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Brilliant service and very good facilities

We flew Sydney-Seoul-Frankfurt return with a 2 year old and I have to say KAL staff were so attentive and went out of our way to ensure our already stressful experience was exactly the opposite.
They give out awesome activity packs to little ones and the child meals are great. Not overly healthy but there is so much on the tray that even my fussy toddler would always eat something. Our meals were also great and were served after the child meal to give us time to sort her out before we ate. The seats are comfy and KAL have among the best leg room in economy out of any airline.
The staff got me to the front of the toilet queue at one point when I had to change a nappy, then set up the change 'table' for me.
The stopover in Seoul was relatively painless and the airport security staff were wonderful in helping us get through as quickly as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend and will be flying with them again in the future.
Excellent from start to finish

One of the best

I travel to Europe 1-2 times per year from Brisbane. Korean Air is the best way to go - fly out in the morning and arrive in Korea late afternoon, within the ticket is; hotel transfer, overnight accommodation, dinner and breakfast included with free transfer back to Incheon airport for my flight to Prague (offer is available to any next day flight). I'd take, and will continue to take, two 9.5 hour flights with a free break in between over the two 7 and 14 hour flights across the middle east flying with your choice of combination in Qantas, Lufthansa, Emirates or Singapore - not that there is anything wrong with those airlines. I just feel fresher with no fatigue or jetlag going via Korea then when I used to fly through the Middle East- which is important when it saves you a potential day of recovery.
Never arrive tired, polite and generous cabin crew, great worldwide connections,
I'm yet to have a bad experience, chances are I will eventually - no airline is faultless. But at the moment I can't think of anything. To be brutally honest reading other reviews on this page, I thnk other reviewers have a cultural or ethnic issue with the airline than a legitamate one. We Australians aren't exactly the most tolerant people.

So pleased with Korean Air, even before the flight!

I had previously flown with Korean and had been very impressed with the everything. I had flown from Minnesota, USA to Siem Reap, Cambodia this January and the flight was great. Then instead of flying back to the U.S., I went to Australia. Since then I had to change my flight with them twice, and now that I have my final flight, I could not be happier with this airline. They not only changed the date of my return, but also the origin without a fuss. Yes it cost some money, but they were so helpful and wonderful through the process. I now have my final flight home :) I also just got off the phone with them to choose advance seating. This happened within 6 minutes and cost no extra money! I have never been on an international flight that did not cost money for advanced seating! Thank you Korean Air! I am excited for my flight with you in 3 weeks!
reliable and helpful!

Great Airline, Will Use Again

We flew from Brisbane Australia to Los Angeles Via Seoul at the beginning of January 2013. We boarded quickly and were given hot towels and headphones straight after take off. The in flight entertainment was great and had a big variety of what we could watch. The food was served at good intervals so we were never hungry. The meals were your typical aeroplane food so it was nothing fancy but it did the job. Our stop over was stress free and apart from a little wait to get through security (that couldn't be helped) we boarded promptly again and landed in LA without issues. The return flight was very similiar. The cabin crew were lovely and happy to help two very jetlagged Aussies with whatever we requested, included copious amounts of juice and AMAZING sweetened nuts between meals. We flew coach and found the chairs to be comfortable and quite roomy. All in all we would definatley use Korean Air again.
The food, the cabin crew, great inflight entertainment, clean, comfortable and roomy.
The only thing we could really say (and this is nit picking) is it took a little bit long to collect our food trays once we'd finished.

