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KRG Conveyancing

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Warning do not use these conveyancing firm

I would highly discourage anybody from using this conveyancing firm as there customer service is non existent. I've spent the last 6 weeks trying to resolve a issue with my settlement from June and after contacting them via email and phone more then several times over the 6 week period and even asking to speak to the manager in regards to this matter, I was constantly met with they will call you back tomorrow, we are looking into it and will contact you tomorrow or just no response at all. I have now been forced to lodge a complaint with the legal services commission n I would encourage anybody else who has had an issue with this company to do the same. Very disappointing considering your website states that your company provides excellent client care by experienced staff maybe you should train them to return phone calls.

The worst

Did not return calls.
Paid $695 for a service and all my elderly mother has experienced is stress.
Terrible, no communication.
This is by far the worst service.

What a mess!

Wish I had read the reviews on KRG before engaging them for the purchase of my property. They were so incapable of providing any level of service whatsoever.
I was foolish to not terminate their services earlier when problems became apparent. I figured that surely they can facilitate a basic property transaction… I was very wrong.
Absolutely none of my approximately 10 phone calls were returned, I never actually spoke to my conveyancing professional, emails and phone calls seeking basic clarifications were ignored, or at best took several days to respond, which resulted in me being in breach of contract at one stage. I ended up seeking advice from the QLD government on what my obligations were for my purchase. I raised concerns with KRG management in writing mid-way through my transaction which was ignored, my feedback survey was also not responded to.

Abrupt phone conversations- Never again

KRG Conveyancing has been extremely abrupt. You ask them questions over the phone as they are so slow with their emails and they are so quick to shut you off with their abrupt answers. They have no patience to your queries. It is pointless emailing them so a phone call would seem reasonable. But no.... they are quick to dismiss your questions and making you feel dumb. Well of course, I have to ask questions, I need professional advice here and that is why I am engaging in your service.

Very bad experience

Hope I never deal with this company again. They did not answer my emails and phone calls. They would have to be the worst company I have dealt with. Never again.

All the bad reviews are correct

Like other people have mentioned, if you like not being able to get hold of your conveyancer, their assistant or their assistants assistant, or even the telephone answering lady who quickly connects you to someone else so she doesn't have to listen to your complaint, then by all means please use them.
All calls go to voicemail, voicemails are not responded to. Then, once you finally do get hold of the person you are after, they claim they haven't gotten any of your messages or emails.

In all honesty this business feels like it is being run by school girls who spend far too much time conversing at the office and not enough business being done.
After all, we are only talking about conveyancing services, not like it's anything really important, right girls?

Never, ever again.

The 10% discount for returning customers is not worth the hassle.

Stay away from these guys...

Was very disappointed with KRG. Found their service to be very unprofessional and dishonest. I think they need to rethink how they do things or they will get exposed very fast. When dealing with large amounts of money, the business systems has to be on point. Would highly recommend not using KRG!

Dreadful worst mistake ever using these guys

Bottom line is they never return phone calls, constantly have to chase them for information. They don't chase anything up, you need to constantly harass them to chase up the other persons solicitor and even then they don't do it. They basically didn't do anything but set up the date for settlement and take my payment. Terrible service, poor communication, very unprofessional - would not recommend and under no circumstances would I use them again.


Like the last reviewer. Can't get hold of my assist lawyer always told to leave a msg or email whatever excuse.. Don't bother it's a waste of time..

I hope you look forward to leaving messages and waiting for a call back that never comes. Shocking!

I hadn't even started using these guys when it all started. I called in the morning and got a quote, I was happy with the quote and I rang back about an hour later to get everything underway. I got told the person I need to speak to is busy, they took my number and said they will call me back. 3 hours later I hadn't heard from them so I call back and that person is now on lunch, they take my name and number and will call me back. 2 hours later, still no call so I call back and get told that they are in there and they don't have a client with them so I'll put you straight through, after a few rings it goes through to their voicemail, so I leave a message to call me back and then wait. An hour later, still no call so I call again, they have now gone home for the day, you'll have to try tomorrow. The next day I didn't even bother with them, I called someone else and started using them instead, but just for fun I thought I would call to see what happened. WHAT A SURPRISE I WENT THROUGH TO THEIR VOICEMAIL! I left a message to not bother calling me back! What a poor experience and a sign of bad things to come if I had have actually used them for my conveyancing!


extremely unhappy with service..bought a first house ,claimed tax exemption with form 2.1..called krg on several occations to confirm this,as we ticked the wrong box on the client info sheet they get you to fill out..anyway on finallisation of contract we got a bill for stamp duty..asking krg why,they said we ticked the wrong box on client info sheet,even though we originally pointed this out and filled out 2.1 to claim stamp duty exemption..Anyway they said contract had been finalised and we had to sort it out..also you will never speak to a real solicitor,and don't hold your breath waiting for them to get back to you..Also never recieved copy of morgage paper..we have to sort that out as well..Had to hassle them for 10% discount to the end..conclusion:KRG suck!!

