Kumho Solus KH17

Kumho Solus KH17

Kumho Solus KH17

78 reviews



78 reviews
P KSydney

Fuel efficient

I have 2011 Ford Fiesta. I recently bought Kumho solus tyres for my car. These tyres are fuel efficient as I can drive 100 kms for 8 litres only whereas earlier tyres gave only 9lt/100 km. Great value for money and great on the road. Hope these tyres would last for 40,000 km or more.

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beemerboyNewcastle4 posts

2 tyres have bubbled

These tyres seem to wear quite ok but i got a dome bubble on the outside of the tyre aporox a 10 cent piece in dia so decided to buy another one to replace but now another tyre has done the same thing so i believe i will steer clear of KH17 when it comes renewal time

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while-the-goings-good...Roxby Downs, South Australia6 posts

Not bad

Lasted 32,000kms on a 2008 Ford Focus hatch. Car did mainly Highway driving and about 5-8000km around town.

Found tyres were sold for a very competetive price and were quiet on road and performed eell in the wet. But due to soft rubber compound didnt last as long as Id hoped.

Purchased Goodyears again as we wanted a tyre to go the distance.

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MohsenAU22 posts

not bad but not good

I had these tyres as original one on my Hyundai accent when I bought it 3 years ago. it suppose to work at least for 50000 km but I had to change them all around 45000 km as they were not good enough on the road. I found yokuhama with cheaper price and better quality.

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kmsmithfield5 posts

Would NOT buy again

Bought then about 5 months ago told they were a good midrange tyre, 20,000 k's in and 3 are needing replacement, the other one with 10,000 k's which I had to get replaced after popping the side wall, is half way through its treadlife, never buying again, very disappointed in the quality of tyre

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Comfort handling and quiet

Great value for money and great on the road. Will definitely use again. Alot quieter than cheaper brands. Seem to hold the road really well and getting great milage also. Have used kumho tyres on all my vehicles and won't use anything else. Very very highly recommended product. Thanks Ben.

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Good match for Lexus LS

Very quiet. Put them on my Lexus LS400, very smooth, but only lasted 20,000 K's, but this was due to poor alignment. Inside and center of tyre still perfect. Will buy again. Rear tyres still like new, so it wasnt the tyres fault. All these people complaining about wearing out - must be bad drivers! lol

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Kumho Solus KH17 poor mileage

I bought a new Hyundai accent which came with these tyres the car is 13 months old not only are these tyres noises and they don't last long At 15000 kilometers they are no longer legal and had to be changed Unfortunately I can't recommend these tyres to anyone and myself I wouldn't buy them not after the poor run l had 15000 kilometers is pretty much a joke

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Dejan M.
Dejan M.Perth, WA3 posts
Steve F.
Steve F.AU3 posts
Steve S
Steve SNorthern Region, NSW4 posts

Very Noisy and wore out in under 30 thousand kilometres

These tyres were horrendously noisy. The dealer thought it was a chipped wheel bearing that was to blame...but no it was the tyres! On the strength of this experience I will never buy Kumho tyres ever again.

Handling was reasonable in the wet and dry but in no way offset the ridiculously short life and droning noise that drove me crazy. Changed to Toyo nano energy and it's all Good.

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anybrisbane3 posts

Do not buy

I bought a new Kia Rio 2014 that had these tyres and have had to replace them after only 21000km. The tyres were rotated every 5000km and wheel alingment done at 10000 and 20000km.

Not only did they have very poor wear they were excessively noisy and gave a very harsh ride.

As an older driver I could not say how they handle or corner at speed but even if I was inclined to I would not recommend anyone try as the quality of these tyes are way below the required standard.

These tyes should not be fitted to any car especially a new car.

Would be better if they were shredded and made into door mats.

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HandymanBrisbane14 posts

Not sure about the mixed reviews???