Shocking Experience

On Sunday 3 February 2013 we had the most shocking and disarming experience in all our years of flying. We sat on the tarmac at Incheon airport in Seoul airport, locked in the plane for 12 hours. Snow and ice covered both the ground and the plane and it was obvious after the first two hours to anyone looking out of the window that flight 121 was not going to take off that night. We endured only minimal announcements from the cabin staff that constantly thanked us for our 'patience and understanding' but which offered no explanation as to what was happening. There was no communication whatsoever from the pilot until after six hours when he finally announced (in his American accent) that the flight was cancelled. A short while later we were told (by a different accent) that this was wrong and that the flight was only delayed. Throughout the twelve hours, we were forbidden from leaving the plane, from taking photos and from standing in groups and talking. Some passengers were greatly distressed and their plight ignored: one passenger was 24 hours later for dialysis, another was flying to her partner who had been in an accident and was on life support. No food was served until the 10th hour and this was then only because of passengers' requests. The pilot and his team refused a request by a group of passengers to talk with them, even through a closed door or by phone. One member of the cabin crew tried forcefully to remove the phone from a passenger after an argument was filmed. No opportunity to phone relatives was offered to passengers. Korean Airlines pilots and managers acted with disdain and contempt for the passengers on flight 121 on Sunday 3 February 2013, they were dismissive of their needs and gave out false information in their infrequent announcements. However, with the exception of one person, the cabin staff were considerate, helpful and kind and were left abandoned by their managers and pilots to fend off the passengers' questions, requests and distress. When flights run smoothly, Korean Airlines provides an excellent cabin service. When things go wrong, the managers and pilots of Korean Airlines just cannot cope: there is a total lack of authority and responsibility, an inability to make decisions and an inadequacy to communicate with passengers.

Terrible customer service

I was flying my mom from Seoul to Sydney when I was in Sydney. I made the biggest mistake of using their own website to purchase the ticket and using my own credit card. Apparently, you have to be there in person with the credit card. My mom ended up going back home flying the next day after I personally went and showed my credit card to a Korean Air Counter in Sydney. This was even after hours of talking to them on the phone and sending them a signed copy of the receipt and my passport. So inflexible! I should have just bought the tickets on another website or another airline!

Excellence in Flight

Went to Russia from Australia via stop over in Seoul by Korean Air, simply the best airline in the world. Flight crews were very friendly and beautiful, meals were fantastic, the aircraft was very comfortable and new.. Most of all, I loved the Seoul-Incheon International Airport!! It was actually better than Hong Kong or Singapore in many ways. Stayed in Hyatt hotel that Korean Air provided to the all stop over guest, for free... what more I can say?? Definitely I will fly again with them!
Service, Crew, Air Craft, Seoul Airport, Hotel
The flight was a bit more costly than Air China or some other asian airlines but it's Korean so reasonable?

KAL - Service and a welcome surprise - An airline with heart.

120511 0755 - Flew Syd to CDG Paris with stopover in Seoul. Can't fault Korean Air on service/meals. Seating was very comfy with great leg room (and side room on window seats). New release movies, sufficient food/drinks, large screens with great view capabilities, staff happy to accommodate passenger requests and very courteous. Crying baby - stewards moved family. Overnight stopover & shuttle transfers included - shuttled to Hyatt Regency Incheong!! Great KB room and full wide option buffet dinner and breakfast included!! Wonderful surprise experience!! Flight from Seoul to Paris KE5901 operated by Air France - TERRIBLE! Very squashy esp with front pass reclining. Was starving - no food or staff visible for more than 5hrs. When asked for something to eat Air France steward asked why we didn't eat at sandwich buffet in kitchen! - what? buffet on a plane? and no PA to advise it was ready!! All they had were noodle cups for us and many other passengers who were apparently not aware of this buffet either! – difficult 12hrs. Short story - If poss don't have an Air France leg in your journey - it will let down your Korean Air experience. 220511 2100 - Flew CDG Paris to Syd with 4hr stopover in Seoul. Again Korean Air service was great and Seoul Airport ideal for short stopover with great facilities and cleanliness. Korean Air ground staff very helpfully repacked 2l of expensive alcohol for us and completed paperwork for it as check-in luggage. We collected it in Syd without incident and nothing was broken- Phew! Flight into Syd 230511 1905 was very comfy as plane was not full and passengers were allowed to move seating. We sat with one elderly lady who moved to the spare 3 seats behind us and gave us an extra seat space. Another lady occupied the 3 seats in front of us. Both slept soundly across the seats for the flight. Stewards were also very helpful towards a young mum and her baby, setting up bassinet, holding baby etc. Great to see this kind of consideration towards economy passengers in any airline - Well done Korean air stewards!! We will definitely fly with Korean Air again. Apart from the journey leg with Air France, Korean Air is definitely an airline going places!
Wonderful service, stewards with common-sense & own discretion, roomy seating, tasty food.
The Seoul to Paris journey leg operated by Air France - it was awful! If a passenger pays to fly with KAL that is the airline they choose to fly with not another, and especially not another that is of a lower standard such as the Air France operated KAL flight we were subject to.

always a great expeience!

