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Kogan LED TV (HD) & DVD Player Combo 16" (KALED16DVDZB)

Kogan LED TV (HD) & DVD Player Combo 16" (KALED16DVDZB)

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YES it doesn't work

Try as I might using all options on the web I cannot eject a DVD from my DVD drive.. Now i am destined to look at Pirates of the Caribbean as the DVD is irremovable from the player. I hate Johnny Depp as much as I hate Kogan. Don't buy one>

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Kogan 16/19 to combo

Be careful when inserting coax cable into rear of tv. Any movement will cause cable input pin to shear off. To fix is very expensive. My previous 19" Kogan has the same fault. This product is used in a motorhome and operates on 240v when in caravan park or 12v when free camping.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Got 3 uses out of it

No sound from any mode (TV, DVD, HDMI) or output (speaker, headphone, usb speaker) after only three uses. Price seemed worth it at the time but now its virtually useless except as an extra monitor for a PC. Steering well clear of Kogan from now on, obviously not worth it.

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Hi Richie, Thanks for your review and we're sorry that you've encountered a problem with your product. Our Support team will be happy to help you in resolving this. We can be contacted on 1300 304 292 or at the following link: https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/

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hi I have a kaled16dvdzb and the remote is broken so I purchased a universal remote can you tell me what the remote code is please?
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Hi there, you should be able to login to the Universal website and put the model number of your set to get the correct code, failing this give Universal a call. Hope this helps SamiThanks for helping matehello I always ring Kogan I couldn't Evan find the eject button for my DVD on my remote but the guys at Kogan are great ring them first Jhan

Kogan 16" LED TV (HD) & DVD Player Combo. Is this both 240 volt and 12volt - reviews just talk about 12v. Don
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Yes although I have only used mine on 240.YES THIS TV. IS BOTH 240V AND 12V..it is supplied with a 240v to 12v. transformer.....it can be used in caravan etc. where you have 12v. power source..and at home where you have a 240v outlet.....suggest you buy a tv. aerial with a 12v. amplifier so that tv. operates effectively when travelling


LED TV (HD) & DVD Player Combo 16" (KALED16DVDZB)
3D CapableNo
Smart TVNo
Price (RRP)$139
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