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Kogan 33L Electric Oven with Hotplates

Kogan 33L Electric Oven with Hotplates

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For the price it's sufficient.

We required something of this nature for a temporary accommodation whilst waiting for our house to be built so took the chance based on the price point. First thing I tried was to boil a pot of water as if you were cooking pasta. It took 15 mins to boil the water so not really a great first impression. Second thing was to test the oven. I decided to bake a packet mix cake but it required further cooking in addition to the prescribed cooking time at a higher temp on the dial. The cake ended up ok although slightly unevenly cooked. After purchasing an oven temp gauge we realized that the actual temp is about 20deg lower than what you get when you set the dial so we can adjust for that now. One problem would be is that if you needed 250 deg C you may not achieve it, more like 230 deg C. So considering the lack of grunt in the hot plates and the fact that you can't use both hot plates and oven simultaneously we decided to purchase a Todo 2400w infrared twin burner ceramic cook top that we can plug into a different power outlet so we can use an oven and a cook top at the same time. In passing I have written a short review on the Todo cook top, it's fantastic and will boil the same pot of water in 5 mins. It does have a rotisserie which does work but we won't use that feature. Overall this oven/cook top would get you by in and of itself with some organization and work around. We will just use it as an oven and it will suffice for a few months. It will make a useful warmer for those outdoor entertainment get-to-gethers in the future once we're in the new place. Bottom line....for the $$$ I guess you can't expect too much.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

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