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Kuchef Multifunction Pressure Cooker

Kuchef Multifunction Pressure Cooker

3.7 from 3 reviews

Ditched my rice cooker

Wow. cooks rice, beans everything so fast. Had to adjust how much liquid I'm use to using. Haven't tried a cake yet. But I do brown meat in it (have to move fast) before putting lid on. I had hiccups with steam gadget positioning at 1st. Called them (warrant tel in booklet) & got a lesson over the phone on how it to sit properly. I recommend 1st time you use 1/2 cup water no ingredient to figure out the steam release position. So easy to clean. You have to take seal off to clean, but it couldn't be easier. Watch the little seal doesn't pop off from around steam nozzle. It's sure hard to find on the floor!

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Customer service?? None!!

I purchased this unit excited to learn to use a pressure cooker. I am a chef and wanted to see what the buzz was.... Got a great deal from Harris Scarfe and chose the unit. First time no steam, reset after 50 mins unit appeared to be working and a silverside tough not what I would say terrific. Decided to try a cake banana cake ... Set as per unit requirements 30 mins later no steam release, Tried again cooked this time.... By this stage disappointed!! So I know there is an issue... Try customer service, choose product information to see if there is assistance (doing something wrong?) well sat on line for half an hour no answer.... Decide to call back "warranty issue" 20 mins later finally chose the "leave a message" option and left a message for Deliah. 8 hours later no call, no care, no concern what a pity! Will get my money back and never purchase this brand again, nor will I purchase a Bellini product as this is the same "customer service" line......

Extremely useful kitchen appliance

I love this pressure cooker and it really is multifunctional. I've used it as a slow cooker, a pressure cooker and as a rice cooker (perfect rice, first time!). Everything I've cooked has been a great success! I haven't used it as a steamer yet though. I had never used a pressure cooker before but the directions were very easy. If this comes on sale again, several of my friends now want to buy one.

Questions & Answers

Have misplaced Instruction booklet. Am ok with slow cooking etc but pressure cooking is a problem. Made soup and definitely didn't turn out as expected. Can anyone assist? Thank you. Kfw
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Hi there i just cant find manual book any possibility to find new manual book please?
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Sorry Ar Hi J, if kuchef couldn't help you I don't have anything suggestion other than keep ' getting detective ' online yourself.

How much this multifunction cooker?
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