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Kogan Automatic

Kogan Automatic

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Do not buy this at any point thinking it will make good pasta easily. It is awful.
If you do not have the pasta exactly to the right consistency the machine will not work. The pasta dough gets blocked up in the tiny holes and does not come out and it is impossible to clean.
Avoid at all costs. I returned mine

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Frustrated and poorer for it!

What a useless machine! If this is how they are meant to make pasta, Ill stick to buying ready made! I think Ill put this for a garage sale item and let someone else enjoy an utterly useless piece of garbage! If I hadnt bought it online, I would have returned it, but Ive spent enough of my money already on crap.

$50 in price why did i think it would work

Ive tried to make pasta, i thought i had stuffed up the ingredients. By partner who is a chef tried & he couldn't get it to extract. The mixing is fine, but the extraction is terrible. Dough gets stuck. Throwing this in the bin & spending $300 to get the Phillips.

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Hi Mandy, Thanks for your review. I'm sorry to hear you are having some issues with your pasta maker. You can contact our Support team to arrange a return: https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/complete_question/support/.

Not extruded

I have tried 3 times, still not working, dough does not feed into that slot. The front head spin not centred while a bit pasta coming out. Very disappointed!
Machine parts is needed improvement to let dough extrude. You would thought the product should do the test before go on market?
Customer Service team is good, will send back.

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Hi Holly, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review and I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your pasta maker. Whilst all product lines sold through Kogan.com undergo extensive testing and quality control, it is simply not feasible for Kogan.com (or any other major electronics manufacturers) to test every single unit produced. As with all electronics products, there will be a very small percentage of products that may exhibit faults. Please follow the instructions provided to you by our HelpDesk and we will have the pasta maker returned for you.

load of rubbish

have had 3 goes at my new pasta maker won'"t extrude all the dough and when it does its all stuck together not edible,so far it has been extruding for 1/2 an hour and still not all the dough has come out ..what a waste of money.have tied kogan recipe ..useless..have tried another recipe useless..just sticks together..DON'T BOTHER


Was happy after waiting 11 days for my pasta maker to turn up, unpacked, checked online instructions & loaded her up, tried my usual 400gm mixture for a one feed dinner, contents just stuck to the mixers, so I made it up to an eight hundred mix, dough mixed much better, but wene I tried the pasta making, it all came out and stuck together, too many holes and painfully slow, so I decided it was going back in box, tried to clean, unable to clean a part, not impressed.

Useless dont buy

First try (using kogan recipe exactly was so thick wouldn't extrude
Second try with more liquid extruded for a while and needed stopping to put mix towards front .. pasta was so sticky it all stuck together
Directions very poor ..chinese translation ..on switching ..also "add beat egg"
Will send back

Won't extrude dough

Just got machine , tried twice both times it wouldn't extrude dough out. There is no trouble shooting information. Will send it back. Useless, extremely large machine. Even if it did work couldn't make lasagne sheets or ravioli.

Great Budget Pasta Maker

If you are looking for a pasta maker but don't want to spend the big bucks then consider this machine.

Makes excellent delicious pasta in no time at all and is pretty easy to use.

As long as you follow the recipe precisely you should be making your own homemade pasta in no time.

Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the eggs and water and it produces a smoother pasta with more flavour.

About half way through extrusion you may need to stop the machine and break up the dough ball into smaller pieces, dip in flour and then start again. It can get a bit gluggy from all the kneading.

I have given this machine four stars because it does a brilliant job but there is room for improvement in quality of the machine itself, too much thin plastic that I think would wear out and break after a while but at $60 it's by far one of the cheapest machines out there and it does make great pasta.

Worth to try. Pretty good for home use.

When I was considering to buy a automatic pasta maker, I checked the Phillips brand. But the price is over AUD300, and i won't use it too much. So, I decided to give kogan a try, because the price and warranty is really attractive.

After I used a few times, I think it really worth the money. It didn't have any problem so far. And it will be easier to use by adding water, flour and egg precisely. After finishing making noodles or pasta, it's better to leave it to dry, then clean it.

Questions & Answers

How much is KOGAN automatic pasta maker?
No answers

Is there a secret to making the pasta we have tried several times just end up with a blob of mixture and nothing coming out. Please help us!
1 answer
Hi Sharon, Thank you for your question. It sounds as though the ingredient ratios may be incorrect, or the machine not mixing properly. We recommend you take a look at the steps on pages 2-5 of the manual here: https://assets.kogan.com/files/usermanuals/KAAUTPSTMKR-QSG.pdf If you have any further issues, the best course of action would be to get in contact with our Support team, you can call us on 1300 304 292 or submit an online inquiry here: https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/complete_question/support/

Hi Where can you buy the accessories like the pasta grid, the big nut and so on for the Kogan Automatic Pasta Maker
1 answer
Hi, Thank you for your purchase and for your question. We don't currently have the accessories available for purchase separately on the website, but our Support team can certainly look into it and assist. You can get in touch by calling 1300 304 292 or submitting an online inquiry here: https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/complete_question/support/

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