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Kmart Retail Stores

Kmart Retail Stores

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Hate the "new-look" store at Aspley Hypermarket.

Who's bright idea was it to change the K Mart store around at the Aspley Hypermarket a while ago? It's absolutely terrible! I can't find a thing in there! And what's with the new check out system in the middle of the store? It's so jammed in, & no room for others when there are people with big trolleys trying to pay for things.

A woman who stands at the door welcoming everyone in - I asked her what's going on with this store now? The poor woman said she's been abused by customers left, right & centre. I told her its not her fault the store is as it is now. I truly felt for her. She told me the store was changed around so its the same layout as all other K Marts in OZ.

A lot of elderley people shop at The Hypermarket. I've spoken to quite a few of them, & they all say they hate the new K Mart. One thing they really detest, is having to walk further along the mall to the K Mart entrance.

There's nothing I like about the Aspley K Mart store now. I've never seen such a stupid store layout in my whole life. The lighting is way too bright, & the few times I've had to go in there since the makeover, I couldn't find what I wanted quickly. I often had to walk around the whole store before I found what I was looking for.

Not long after the store showed off its "new look" to the public, I asked a staff member where could I find items for the laundry? She couldn't tell me. Well, if she couldn't help me, what chance did I have in finding what I was looking for? :)

I refuse to go into K Mart there now unless I absolutely have to. It's a real shame that I, & many others, feel this way. The store used to be lovely, & a real pleasure to be in. There is next to no customer service now, either.

I rang the Hypermarket management & voiced my disapproval. Got no joy from them. Was told that "sooner or later you'll get used to the new-look store". They said they have had a few complaints from unhappy customers such as myself, but there is nothing they can do to rectify the situation.

K Mart Management - why change something that isn't broken? Why do you want to give customers a bad shopping experience instead of a good one? Why is the store laid out in such a way that I, & many others, can't find what we are looking for in there? Where's the logic in having the check outs in the middle of the store? Wouldn't that encourage more theft?

The only good thing I have to say about K Mart these days is the prices. They are very reasonable.

I have a friend in the USA. He told me that K Mart hasn't been there in years. If they had the same layout as what we have to put up with here, I'm not surprised they disappeared.

I'm finishing my comments on a positive note :). The white bath towels in K Mart are brilliant. Very absorbent & they stay thick after many washes.They are about $6 each. I highly recommend them.

K-mart vaccume cleaner

I bought a kmart 2200 W bag less vacuum cleaner. expecting it to work. however it stopped after 2 years of working.. now there is no one to repair.. I have to throw it to buy a new one.
I don't understand, why do u sell a product which cannot sustain beyond 2 years. They should clearly mention, the products will work only during warranty period. Once warranty is over throw the product in garbage

Where did good old fashion service go.

Just came back from a visit to a k-mart store at Munno Para. I was looking for an item. As I had difficulty finding it I asked a staff member who waved me in a general direction. Good service is showing a customer directly to an item. Still unable to locate this item I asked an older Staff member with a microphone strapped to her head. Surely she will have better manners. Apparently not. She enquired with someone on her head set. All she said then was "out of stock". Turned around and walked away. No apologies. Another staff member was there and witnessed this and no apologies from her either. Very disappointing K-Mart. You should retrain all your staff in common courtesy.

No staff available, impossible to find item looking for

Kmart stanhioe gardens.
Could obly find female umbrellas, unable to find staff to ask advice.
Impossible to see where things are. Signs are obstructed by other signs. Waste of my time going there.

Very Helpfull

I am a really indicisive shopper but was very impressed by the level of service at Kmart Ingle Farm. The lady (sorry forgot her name) helped me chose out exactly whatI was after. Thanks!

Great customer service

I purchased a new sound bar 2 days ago and unfortunately when I went to plug it in it was missing the cords. I went straight back to store I purchased from but couldn't find my receipt. The staff were very understanding and within minutes I left with a another brand new one

Kmart Logan

Kmart Logan city staff is very welcoming and friendly willing to help In anyway They are always smile and amazing customer service I will give them 10 stars for customer service

Service now very poor to non-existent.

