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Kogan Agora Smart 3D LED TV (Full HD)

Stuck on loading!

have a kogan smart tv "KALED553DSMTZA" that says loading when powered on. I have formatted a USB, plugged it into usb1 and held down "volume up" when powering on to upgrade the firmware, as per your website.

I get the first blue screen reading the usb but then the TV flashes "usb in fail"and then the tv goes to the loading screen again.

i have tripple checked i have the right firmware and so on so i am unsure why this isnt working. could you please give me some assistance with this.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

never buy kogan

when i bought it I thought can it be true for the price i paid unpacked it set it up and noticed it was not working i could not change chanells properly so they exchanged it for another and that had a line down the middle of screen when he collected it he said he had picked up so many with the same problem

Date PurchasedJan 2010


This is the second Kogan TV that we have "tried". You would think that I had learned after purchasing a previous Kogan TV. To avoid go on and one I will cut to the chase.
AVOID Kogan TVs and electronic products in general as they often/regularly have software issues. You may say OH that happens with some often manufactures and YES you would be correct but with Kogan it happens every other week.
You get what you pay for cheap-rubbish that has on going issues.
Do yourself a favor and if you want cheap by Hisense where one at least gets 3 years warranty.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Use it daily, works great as a Display apps arent the best but hey

The picture is great, contrast is great for 749 i paid all those years ago i just wanted to put a review that it works great, never missed a beat. The apps arent great but I wasnt expecting it to be the best. I use my laptop on it and i cant complain at all. I have it on my wall and use it daily. I keep firmware up to date when i can. Im gentle on TVs leave it on and goes to sleep when i fall asleep. Thousands of hours i have no complaints for the price when 50" TV 3d were $3000+ at the time
Writing this on it now still works great 4-5 years later

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Junk. Just junk.

I've had this TV for three years and have just replaced it with a projector. It was, and always has been useless. Sure, it's big. the resolution is fine if you're far back enough. But you have to update the firmware every other week, or it just gets stuck on a loop trying to load up. It can literally take 15 minutes just to eventually turn on, but most of the time you have to do an update, which is just moronic. I've never used the TV part of it, I only use it as a glorified second monitor for my computer. So waiting around for it to just turn on is the most aggravating thing you can imagine. Kogan has never rectified the problem with an update to patch the issue, which is what made me decide never to buy from them again. They will claim this is an isolated issue, but if you read through these reviews you'll see it's common. It's just a rubbish product, from a product rebrander that simply does not care about quality, or even usability.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Bad TV.

Will work fine for a month then will take forever to start with the white KOGAN screen. I use the Firmware update, Works again for a month or so then the cycle starts all over again.
Just buy a better tv for more money and save yourself a lot of grief...

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Screw Kogan Agora smart TV

Kogan smart (evil) TV is the biggest pandora a box of non sensical roads to nowhere I have ever had the encounter of trying. I feel like smashing it or throwing it over the balcony! The least user friendly device in the world. Has it's own bad language and symbolism. The guide is a killer! Don't purchase one ever!!!

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Worst product on the market.

TV has been broken more than it has worked. Have found the after sales service to be pitiful and would NEVER buy a Kogan product, nor recommend, again. Service staff made me feel, and treated me, like I was a complete moron and that they had done me a favour by allowing me to purchase their inferior product. Luckily I stopped my son in time before he bought one too.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

A poor dumb thing!!

I have at least 6 Kogan products including 2 TV's. All good at the price. Recommended to family, never again. Seemed O.K. then got NBN and tried to use Smart bit useless!!!!! Tried upgrade now delay in all functions looses date every time power off. Catch up TV doesn't work, pause to USB keeps jumping and then freezes. I have a Kogan twin tuner set top box on another TV works perfectly cost $39 go figure.

Terrible Product

Terrible. Lasted less than 6 months. I would highly recommend not buying a Kogan TV at all. I have had 2. One lasted just over 1 year. They gave me another tv (the one in the review) as a replacement of good faith, lasted 6 months. Terrible products. Spend the extra and get a quality one.

I am not satisfied at all, never buy cheap products!

I bought this TV refurbished, now it is the second time it stops working. First time I had to pay 170$ to Kogan for service, I don't know how much they gonna charge me now!!!
Next time I will make sure to buy original things not cheap Chinese products at all!! If you do it, better do it well!!

Absolutely bad product and customer service

This TV stop working and still under warranty have contacted Kogan since last 24 days and they have arrange pick up from Toll IPEC courier. They not even came to my place and said no one is at the location. Have contacted Kogan many times as well as Toll IPEC they keep promising and this TV hasn't been pick up yet. This is really stressing because I have keep this TV at my workplace. Better to spend bit more money and get quality product because at the end It will be same.


Terrible product, would not recommend. I would rather spend more money to get a better product. Slow as hell! Very frustrating. Since Kogan has no proper phone support I have had spent lots of hours trying to get hold of their support over the email. I would rather go for a cheap LG or Samsung.

