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Julieanne S.

Julieanne S.Victoria

Extremely impressed and great value


The mattress is very supportive. We were worried it may be too soft but it is perfect. We’ve had no issues adjusting to the koala mattress. We did find it to be a bit cold, but our old bed had an inbuilt latex top and was hot to sleep on. We bought a woollen mattress topper and problem solved. Can’t wait to test it out in summer. Some reviews mentioned that the sides are soft but we have not found this to be an issue. With the 120 days return policy how can you go wrong. So far we are very happy!!

To early to tell


I have slept on the Koala for 14 nights now and and as yet have not unfortunately slept right through.

It is slightly on the hard side for me, but given the fact we have 120 nights to try out the Koala mattress I truly believe its worth giving a go as you have nothing to lose with the Koala money back guarantee.

The service thus far has been outstanding, very easy to order and delivery was quick and efficient, the Koala mattress arrived in a box and within five minutes I'd put it on my bed on my own, simple!!!

The quality of the mattress seems excellent I'm really hoping in time it'll be the best sleeping mattress for me.

Thank you Koala for the opportunity to try your product.

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Mike Lowerson

Mike LowersonSydney, NSW

Best nights sleeps I have had in a long time , firm and sooo comfortable, great for my back !!


Firm and comfortable, very supportive of my back, keeps shape excellently, no hollows have formed. I find it keeps body warmth, no need for any artificial heating on a cold night.


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Kelvin M.

Kelvin M.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews



I have had back issues for a number of years now.
My last mattress was a 10 year old inner spring. I looked at a number of reviews and because I am a side sleeper koala seemed to be the best choice. I have had the mattress now for around a month. The mattress is hot and does not breathe and my back feels worse. Quality of sleep is no better than a 10 year old spring mattress.

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Fantastic mattress, made in Australia.


Fantastic mattress, so comfortable and supportive and just the right firmness. Definitely sleeping better. Being manufactured in Australia is a huge plus. The mattress was delivered very promptly. We're very happy with it.

Paul M.

Paul M.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Love the new mattress


Very comfortable mattress. Definitely recommend to others. Seems like this is hard wearing and have not noticed any issues so far. I have not woken up with a sore back at all since using this mattress.


VonnyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Fabulous Product! Fabulous Service!


We are delighted with our new queen size mattress from Koala.
My husband says his sleep quality has improved and he is rapt with how much better he feels when he gets up every morning. He thought it was his body letting him down and it turns out it was just our old mattress.
So delighted we chose Koala as their service, communication, price and afternoon sales service (free collection of old mattress) has been exemplary.
Absolutely highly recommended.


RavGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Comfortable and easy


I love my Koala Mattress. Its comfortable and had maintained it's shape and fitness a year later as well. I wake up feeling so much better. My husband has lots of allergies but after this mattress he sleeps a lot better!


CourtneyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Wish I didn’t take so long to choose


Wish I bought it months ago. Wake up with no leg/hip pain, perfect comfort and value for money at under $1k. Immediately delivered and easy to assemble. Over the moon.


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Megan R.

Megan R.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Absolutely amazing!


Super comfortable medium firmness mattress I would recommend it to anyone as well as the koala base! So easy to have delivered and I was able to set it all up on my own with no problems. Very happy with my purchase.


JoySouthwest, VIC

Fantastic Product


The mattress is very supportive as I am a larger person. No sagging and it supports my frame very well. I did not have to get used to the mattress - it was great from the word go. The quality of my sleep has improved significantly. I no longer wake with an aching back and legs.


ElainePerth, WA

Fantastic mattress


Our Koala mattress is very comfortable and supportive. I've not woken with neck or back pain since we got it and had a good night's sleep every night. Woild definitely recommend this mattress.

Jack D.

Jack D.Wheatbelt, WA

Contemporary and comfy!


Comfy, warm and has good memory, like new after a few weeks of use. Fits well on the base and is a perfect thickness. Would recommend, also, purchased this because of Steve Smith’s promotion. Best since Bradman.

Joy C.

Joy C.Darling Downs, QLD

Most comfortable sleep I have had for years, fair dinkum.


I have had back, knee and hip problems for years as a result of being a pedestrian hit by a bus on a zebra crossing. My sleep is usually disturbed by constant turning over to relieve pressure. With your mattress I have no pain. How did you do it? Temperatures here can get down to less than zero regularly in winter. Now I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. With my Koala and feather Doona life is beautiful and comfortable. Go to bed with your koala and hug some comfort.