I was in Kmart (Keilor Downs) 15/3/19 and selected a wok which I took to the counter in the middle of the store. I refused the self-service so a woman came to serve me. We then noticed that the wok had a dint in it. The staff member said she couldn't leave the payment area so would I like to go and get another wok. So I did. In the few minutes that it took to get back, a different woman was at the register and the waiting queue was quite long. I tried to explain what happened but the staff member wouldn't listen and told me to go to the end of the queue. The next customer was very loud in her complaint that I was jumping the queue. I told them that I had been there earlier and had just gone to get another wok. The staff member said it didn't matter I had to go to the end of the queue. I put the wok down and left the store and found a wok in another store which was cheaper anyway. I used to be a frequent customer (weekly) of Kmart but since they put in the self-serve there is no service (and no discount to compensate). I have left the store without the items I wanted to buy at least four times in the last 6 months and now I will not be going back (unless they return to proper registers at the front of the store, with help when needed).

Love my pink chair

Great products for cheap prices. Got myself a new pink chair, looks great and it was really easy to put together. There's not always a customer service person around but hey, prices are low so I don't expect that much.

Very rude staff

I was in the Penrith store only the 9/3/19 looking at a top in the ladies section as there Was only a couple in the colour I wanted I asked two staff members if I could have the one from the display . The young girl was very rude and said that they don’t sell the clothes on the display because more stock “might “ come in , so not only did they not get a sale but I won’t shop there again . I wonder how many customers get turned away from there purchases because staff can’t be bothered to do some work . I think some staff need to be trained on how to be polite to customers

Terrible Frame

I got a picture frame from kmart and i wanted to put my own photo in but i was glued shut with hot glue, if you want to place your own photo in a frame dont buy it from kmart

Dangerous Pet Toys

BEWARE pet owners....Yesterday I purchased 5 version of toys for my 8 mth jack Russell ... within 5 minutes they were destroyed & synthetic filling & plastic from inside was everywhere, shame on you kmart

Do not buy a bike

We bought 2 tourex bikes thinking how bad could a brand new bike be.. the men's bike is awful the gears slip and don't change properly at all!! it has been put together so the metal that runs along the frame catches on the chain section an clicks constantly. ( this was supposedly fixed by the mysterious bike man in Toowong Kmart after a lot of messing around an terrible service but the bike is just as bad as ever) The ladies bike came apart whilst I was riding it, the gears slip and the breaks hardly work on both of them. Complete waste of money unsafe bikes.

My Favourite Place To Shop

My Favourite place to shop.
My kids love going there specially for their reasonable price with toys, clothes and shoes.....
I also love their party stuff and kitchen stuff..... good value for money :)

Photos not as good

I've been printing photos from K-mart lately. But rarely they come out well. They're either blurry or cropped off a chunk with a rare good one. Otherwise the products are good.

Dodgy mobile phones

On Friday afternoon, 2nd March 2018 I purchased an Optus X Spirit Mobile Phone from the Ringwood Store but it didn't come with a battery so they are refusing to refund or exchange it for me so I would avoid this place at all costs also the staff are extremely rude and abusive to me and to their customers and the service is appalling.

Untidy and Dirty

I have been to the Kmart in Werribee twice now and we live in Seaholme. Reason being is cos it’s the closest 24hr one to us. Both times I was left unsatisfied and disgusted of the place and their customer help. I have learnt from the last time I went to this store to always check before I take the item home. There was rubbish all over the isles where the furnitures was, couple of trolleys down the isles blocking people from going in and out. There was visible dirt/dust on the shelves and the other customers were actually wiping their faces with the towels and putting them back. I told one of the staff and she was too scared to tell these customers to stop or to do something about the issue.
I will never EVER go back to this store.

Shoe Storage Rack

I am happy with this purchase and omg it looks so damn cute with the lady line print above it near our front door. I will recomment this product. If you have young children you can also put a small storage bag/box from kmart for $4 for dirty socks.

Love this place

I have purchased most my indoor and outdoor furnishings from Kmart, the quality is good and the prices are very reasonable. I love walking through Kmart and my sister and I often shop there

Poor customer service

Went to my local Kmart store in Rowville this afternoon to purchase a new dish rack. Found several cheaper unboxed styles and 2 boxed styles. Neither of the boxed styles was on display but one box of each style had previously been opened. I proceeded to take the item out of the first box to see if it was suitable when a young lad working on the floor approached me and told me that I could not remove the item (or even open the box). I asked how could I check if the item was suitable, since there was none on display. He said, “the picture and the dimensions are printed on the box, that should be sufficient”. I find this most unsatisfactory and the employee’s abrupt attitude unacceptable. I shall be purchasing my item elsewhere, even if it costs more and avoiding the Rowville store in future.

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