Kogan 55" Agora Smart 3D LED TV (Full HD)

Our 3D just about 1 year old, suddenly no picture and only sound, so we called up Kogan on 4/12 they sent us some software update via e-mail to be installed on the TV, we tried that but that didn’t rectify the fault, they arranged for TV to be taken to their local repairer, my husband took a day off work to be at home for the guy to come pick it up next day, after 5 days we got the TV back, it worked ok for only 5 minutes, again the same issue (no picture, just sound), called Kogan again, they said, TV now needs to go to their service centre in Melbourne, they arranged their own courier (TOLL), we had to buy a box to pack the TV, again hubby took another day off work, (so this is 2 days worth of his pay gone because of their substandard product and their repairer not been able to diagnose the fault correctly), so that TOLL could pick up the TV on 15/12, its 29/12 today and we have been calling Kogan regularly and they still haven’t received the TV… Poor customer service, inconsiderate, we have been asking for a replacement TV as its now almost 1 month that we have been without a TV as this was the only TV we had, also I have 2 kids on school holidays not being able to watch TV during the festive holiday season. All our pleas going on deaf ears…. Very disappointed with the product, more so with the customer service who are not ready to understand our plight.

Worst TV Ever

About as smart as a fart in an elevator. Don't go near this TV, you will be lucky if anything other than the TV works. People faces glow orange and you just can't adjust enough. Processor must be as big as a pea as nothing will work although Kogan feels if it works 1 in 100 times then that's enough to claim it works. No Kogan Ever Again,

Absolutely False Advertising so Disappointed in Kogan

I bought two Kogan Agora 32" Smart TV's to use Netflix and Other Apps all of which it said on there website work perfectly fine with this TV. Only to realise not one..."Not One!" Work on the TV's at all. Kogan should be ashamed for the false advertising. Considering my family used to buy a ton of Kogan products in the past I think that is going to stop now.

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Hi Doug, Thanks for your review and we apologise for any dissatisfaction. On the product listing for the 32" Smart TV, you will find that there is a note: "Please note, this model is not compatible with some third-party applications, including Netflix." We apologise for any inconvenience. We do offer a 14 Day change of mind returns policy, should you wish to return the unit. You can get this arranged by contacting our Support team on 1300 304 292 or at the following link and we'll be happy to help: https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/

Unbelievably crap smart tv

Where do I start, slow as hell to operate, haven't found any apps that will work properly inc Netflix and browser freez's all the time and r/c navigation is very frustrating !!! Do not buy wait until u can afford a brand name, the site will sell it well but don't get fooled

Smart TV that isn't smart

The TV won't work with basic apps such as iview or Netflix and you can't load iview or Netflix in the browser either, or rather it loads but won't work. Rang Kogan can't or won't help offered to send me an email giving me options. I am using a chrome cast as have no other option but what is the point of having a smart TV. Asked about a software upgrade but they said no cant do it probably won't release one at all. Very poor service extremely disappointed Kogan

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Hi Mary, Thanks for your review and we apologise for any dissatisfaction with the TV. There are millions of applications available in the market, and all of our TV's will support tens, if not hundreds of thousands of these. Unfortunately, we're simply not able to guarantee compatibility with 100% of third party applications. Again, we do sincerely apologise for any resulting inconvenience.

Has a potato for a processor, not capable of being a smart TV


- Good screen
- Works well as a dumb TV


- Has a SOC that is way underpowered for the purpose of a smart TV (I would gladly pay $100 more for something decent).
- 512MB of ram is nowhere near enough memory, the whole memory pool is almost used up just running the operating system, no wonder everything is so laggy.
- Takes 5 minutes to bootup and be semi usable as a smart TV
- Cannot decode anything above about 480p, you will need to use an attached computer or a HDMI smart TV box.
- Remote is very unresponsive (most likely due to the SOC and memory pool being undersized).

If using this TV as a normal dumb TV it works fine, don't expect it to do any smart TV functions well, if you already own one I would recommend buying a android TV box and using that for smart TV functions instead.

Terrible TV!! Nothing but trouble!

I bought this TV for Xmas last year, needed to do a firmware upgrade on it within the first couple of days of purchase, the upgrade wiped the TV of its software and was left with a TV that did not work. Sent the TV away for repair, still not able to stream anything live, which is the whole idea of purchasing a smart TV. TV won't recognise and other devices that are plugged into it, and does not stream you tube, Netflix, or won't stream or play any apps such as live sport applications. It can only be used for watching television and for what I paid for this TV, I could have bought a far better television that would work properly from a retail outlet. Hope this saves someone he headaches I've had with it.

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i also have tv kaled32smtza and the problem is its stuck on the logo 'smart tv loading'what should i do to my tv, i need answer please?
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What do I do to stop my Agora TV flickering? Please help me because I really love the TV
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What can I do to stop my Agora TV flickering? Please help me because I really love this TV.
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Agora KALED323DSMTZA (32")Agora KALED423DSMTZA (42")Agora KALED553DSMTZA (55")Agora KALED473DSMTZA (47")
3D CapableYesYesYesYes
Smart TVYesYesYesYes
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