BradSouth East Queensland, QLD

I regret buying a Koala Mattress


I bought a king koala mattress through a recommendation unfortunately I regret the decision and will advise people to consider buying something that will last.
The mattress is less the a year old and has large indents where my partner and I lay, we have tried rotation of the mattress but that does nothing.
I have also been dealing with back and hip pain who the physio thinks could be caused from the mattress. From reading other reviews the indents in the mattress seems like a common issue so it would appear to be a fault with the mattress. I weigh 78kg and my partner is less than 70 kg so pretty average weights you'd think the mattress would last longer than a year. Looks like I wasted my money buying a koala mattress.

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CarolSouth East Queensland, QLD

My koala mattress in a box


I’ve had my koala mattress for a couple of weeks. It’s firm without being hard. I have had neck problems that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on buying new pillows without relief but this new mattress has made a huge difference. I highly recommend it.


KaySouth East Queensland, QLD

Comfort personified


Past few weeks have been the best sleep I’ve had in a while. I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of sleep. The hip and lower back pain I usually wake up with has gone. Sitting on the edge of the bed, as it doesn’t have a rigid frame, may seem a little strange at first, but don’t be fooled, it’s a firm, comfortable, amazing product and you won’t regret it. My only suggestion use less packaging/wrap.

Not as good as I expected


Purchased the mattress about a month ago to replace a 9-10 year old mattress. Mattress is very firm and the lower back issues I had are still present and may be getting worse, sometimes takes 10-25 minutes to get comfortable and get to sleep.

If the mattress was a bit softer I feel like it would be better in terms of fit for me, I will likely give it another few weeks but I have the 100 day trial, at this stage may look at returning it.


KyleRichmond-Tweed, NSW

My daughter loves this product and she also loves the idea of adopting a Koala they are an essential part of our Country


It is simple and simplicity is Gold in this instance my daughter sleeps better than ever on her new mattress and the peace of mind knowing that she is helping one of her most beloved little creatures the Koala it’s a great thing as they need all the support they can get especially after the devastation with the bushfires! Thanks team Koala’

Lesley F

Lesley FSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

How did I cope without it


My mattress is much more comfortable and supportive that I imagined after seeing the item turn up in a box that I at 67 could move on my own.
The mattress has had a positive effect on my recently replaced knee and arthritic lower back and hips.
I find I am sleeping much better after replacing my old mattress and wake up without allergies
At this stage, a month, I have not noticed at change to my mattress.

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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about Koala Mattress

Do I need to turn or rotate my Koala Mattress?

Like any mattress, it is important that you rotate the Koala Mattress from head to foot on a regular basis throughout its life to help create more even settling of the comfort layers and dispersal of weight throughout the entire product.

This is especially important within the first few months of use. The Koala Mattress has been designed so you don’t need to flip or turn it over as part of regular maintenance.

Is there a weight limit to using a Koala Mattress?

The mattress has been tested with several weighted dummies, up to 240 kg (530 lbs), and is suitable for most, if not all body types.

Why do I feel hot when using a Koala Mattress?

A foam-based mattress warms up more in comparison to conventional, spring-based mattresses after some use. Koala recommends changing the fabric type of your bed sheet or fitted sheet if you feel warm.

Do I need a bed base with a Koala Mattress?

A Koala Mattress works with any bed base type, including slat and ensemble bases. Koala recommends that you do not use your mattress directly on the floor for hygienic reasons.

Latest Consumer Questions



Koala Mattress

Do these mattresses limit transfer of movement. My Partner has restless leg syndrome and I am looking for a product that will limit how much of the movement I feel On the other side.

No answers


Koala Mattress

We have had the Koala mattress for a month and have just noticed mould growing underneath. We have spot cleaned the cover and the mattress. Do you think the mould will have penetrated into the mattress? i.e. is it beyond repair?

4 answers

Hi! This has just happened to us too! We have the koala base and mattress and noticed an odd smell. Pulled the mattress off and the base is mouldy and the mattress cover mouldy too. Luckily not through to the inner foam but it could be there and just not visible to naked eye. Shocking! Never happened with our previous mattress (springs) and base (slats), so I'm thinking it's a design fault - not enough air flow.

Alisi F
Alisi F

I’ve noticed a similar issue. Have spot cleaned my mattress and also doesn’t seem too entrenched, but having only had this mattress for 5 months, not feeling great about this development!


I have had the same problem too, Ive tried wiping it down letting it air dry, but it seems to return again.

Jyoti Bala

Jyoti Balaasked

Koala Mattress

Can I use electric blanket on it ?

No answers

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