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KTM 990 Adventure S

KTM 990 Adventure S

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I've done over 20,000 km on my 2007 S, all as it was intended. I love it, however there are a few drawbacks to it. Fuel economy isn't great. The 23 litre standard tanks don't give you enough range to do what the intention was. I have fitted Safari tanks and the extra 20 litres does open up the practicality of the machine. They do have their problems, when you remove & refit they never fit. Frustration rules doing this.
Anyway, power is a problem in some situations. There's plenty, sometimes too much and that can lead to problems. I reduced the gearing to make it more tractable in off road situations. Deep sand did cause me issues for the first 5000 kms. Its no lightweight. Its very tall. Im not short, just average at 5'11 but unloaded its a stretch. When paddling through wet clay mud on the Plenty Hwy in the middle of a wet season, it was a bit uncomfortable.. It carries heaps and there is a lot of stuff available for it. Panniers bags racks & guards. It is heavy when picking up fully loaded in the mud, 40 lt of fuel in the tanks, 30 in bladders, 10l of water and gear for 6-8 days adds to the overall weight. Especially when its sitting on you.
Tyre choice makes a huge difference. Avoid "dual sport" type tyres. Dunlop 908's or Michy Deserts are the way to go. there's a lot of power to put to the ground in less than perfect conditions. They are hard on rubber. Powering out of crossings and even standard changes on black stuff chew tyres .
As I said, there's a few issues but yeah, its been great. I would probably do it all again if I had the chance. Out on the darling flood plains in the wet, across the great sandy in the dry, its been a good reliable ride.
In fact as reliability goes, a loose wire on a temp sender is the only issue its given me. Took 2 mins to work out. Not for short light people, suicidally fast, not a beginners bike. But fit for purpose, yes no doubt.
built for purpose. Power, looks, reliability.
Fuel efficency, cost

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990 Adventure S
Release dateJan 2007