Horrible service. Extremely Un-professional!!

Never got to speak with the solicitor in charge of my file. Always had to chase them up and I was handled by an intern was clueless. So shocking to find out I was give n all the wrong information about the purchase of my property. KRG wasn't helpful at all, especially Fleur Wallis who forgot about my settlement notice, leaving me no time to arrange fund transfer. Horrible communication and extremely un-professional. Please do yourself a favour and avoid choosing KRG.

They Did Not Account For Their Own Mistake

The figures they collected on settlement were wrong and some of the bills they marked as paid weren't. We had to pay amounts on settlement plus pay the bills that the previous owner didn't pay. We had to wait about two weeks for them to come back to us about the issue, add on top of that pay interest on the bills.

Poor communication skills, Gave incorrect advice!

We used KRG conveyancing for property we were buying. We had to continually chase a response to our emails, calls etc and were given incorrect information regarding an encroachment onto our land by the neighbours. It has taken over 2 weeks (2 emails and 2 calls) to get a response re. funds in our trust account. Would not recommend.

KRG - The experts in poor service

Most businesses are fine to deal with when everything is going well, but it's when problems arise that the differences between the good and poor become very apparent. As a property developer, I've dealt with many conveyancers over the years, and i would rate KRG in the bottom quartile. CW at KRG never replied to any of my email queries, and did the absolute minimum that she thought she could get away with. I phoned the manager to make a complaint and was dumbstruck at his poor attitude towards service - I don't see much hope for change with this business. If price is the most important factor to you, then please do your research as there are other similar priced conveyancing firms that have a totally different attitude towards customer service.

Never available, minimal communication

It took nearly 2 weeks before I physically spoke to my contact at KRG. Whenever I call her I get voicemail & she doesn’t return calls. Very frustrating, lack of communication, lack of information, calls not returned, I have bought & sold several times in the past & this is by far the worst service I have ever received at what is already a stressful time

Wonderful staff who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable

Yung and the team (Amanda, Jessica & Justin - to name a few) were all fantastic to deal with through the process. As a 1st home buyer, I required lots of questions being answered which was never a problem. Email contact was perfect for me, and always a fast reply.

Professional and courteous

Suzi Killey and the team were very professional and communicated all information required and answered all questions in a courteous & efficient manner. I would recommend KRG and Suzi to anyone needing Conveyancing services.

Good service

The staff at KRG we’re quite helpful working through a tricky sale. Will use these guys again if needed - thanks folks!

Great results

We sold a property and purchased a property with KRG. Very grateful for the professional service given to us by All the staff involved. Always very friendly and efficient.

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Questions & Answers

We have two properties that we will be putting up for sale both are rental properties in two different areas will be able to get a discount for both properties. Airlie beach is a rental in resort apartment. Second property is a house in spring Ike’s lakes both have tenants in at the moment
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I am selling a property to our tennants. They are getting a contract of sale drawn up and they need mine and my sisters name. We have both married since we bought our property. Do we needs to provide our married names or maiden names? Thanks, Prue
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Hi, I just wanted to check and confirm with you on the council Invoice. I have received the Rates Invoice from the Council for the amount of $439 for the period of 1 Jan 2019 – 30 June 2019. However, we only settled the land on 11 March 2019. Could you please advise if we still need to make the rates payment for the period 01 Jan 2019 – 10 March 2019. And also, on the Settlement statement which I have received from you guys, there was a charge of $45.69 as Brisbane City Council Rates. So we were under the impression that rates have been paid up till 31.03.2019. I have already sent the relevant details to Yung Le and Jodie Collins. Thank you, Sajeewa.
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Hi Sajeewa, Yung has sent you an email confirming the invoice is your responsibility for payment and that the appropriate adjustments were made in your favour at settlement. This is completely normal within the conveyancing process. Regards, KRG

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