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Kogan Wireless doorbell KAWLSDBELLC

Kogan Wireless doorbell KAWLSDBELLC

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Piece of junk, Do not buy. Dangerous batteries + Painfully loud + Can only change ringtones by break

This doorbell system is extremely loud with no way to adjust the volume. I'm talking crazy loud! There is no way to adjust the volume. Even under sofa cushions it was extremely loud.

The design is also completely ridiculous. You can only change the ringtone by prying open the actual doorbell buzzer (with a screwdriver or pen or something as it the insides are not really meant to be opened!) So inside the door buzzer thats meant to be stuck to your front door - once you pry that open - (no doubt this will cause it to unstick from the front door mind you) - once you pry that open - inside where all the circuitry is, is a tiny button that lets you change the tone. I'M NOT EVEN JOKING. So good luck trying to change the tone once you've stuck this to your front door!!

It also has a couple of tones in different languages such as thai and arabic, but of course not english. Very helpful. It runs on those circular batteries that are fatal to children if swallowed.

There are so many reasons NOT to buy the product, I could go on. But essentially it is a piece of junk, and I'd recommend you purchase the Sanai brand instead.

Kogan are very much against giving any kind of refund - even for faulty goods - so I'd recommend you not purchase the SANSAI brand of doorbell from them either, instead BUY IT FROM BUNNINGS. Look online for yourself - you'll see Bunnings are cheaper for door bells than Kogan anyway!

I learnt my lesson. Whatever you do - don't buy this!

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Would like instructions on changing chomes no instructions with the product this is very disappointing looking forward to having a selection from 36 tones look forward to a reply and assistance with this problem

Questions & Answers

What is the "Input DC 4.5 - 5V" port for? Is it necessary for the doorbell to operate? It has space for 3 AA batteries - for chime?
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