Have travelled with KAL to europe 3 times now, equalling 12 long haul flights. Always superior service, quick and polite stewards who are happy to help in in every way. They are quick to serve and remove meals, and will arrange, fetch a bag for you from above even without asking. A wide variety of entertainment options, lots of recent and classic movies, although this can be exhausted if travelling with them often within a certain period. The seats are comfortable enough, for economy, enough leg room (i'm not short) and when we were lucky enough to be upgraded to business fantastic legroom, seat width and recline. The food is a high standard, for airline food, go the for the 'traditional korean meal' for dinner/lunch, it is great!! The stop over, hotel/meal coupons is also great,chance to eat sleep, gym in between flights, although more recently the hotel choice was not as great as it once was, could be luck, could be GFC..
very reliable, great service!!! enjoyed each trip!
nothing, i suppose there will always be something to complain about but nothing of consequence here!!

Double charge on my credit card and refuse to refund

Korean Airline has double-charged for my single booking and refused to refund without any reason. I have called 10 times or more to resolve this case but they have said it's not following their customer support protocol and do not have authority to do so. Also, worst of all, they speak not so nicely when I am asking for who to contact if they do not have authority to do so. Korean airline is scam and do not recommend to anyone.

Worst customer support I even had

DO NOT JOIN THEIR FREQUENT FLYER CLUB! Poor customer service ever from airlines!

Don't join their frequent flyer program unless you are ready to let anyone working for the airlines access your personal details as they retrieve your booking. This airlines definitely has no respect to their customers' privacy and let their reservation staff to ask for my passport and DOB. The staff told me she could see my DOB anyway before she knew which flight i had booked. I am not leaving the country and boarding a plane, why should I show my travel document to an airline staff?

The reason I made my booking in their town office was because they didn't change the booking as i requested over the phone, although the operator said that change was already made. Do not expect any courtesy in their office. From my experience flying with korean air, I had never seen any smiles. The town office staff is definitely in the same league - i was almost ORDERED to sit down to wait until she finished her job on hand. No smile, no courteous gestures.... this is an airline that I would never choose again!

Poor service, access to passengers' personal details

No worries at all

Have flown to Paris from Brisbane twice now (via Seoul). Had no dramas whatsoever.

Having a free overnight layover in a five-star Hyatt certainly makes the trip easier. Good room, dinner, breakfast and lunch were excellent.

This airline is now our preferred choice - especially as they tend to be one of the lowest prices carriers (we avoid AirAsia like the plague after two awful experiences with them).

Seats were fine, hostesses excellent, food good (occasionally excellent) and all other services up to scratch.

Will probably fly to Europe with them again this year.

Stopover was superb, good timing (day flight to Seoul) then another daylight flight to Paris, overall service.

Really enjoyed this flight

I have just returned to Australia after flying to the UK Via Seoul with Korean Air. Airbus A330 from Bris to Seoul and 747 from Seoul to Heathrow and 747 back to Seoul and Airbus A330 back to Brisbane. I had my concerns at first because of their earlier track record. If you are thinking of taking a similar trip, I would not hesitate to recommend Korean Air to any of my friends or family. They are fantastic and the service is excellent. I flew economy class but I had a ball!. The only small niggle is that the aircon could be cooler and maybe better english would help a lot but apart from that, give them a go... you wont be dissapointed. Well done Korean Air and the overnight stay in Seoul is very good and extremely comfortable.
Beautiful ladies in cabin crew and very clean toilets at all times.
Aircon was not cold enough and sometimes hard to understand in flight announcements.

