stuck to the bottom, so cleaning it is really easy.
The only down sides I have are minor. When you take the frothing attachment off, the is nowhere to store it (the expressi had a spot under the lid) so no doubt I will lose it. The other is that it has a physical flick switch for on/off instead of a press button, so when I'm done and go to store it back on the base and I forget to flick the switch back, it will turn itself on.
I've had this for 5 days now and am pretty happy with it.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

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To be of any assistance, I'd need further information.

Bought the last one left in a Kmart and I suspect one stirrer may have been lost from the box along with any instructions. Can other owners confirm that this model comes with two stirrers - one with a circular spring and paddle, and the other with just a paddle? Images and instructions for similar frothers often show two stirrers - one for froth and the other for simple stirring/heating. The little nipple under the lid fits the stirrer perfectly, suggesting this is where one could be stored while the other is in use.
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