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Kumho Solus KH17

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Solid friend

As we had a history of using these on previous cars, we were anxious to again purchase 4 new tyres for an upcoming driving holiday. They didn't let us down with our trip on a variety of road surfaces as our reliability and comfort while driving never let us down.

Car2013 Toyota Corolla.

Handling well

Needed new tyres on my 2014 Ford Fiesta Sport and these were recommended. Nice smooth ride since switching to these. Very impressed with the tyre and the after-service offered to me by the service provider. I seem to be getting a wee bit better mileage so that's a great thing!

Car2014 Ford Fiesta

I am quite happy with performance and price

Its great tyre for the price.Quite steady on the road, unlike other tires, I use Michelin before but it was so slippery and nearly got accident because of that tyre.
Price is great, last time i bought Kumho last me 4 years till its worn out. I would choose this brand over other brands.

CarToyota yaris

Smashing tryers to suit your style

Great alloy wheels made a big difference on the new car strongly recommend it gave the extra touch to give the car the right final balance for it to preform better on the road for safety purpose and reliability. It also has distinguished from the other basic models and high class look


Gteat quality tyre

Very durable tyre. I bought two Kumho tyres over 2 and half years ago. I've driven for 40000 kilo metres. The two kumho tyres are still looking fresh. The grip of the car on road has improved significantly after the installation of kumho tyres as well. I'm really impressed with the quality oof the brand!

Car2005 holden Commodore

Best value

Used many brands on my old Ford Fairmont but the Kumho s are the best value for price, wear and sidewall strength on dirt roads. Easy to find a dealer. I even put Kumhos on my luxury car that had Michelin Primacys and so far almost as good. Actually better because I saved $400 on the set!

CarFord Fairmont wagon

They are cheap for a reason

Looking back, I bought these tyres because they were cheap and seemed to be getting good reviews for their handling. However, as soon as they were fitted to the car I realised that there was hardly any tread depth and that they were, in effect, half worn compared to an expensive tyre. I can not complain about the handling, but after just 10,000 km on my 2010 Pajero they are now worn out and I am looking for new tyres. I think I with pay more and get tyres with decent tread depth from the start. By the way, the Pajero was only being used to the weekends for leisure driving and has never been used for towing. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Car2010 NT Pajero Exceed

Another great product from Kumho!!

I have found these tyres to be excellent value for money for our family car. They are at least as good as much more expensive tyres and seem to handle really well wet or dry roads. The cars performance has always been excellent - Mazda 6 Sports and these certainly add to the experience of driving. WE tend to run the tyres a little over pressure and the wear pattern seems more even and consistent. VERY happy with these and will definitely be looking for the same when we replace them. I would recommend you do a careful price comparison and don't let the shop push you into an alternative based on their need to push a particular brand!!


CarMazda 6 Sports

Good quality tyres, good prices

Fitted these tyres to both vehicles recently, and have noticed they are very quiet tyres, little road noise and still as responsive as higher priced tyres.

They look good on the rim, with no ugly writing or daft pictures on the face of them.

Very happy with fuel economy too, as I have noticed the range on the little car improve almost 50kms per tank.

Car2006 Hyundai Getz, 2004 BMW X5 sport.

Korean general use radial great buy

Therese tyres if you drive sensibly gets around 70,000km Qld dry roads with some wet weather use. Admittedly most of this is highway roads and so with 34psi tyre pressure all round it's solid and firm on the highway. H ave been using Kumh o tyres for the past ten years with no issues. Great wear, excellent on road, treat is good right yup to 70k. Recommend


smooth driving

these kumho tyres were the originals on my kia and I got over 60000k's out of them before replacing them
admittedly all these were on paved roads but I considered it great value over the distance driven I am on my second set of the same tyres and with 17450k's up, the tread is as new, not worn at all
I get a smooth, quite, even ride,
I can feel completely safe with these tyres, they corner well and give a good ride in all road and weather conditions
I thoroughly recommend kumho tyres with complete confidence


Great feel, performance and economy, one of the best.

A Great tyre. Wet weather performance gives a very confident feeling with good grip and long distance trips proving solid economy. These are the second set on my Passat wagon and won't be my last. The lateral stability is very noticable and cornering is very much a fuss free exercise.