I bought a new Kia Rio with these tyres fitted as OEM. Seemed OK but ride was a bit harsh. Tyres rotated and wheel alignment at 10K. These tyres were worn by 20K and I am a mature age driver trying to save fuel.

I could not recommend these tyres for the Kia Rio. Currently running Bridgeston PZX (Performance) as limited options for 195/55 x 16. These are smoother and quieter( when new) and at 38psi. These are wearing on the edges and although the local Bridgestone dealer says I should get 40K he also agrees I will only get around 20K the way they are wearing. Wheel alignments and rotations have been done.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with the UB 2012 on Kia Rio?

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MasonInverell17 posts

budget tyre. excellent performance

get 60000km+ on these tyres and grip well in rain snow or shine. couldnt get better value for money would reccomend these tyres to anyone looking for reliable budget tyres. for 13" tyres only cost me $90 each.

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DaveJ.2014Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC13 posts
consumerMelbourne9 posts

Good endurance tyres

I just replaced the complete set of Kumho KH17 tyres of my Honda Accord. I did not expect it to last over 70,000 kms but it did. The Kumho were replacement of the original tyres Michellin fitted, which for comparison only lasted for about 55,000 kms. I chose Kumho at that time because they were cheaper than other known brands. I can't comment on the performance, road handling, grip and noise because I'm no expert. However they seem to be ok in these aspects. I did not have problems. I drive the car mostly on highways and in suburban areas. I've now replaced the KH17 with their apparently much improved Kumho Ecowing KH27 at the suggestion of Kmart Auto Tyre Service staff.

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Kathy8 posts

Great tyres

Great tyres. I am replacing original tyres on my Holden Cruze, they have lasted over 70,000 km! These tyres have lasted longer than any other type of tyre that I have had on previous cars. Would not hesitate in recommending this brand to anyone. Will be replacing with the same type and hopefully will last just as long.

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Great mileage, 100 000+ kms!!!

I bought a new i20 from Hyundai and have driven over a 100 000kms from the original set and never had to put any air in them.

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ToniTraralgon19 posts
earlofsandwichAU16 posts

Great value for money, quiet, sidewalls not strong enough

Put a set of these on my Volvo XC70, and was very happy with the price and the high grip level. They have a very straight tread pattern, meaning that they are very quiet on the open road. I do find that there is a lot of sideways movement in the size configuration for my car (215/65/16), it really feels like the sidewalls are not strong or reinforced enough. In the first 12 months, I had to replace two rear tyres due to side wall fractures (although we have a rather precarious driveway, where the concrete has lifted in a section due to tree roots, so that doesn't help!). While certainly NOT a performance tyre, I would imagine that these tyres would suit for all passenger cars, especially those who spend a long time on the freeway.

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micdal22Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC19 posts

Kumho Solus KH17, Good tyre and good value

Had these tyres for just over 4 years on a Toyota Prius 2008.

I got 62,000Km without having to do regular rotations (I did shift the front ones to the back on one occasion, as the front tend to wear faster).

Their handling was good and the Kms is what I would expect, so I think it is a fairly good tyre. Would be happy to use again.

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nbmollerAU76 posts

Very Good Value

I replaced my children Camry tyres with these Kuhmo KH17 , besides being very good value the wet handling and stopping was considerably better. These are the second set of Kuhmo I have purchased, I have them on my SUV.

I would find it hard to say that you could be the bang for buck , quality and safety aspects.

nene455 posts

Great value

I agree with Sean. They are also the best tyres I've ever had. Mine, too, were new on my Holden JG Cruze, bought 3 years ago, and I am also about to replace them after 90000kms. Khumo Solus KH17 205/60 R16. I'm getting the same again, and they're only $116.00.

KennedyAU18 posts

2012 i45 with 65K on my KH17s

Disagree with you DJ, my new i45 Feb 2012 65000km Solus KH17 205 60 r16 tyres served me so well, I want them replaced with the same tyres. I drive the car everyday and serve my customers in them, and find complete satisfaction in handling and corners and bends and descended quite a few trips to the mountain ranges by now.