Very Satisfied Customer

In the last 6 months I have used Korean Air for 2 x business class trips from Bali to Mongolia and am highly impressed with their overall service. I have changed my ticket dates on each trip and was not charged a penaly and on both trips I was given an upgrade to first class. I have been a Qantas traveller for many years and have never received a complimentary upgrade, ever. I will continue to use Korean Airlines and their cabin service is faultless. I am a very satisfied customer.

Poor Customer Service

Travelled Business Class from London to Auckland. Flight reasonable. On booking my disabled wife was promised stop-over accommodation in Seoul which several times they tried to cancel saying it was against Company policy.. After much argument they checked their promise but then said that I must pay for the room. When Korean Airlines make a mistake, their culture seems to demand that Company honour comes before Customer satisfaction and no-one has the authority to rectify a problem. The European General Manager in Seoul is totally unsympathetic to Customer complaints.
Company response to complaints


We recently flew from Melbourne to London via Seoul. The plane appeared "old" and there were no individual inflight screens from Melbourne to Seoul. Food was tasteless, served cold and by the time it got to our seat in economy, we did not get a choice of meals. We were only sitting about half way along the plane!
The stop over in Seoul was good although we had a crazy bus driver for our transfers who left the passengers feeling ill with his driving.
Hotel was great, breakfast at the hotel was nice and made the most out of the free courtesy bus that the hotel provided. Really enjoyed Seoul.
Flight from Seoul to London was just as bad as the first leg. Staff that I struggled to understand (and I'm usually great with accents as I speak another language myself),not enough staff, cold food and no choice of food again and to top it off our inflight screens on our side of the plane stopped working a short while into our flight.
Our return leg was another ordeal as we were part of the "volcano" victims. Couldn't get a straight answer from head office in London or Seoul and even our travel agent couldn't get anything out of them. They could not confirm another flight for us until 2 and a HALF WEEKS after our original departure date with no offers of assistance, vouchers, food, hotel, nothing.
Obviously it was an unexpected disaster, however the way the staff handled our phone call and questions was appalling. We ended up purchasing a return leg with another airline.
Overall, really dissappointed with this airline after reading such good reviews and we will definitely not fly with them again. A lesson learnt the hard way.
I would not
Hotel Stopover in South Korea was really nice
The whole flight, plane and staff


The 10 or 11 hour flight from Melbourne to Seoul was a bit boring due to no AVOD however the plane was only half full so there was plenty of room to stretch out. We arrived in Seoul at about 6pm and headed for our digs at the Hyatt where I had a great night in the bar there with the other Australians on the fight. A superb breakfast in the morning then headed to London at about lunch time for a 13 hour flight this time with AVOD. Got of the plane in London feeling pretty good at about 5pm local time and went out for a few pints. The stopover certainly does make you get there fresher! The food and service are bang on compared to when I went with qantas a few years earlier
Friendly service, good food and plenty of it, stopover in Seoul
No AVOD on Melbourne-Seoul leg


I have never seen staff on KAL be anything less than friendly, even with difficult passengers. They have the absolute best customer service I have ever seen, on flights and everything else.
UNBEATABLE customer service - smiling air stewardesses will serve you within half a minute of pressing the buzzer. Food is also yummy. :) Defiitely recommend flying with KAL.
I flew Auckland to Seoul on a few occasions and they still don't have individual TV screens. I'm told this has changed but it's taken far too long considering all their competitors have individual TV screens for long haul flights.


Very positive! [name removed] was a little hesitant at first, given that we watched an episode of Air Crash Investigators a couple of months before we went, and the episode was on the Korean airliner being shot down over Russia, but the friendliness of the staff and the Korean people made it an excellent trip. Would I fly with them again? Definitely!!! Fantastic trip!
Everything! We flew Brisbane to Seoul with a 4 day stopover, and then Seoul to Seattle. Service was outstanding! Food was delicious. Staff were very friendly and any query that we had before the flight was answered timely by the internet site.


