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Kogan 1800W Portable Induction Cooker KAINDCOKERA

Kogan 1800W Portable Induction Cooker KAINDCOKERA

3.4 from 9 reviews

Very noisy.

I didn't realise that induction cookers make a loud buzzing noise, particularly the small portable models, so it is a common problem and not just confined to this unit. Tried it with a variety of pots and they all worked and cooking was quick but cooker was noisy with all of them. Big surprise.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great, gets hot fast without heating the kitchen

Heats fast and controls produce instant results. Heat remains steady as in simmer, or boil or fry. As there is no cooking manual/guidelines with this product trial and error is needed to learn. Having said that, induction cooking with the correct cookware is fast and efficient. This Kogan induction cooker is value for money..

Date PurchasedMar 2017

None of my pans are recognised

None of my pots and pans are recognised by this. It's pretty useless at the moment until I buy new pots and pans. My pots and pans are pretty flat and is the recommended Size, unless I got a defective item I will have to buy Jew pots and pans. This is my first purchase from Logan and it is pretty disappointing.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

centigrade not working

i have found that the c temperature doesn't work .it changes but doesn't reflect the the heat which stays alway on high
the p temperature works fine
this is not a criticism of kogans as I have bought a few things through them\\ and I find them
a great co to deal with.
I have contacted kogans and they said the would replace it,but i thought i would check here first to see if there was some thing I could do before sending it back

Introduction to Induction cooker

Simple to use, fast heating & maintains constant temperature. I use this instead of my gas Bbq wok cooker to fry chips & chicken outside. No mess. Just set the temperature power & it doesn't keep getting hotter to burn the oil black. My next home cooktop will be all induction cooker.

Inexpensive, but reliability could be an issue

We purchased 2 of these about 2 months ago. One stopped working within a week and was replaced by Kogan. Both still working and do the required job, but there are a couple of issues. The unit (or at least the fan?) appears to briefly turn off every time the power value is changed. This can't be a good 'feature'! Also, the 'beep' associated with each button press is overly loud and somewhat annoying. Overall reasonably happy, but we're yet to see if they last for a reasonable time.

Very Good; Inability to handle hot cookware a problem.

I bought two of these and continue to use them daily. The only significant issue is that the heat sensor is quick to go off when using cast iron cookware. The cast iron cookware gets and stays very hot and this induction cooker cannot handle the heat. I frequently have to turn it off and on again when the heat sensor cuts the power to protect the electrics etc...

For the price it is great. If it could handle hot cookware it would be 5+ stars.

A very useful induction cooker for the price

The induction cooker has been used daily now for six weeks. So far, so good. It performs as well as a more expensive brand I use. There are many uses for this item and it is easy to transport from one location to another. The low setting allows my pressure cooker to maintain pressure without having to constantly adjust the heat settings. For the price, it performs surprisingly well. The product arrived within 48hrs of ordering. Manuals are found on line, not supplied. I read the manual before buying and receiving the item which I found useful. I like the initiative of not sending a paper manual as it is a sustainable way of information storage. On the strength of performance of this cooker I have now purchased their sous vide machine. Stay tuned for that review.

A little disappointed

I love this product it's heats really quick , but disappointed with its ability in recognizing my pans. I have Avalon pans suitable for induction but it only recognizes the large frying pan, none of the smaller pans or my wok which is a same brand as this is the main pan I use, so will limit my use.
Heats quickly
Only recognizes my large fry pan

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Hi Barbara, Thanks for taking the time to review your Induction Cooker! Could you Check whether the bottom of the pan is concave or convex slightly, meaning potentially that insufficient contact is being made? If you feel that there may be an issue with the product, please do get in touch with our friendly support team at the link below: http://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/

Questions & Answers

When posted on only get 88 on display. Put pan on and get E3. No matter which pan I try??
2 answers
Hi. E3 means voltage is too high but I think you've mixed up the steps as I'm not aware of where the voltage would be 260v or higher. Try putting the compatible flat magnetic pan on first then switching the power on. When you get the 88 light then choose the power setting down or up arrow to select the temperature that you want. Good luck. If it doesn't work then call Kogan support number.Ian C's answer pretty much covers it. You want to make sure that your pan is magnetic. If it won't let you select a power setting it may well have a fault.

Will this work ok with a heavy 30cm (24cm base) cast iron skillet ? What is the plug 10 amp or 15 ?
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Hi Graham, The total weight of the pan and loaded food should not exceed 4kg. We recommend using a pan that has flat surface close to the induction hub, i.e, 10" to 12"(25.5cm to 30.5cm). You can also have a quick read of this page: http://ths.gardenweb.com/discussions/2247843/induction-cooktop-burner-and-pot-size-matching. It has some helpful tips about burner and pot matching. It has 10A plug. Let me know if you have any further questions.As Kogan stated, a 10amp plug. My cast iron skillet works well. On high heat the cast iron will become very hot. You may get a warning light if you use the pan on high for an extended period. It's ok on lower settings. The error isn't the Hotplate it is the cast iron heating up against the ceramic top. It's not a serious problemMy 12 inch skillet is 3.8 kg and only 9'' on the bottom , i do however have a stainless steel pan that is 10.5'' (26.6 cm) which fits in that range , also possibly a stockpot. So perhaps it could be worth it for those two items. The manual states that cast iron pots and pans are suitable but at 10'' to 12'' they would surely be very close or over 4 kg's , especially with food in them. Thank you for your replies.

Hi there, could u pls advise the actual cooking surface of the Kogan portable induction stove top? Regards Julie biggar
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Flat & easy to clean. hope this is what u needed to knowThe cooking surface is a ceramic surface, black in colour. The heating area is approx 19-20 cm diameter circle. I use mine daily and it seems good value for the price. If you choose to cook at a very high heat for a lengthy period, 20 mins on highest heat the warning light will beep that the surface is too hot. I have cooked at lower heats using my pressure cooker for extended periods with no problem. I have another induction portable cooktop that was double the price. It's double the weight and bulkier. I prefer the Kogan for travel due to its more compact size.. Both cookers have a 20cm cooking area. It may not be the best induction cooker on the market but for the price it seems the best value and does all I want it to do.Hi Jules, Thanks for your question. The induction cooker has a ceramic hotplate. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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