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Sean.tbrisbane2 posts

Best tyres i have ever had!

I was given these tyres on my new Holden cruze 3 years ago and 90,000 kms later i am just about to get new ones. I am a rep on the road doing many kms and think they have been great if not unbelievable! No one else can believe it either!

GregSydney15 posts

Not the tyre for me

I purchased a new i45. in 2012 fitted with kumho solus kh 17 tyres. after 12 months I noticed vibration through the front wheels. had this checked out because the noise was becoming unbearable. hyundia dealer advised cupping of tyres and recommended wheel alignment and rotation . this was done with little improvement . tyres will need replacement soon [ now 45000 km]. will not buy again.


Great Tyres

I drive a Hyundai Accent with Kumho Solus KH17 195/50 R16 tyres and have just clocked up 67000km.

They are quiet, great in the wet and dry with a comfortable ride. They get rotated every 15000km, wheel alignment gets done every 15-20k and tyre pressure is checked at 35psi every couple of weeks with mainly suburban highway driving.

I could probably squeeze it to 70000km and still be legal but am replacing now with the same tyres as I have no issues with them at all.


Short- lived

Sold to me by Tyre Power in country South Australia as a quiet long lasting tyre supporting great bang for your buck.

Well.... Not exactly. Fitted to a 2008 Ford Focus Hatch driving 90% country roads and highways i was forever replacing balancing weights and rotating tyres. Run them at 38psi. Yes they were quiet but at 38,000kms all four are illegal. Thinking Dunlop 300E or Goodyear Excellence 195/66R15



These tyres are great 66000 km and only just need renewing

They handle wet and dry roads I will be again buying this tyre


kumho 225-60-r17 99v solus fited to ix35

43000 k's traveled still 5000 to

go before tread markers are reached

noise ok

grip in wet dry is fine

Would recommend

Am purchasing set of kumho crugen premium suv kl33 as replacements
good wear profile

DawidVMount Barker2 posts
Unhappy Tyre buyer
Unhappy Tyre buyerAU3 posts

Noisy and Seem overated

I bought two of these tyres for the front of my E38 7 Series BMW. Although I think they are better then what I had on there when I bought the car (Bridgestone Turanza) I think they are much more noisy at freeway speed, Developed bulges in the side wall (after less than 100km on a sealed freeway and didn't hit anything), Kuhmo wouldn't warrant them but Bob Jane did and replaced both of them. Less than 50 kms later the same thing happned both tyres on both inside and outside walls. The steering's been checked, car had a wheel alignment when it got the first set. Maybe a bad batch? They wouldnt warrent the second set. Will never but these again.
Decent tread, Seem good in the wet
Bad Warranty, Noisy
SandyGSouth Brisbane224 posts

Terrific high speed wet grip and good value

I purchased a set of these tyres for our Camry Sportivo and have nothing but praise for there handling. They are quite and great at wet freeway speed, I previously had Dunlop tyres on the car which got louder as they wore and wore they did quickly. After buying these my father in law saw them and put a set on his 3 year old BMW and has said they handle much better and are much quieter than the Pirelli's he had on it.
Price, Slow wearing and very good handling
The big Solus sign on the side walls are a bit big. Show 3 replies
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mavmarekAU8 posts
KombiesRuleAU3 posts

Would not recommend

Fitted to Chrysler Voyager (People mover van). Only lasted 23,000K's which I did in about 19 months normal city travel. Recommended by Tyre shop near me to suit vehicle. They are a budget tyre but when I got them fitted in Nov 2009 for $298 including wheel balance which is standard I thought they were a pretty good deal. They drive and handle well but have a very low and poor life span. Will never buy again. Both tyres were at the front of the vehicle which is quite heavy and front wheel drive also.
Handled well in wet and dry, Not noisy.
Very poor value for money as very short life span
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