An airline I would not consider flying a decade ago but with recent attemtps by the company to improve its image, it has become a choice worth making. Still feels lagging behind the likes of Singapore airline but much better in every respect in other asian airlines from other parts of Asia such as the Cathay. If you are planning to travel to Seoul from some destinations like Melbourne or nearby, it remains the only airline that offers direct non-stop flight. It is a little pricy compared to Malaysian airlines etc but inflight service is excellent with very friendly (yet to come across friendlier staff) onboard staff. Looks very modern with their new colour schemes and stewardess uniforms. Definitely an airline that needs to be considered especially as they fly out of major cities of Australia now and Seoul is now regarded as a very hip city for a stop-over with the Incheon International Airport that has been voted the best airport in the world for 3 years running in terms of shopping and entertainment and free internet services etc.
If you are flying from Melbourne to Seoul and back, this is a direct route option and also the quickest. Korean Air is renowned for their friendly staff and they give this very robotic smile everytime you see them which is nice nonetheless. Duty free shopping onboard is excellent
Korean air used to have poor safety rating but for last decade it has improved significantly in that respect now matching the world's top airlines.

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Questions & Answers

Travelling business class with Korean Air. Return trip from London to Auckland. Great free hotel on stopover in Seoul on last trip. Am assured by flight company that free stopover available again but still awaiting confirmation from Korean Air. Stopover date 3/2/19. Should I be worried?
6 answers
I would double check to be safe!Never had a problem. Third trip coming up soon.Thanks for responses. I was encouraged by the "never had a problem" one but could John tell me how to double check!

My wife & i are flying to Paris with a 20 hour stop over in Seoul so we are staying in a hotel courtesy of Korean Air. Could someone let me know if you are able to leave the hotel while you are there or do you have to remain in the hotel until your connecting flight leaves the next day?
3 answers
Hi, we arrived at Incheon airport late afternoon. Our hotel was a 50 min bus trip from the airport and with Customs and Immigration we arrived at thehotel around 7.45 pm. We were given complimentary buffet dinner and breakfast the next morning. In the morning we went for a run in the area surrounding the hotel before breakfast. We were gone for about 45 mins. By the time we had showers, breakfast and packed up our gear it was time to meet the other passengers in the foyer ready to go back to the airport. I'm sure you could leave the hotel if you had time. But to be honest, there's not much time. Also we were mindful of not missing the bus back to the airport. The hotel was very very nice. And the buffet was great. Hope this helps.I forgot to say that some passengers were taken to a hotel that was much closer to the airport. I suspect those passengers had a shorter turn around time between flights.Thank you very much "jayco". Your reply was extremely helpful

Has anyone travelled KAL from Sydney to Vancouver, with the 1 hour Incheon layover? I'm very nervous about the idea of a 1 hour layover - especially since we're travelling at Christmas time and they don't appear to have more than 1 flight per day from Incheon to Vancouver. I did ring customer service who reassured me that, so long as I've ticketed the whole trip through KAL, that it would be fine as transfers at Incheon don't take long, and it's not a big distance if it's a KAL flight. It is a huge cost saving to fly KAL this way (around $4K for the four of us!) but I'm curious if anyone else has experience with this? Thanks!
2 answers
Hi we travelled from Brisbane to Vancouver last December for a holiday at Big White BC . The KAL flight was pretty good , we had comfortable seats , great service , my husband said his meals were delicious , my meals were good on the way over ( I'm a coeliac so I required all gluten free food) but not very nice on our return flight . There was always plenty of beverages . The airport was really nice , very modern, we also only had a 1 hour stop over (I too was very worried we might miss our flight but our very experienced Travel Agent said our next flight would NOT leave without us ) our KAL flights were delayed going over & coming back . I would fly with KAL again but would take advantage of over night accommodation in Seoul this time . Seoul looks like an interesting place! Hope this helps. Hi -- I'm looking into a similar return flight from Sydney to Vancouver and you're the first person I've come across who has taken this exact same route; my first layover is 1 hour long and my second is 50 minutes and I'm concerned that it's too short. How was your experience with your 1 hour layover in ICN?

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