Car2014 VW Passat wagon

good allround performence

tyres provide a quiet smooth ride while a low fiction drag giving all round better performance and handling .long lasting high milage tyre good wet and dry weather handling and general driving .have done 54000km on tyres still have plenty of tread and nil puntures .handle rough allweather dirt and made roads with ease highly recommend

Carvolkswagon golf

they don't perform like the original ones

After 75000kms I decided it was time to replace the tyres with the same type and brand, but to my surprise they needed a double go at wheel balancing and wheel alignment. The bad part about my misfortune I had to pay for the service because I bought the tyres and with all their problems. But finally the wobble from the front went but the alignment has a tendency to wander to either left or right. These tyres are not as good as the original, althought they still stick to the road, wet or dry. So far I have done 22000kms but it is a far cry from the 75000kms I done with the originals.

CarI have a holden cruze 2011

Fuel efficient

I have 2011 Ford Fiesta. I recently bought Kumho solus tyres for my car. These tyres are fuel efficient as I can drive 100 kms for 8 litres only whereas earlier tyres gave only 9lt/100 km. Great value for money and great on the road. Hope these tyres would last for 40,000 km or more.

Car2011 Ford Fiesta

2 tyres have bubbled

These tyres seem to wear quite ok but i got a dome bubble on the outside of the tyre aporox a 10 cent piece in dia so decided to buy another one to replace but now another tyre has done the same thing so i believe i will steer clear of KH17 when it comes renewal time


Not bad....

Lasted 32,000kms on a 2008 Ford Focus hatch. Car did mainly Highway driving and about 5-8000km around town.
Found tyres were sold for a very competetive price and were quiet on road and performed eell in the wet. But due to soft rubber compound didnt last as long as Id hoped.

Purchased Goodyears again as we wanted a tyre to go the distance.

Car2008 Ford Focus Hatch

Better than I thought

I was a bit apprehensive in changing the tyres on my 2007 Hyundai i30 SLX diesel to Kumho Solus KH17. The tyres that were on the car were Toyo Eco's. The Kumho's are more grippy and quieter than the Toyo's which was a surprise as I was under the impression that the Kumho's were a cheaper and more inferior tyre than the Toyo's. I'm not sure how good they are in the wet as yet as where I live we haven't had much in the way of rain for quite some time. Please to say that I am currently happy with the Kumho's.

Car2007 Hyundai i30 SLX Turbo Diesel

not bad but not good...

I had these tyres as original one on my Hyundai accent when I bought it 3 years ago. it suppose to work at least for 50000 km but I had to change them all around 45000 km as they were not good enough on the road. I found yokuhama with cheaper price and better quality.

CarHyundai accent 2013

Good tire for highway / country road

They are the Korean made KH17, Ive done 48000k on this set, not at the wear indicators yet. Ive been running them at 42psi (low profile) on a 2 litre manual 1300kg front wheel drive car with 2° camber doing just under 600k a week mostly on winding country roads. Rotated regularly, rebalanced once. Still nice even wear on all tires. They are good in the wet and dry, very quiet, overall I'm very happy with them. Averaging 7.7L/100k I don't know how much of that is the tires or just the pressure they are at. Previously used kuhmo ecsta spt which hang on like crap on a nappy but only getting at best 25000k. KU22 on AU XR8 also very sticky but gets low k's. I now have a set for my 2000 Subaru outback but these are made in Vietnam. The performance of this set of tires will determine if my long time love of Kuhmo tires will be stoked or extinguished.

CarCarina wagon

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Questions & Answers

Is this a 4 season tyre?
4 answers
Yes, i use this tyre all year round and have no issues. Rain hail or shineI have worked out that certain tyres suit certain cars. I would never recommend Kuhmo K17 for a Kia Rio. Hard ride and poor wear. Suggest going up a size for Rio UB from 195/55 x 16 to 205/55 x 16. Cheaper and better ride and still legal for the vehicleI had no problem with handling in any weather.....Just found them to wear quickly and have a harsh ride......on my car.

1 answer

what is ideal tyre pressure for a kumbo KH17 ON A 1L HYUNDAI CAR?
2 answers
I don't think I'm qualified to answer your question, but I would pump the tires to 32 PSIHi I have a Hyundai accent, with these tyres and I put mine on 34 psi, and it's just perfect


Solus KH17
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