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Travelling business class with Korean Air. Return trip from London to Auckland. Great free hotel on stopover in Seoul on last trip. Am assured by flight company that free stopover available again but still awaiting confirmation from Korean Air. Stopover date 3/2/19. Should I be worried?
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I would double check to be safe!Never had a problem. Third trip coming up soon.Thanks for responses. I was encouraged by the "never had a problem" one but could John tell me how to double check!

My wife & i are flying to Paris with a 20 hour stop over in Seoul so we are staying in a hotel courtesy of Korean Air. Could someone let me know if you are able to leave the hotel while you are there or do you have to remain in the hotel until your connecting flight leaves the next day?
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Hi, we arrived at Incheon airport late afternoon. Our hotel was a 50 min bus trip from the airport and with Customs and Immigration we arrived at thehotel around 7.45 pm. We were given complimentary buffet dinner and breakfast the next morning. In the morning we went for a run in the area surrounding the hotel before breakfast. We were gone for about 45 mins. By the time we had showers, breakfast and packed up our gear it was time to meet the other passengers in the foyer ready to go back to the airport. I'm sure you could leave the hotel if you had time. But to be honest, there's not much time. Also we were mindful of not missing the bus back to the airport. The hotel was very very nice. And the buffet was great. Hope this helps.I forgot to say that some passengers were taken to a hotel that was much closer to the airport. I suspect those passengers had a shorter turn around time between flights.Thank you very much "jayco". Your reply was extremely helpful

Has anyone travelled KAL from Sydney to Vancouver, with the 1 hour Incheon layover? I'm very nervous about the idea of a 1 hour layover - especially since we're travelling at Christmas time and they don't appear to have more than 1 flight per day from Incheon to Vancouver. I did ring customer service who reassured me that, so long as I've ticketed the whole trip through KAL, that it would be fine as transfers at Incheon don't take long, and it's not a big distance if it's a KAL flight. It is a huge cost saving to fly KAL this way (around $4K for the four of us!) but I'm curious if anyone else has experience with this? Thanks!
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Hi we travelled from Brisbane to Vancouver last December for a holiday at Big White BC . The KAL flight was pretty good , we had comfortable seats , great service , my husband said his meals were delicious , my meals were good on the way over ( I'm a coeliac so I required all gluten free food) but not very nice on our return flight . There was always plenty of beverages . The airport was really nice , very modern, we also only had a 1 hour stop over (I too was very worried we might miss our flight but our very experienced Travel Agent said our next flight would NOT leave without us ) our KAL flights were delayed going over & coming back . I would fly with KAL again but would take advantage of over night accommodation in Seoul this time . Seoul looks like an interesting place! Hope this helps. Hi -- I'm looking into a similar return flight from Sydney to Vancouver and you're the first person I've come across who has taken this exact same route; my first layover is 1 hour long and my second is 50 minutes and I'm concerned that it's too short. How was your experience with your 1 hour layover in ICN?

How about KAL to Athens from Brisbane?
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I don't think it is related to a crew, it's chronicle disease of KA as well as British Air, Quantas these days. I trust Singapore Air, Emirats and even New Zealand.Hi Allan5, I think Korean Air would be fine for travel from Brisbane to Athens and the stopover in Seoul is a great airport. Also if your stopover is for a considerable time I believe Korean Air provide free accommodation at the Hyatt Hotel close to the airport. Korean Air service is really good and certainly better than Qantas. I have found Singapore Air and Korean Air to be similar in every way except the price. Hope this assists you.I have not traveled that route. My complaint is that when they screw up their culture does not allow them to lose face and apologise and compensate.

Hey guys, Has anyone one this page travelled from Australia to Los Angeles with a stop over in Seoul? I'm making this trip next month and am looking for a bit of reassurance I guess. Bit nervous as I have never flown KAL before...
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Hi I have not done that particular flight but I have flown with KAL from Australia to the UK and I found KAL to be an excellent airline and the stop over in Seoul was fantastic. I did find that the air conditioning on the air craft was not cold enough for me. Tips: try the Korean food it is really good. The air craft were very clean and well maintained and the inflight entertainment was very good. I would not hesitate to fly with this air line again. I hope that answers your question?Hello, I hope you have a wonderful trip and I am sure you will be really happy with Korean Air. I have used them for over 10 trips now and find their service as good and if not better than its competitors. Also the Korean Airport at Incheon is really good and you dont have to wait in enclosed departure lounges for long times before the flights as they are all open style which leaves more time for looking around the aiurport and you can turn up at the departure liunge just prior to boarding. The hostesses are helpful and customer service is good. I have not been able to fault Korean Air on anything. I hope this helps Hi Leslie, It looks as if you are travelling west ie.Australia/Seoul/Los Angeles. From Australia to Los Angels I thought that you would want to fly east. We always avoid travelling through America when going from London to Auckland as one night in Hospital can cost over $10,000 and no one will give my wife travel insurance. Korean Air is generally fine although we had a problem that was not handled well by Korean Air. Travelling Business Class we were promised accommodation on a stop over in Seoul. It took too much pressure to get the issue resolved in Seoul and subsequent communication with their Customer Service manager was totally unsatisfactory. They cannot admit to mistakes or lose face. Hope this helps, Graham

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