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Kumho Road Venture AT KL78

Kumho Road Venture AT KL78

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not a bad set of boots

yea not a bad set of boots when I bought me ole girl it had real rough country tyres cant remember what brand they were but shockingly noisy on a reguler road drive so i did a searching around & finished up with the kumho,s and they do their job reasonably well bush bashing may require a little bit of forethought but on the normal rd they r a dam side quieter than the originals & have never realy caused me any great bush bashin probs long an short quite pleased with them + they were quite a bit cheaper than a lot of the others

Carford courier xl 2.6 not a bad ole jigger long an short its made by mazda

Good tyre in all conditions

Had these on in 235/85R16 format for about 10,000 Klms. Have used them on road in the dry and wet, and off road down to 12PSI. I really can't fault them. They are quiet and perform well in all conditions. I have taken them over some rocky terrain and on the beach and they were fantastic. Good tyres at a very reasonable price.

CarMitsubishi triton

Kumho AT KL78

Continuous 4WD owner for over 30yrs, these are Great tyres, best I've had on the Jeep, main standouts are they are also the quietest tyres I've had on it, and still with aggressive enough tread for the bush, and they brake well in the wet, I know other people say this is not true for them in the wet, but I suspect it could be their car not the tyres. Very Happy with off road, road, and wet, but mostly love that I can hardly hear them, and at half the price of the big brands. It would be hard getting me to go to something else.

CarJeep Grand Cherokee Larado with lift kit
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Update July 2017, 12mths after purchase, Done the Birdsville & Oodnadatta tracks overloaded and towing a caravan gave these tyres a real workout, they past with flying colours not even one puncher on those sharp stones, I'll give them a 7 out of 5, just excellent.

Excellant tyre great value for money

Had my Kumho KL78 285 x 75 x 16 for over 4 yrs have done 94,000 km yes that's correct and they are about 5 mm off the wear indicators they have been excellent on my twin cab GQ patrol which constantly weighs over 2.5 t. Very quiet great in wet weather up here in the tropics good on gravel roads and on sand. They have been loosing a bit of grip in the wet for the past 10,000 km.probably due to hardening with age and being on a ute. Usually run around 40 - 42 psi.
Just an update 102,000km 4mm off wear indicators 8/05/2016.

Car1993 GQ patrol converted to a twin cab with chassis extension

Excellent 4 x 4 tyres

After years of using Toyos, which are good tyres, I recently purchased a set of Kuhmo Road Venture A/Ts in Light Truck format.As soon as I drove the Delica, I was astounded by the road noise, or rather, the total lack of it.
I live in a valley that gets pretty muddy and the Kuhmos perform very well in the slippery, slushy conditions here.I have tried them in soft sand, gravel and also in the wet on road.They perform really well on all of the surfaces I have mentioned.
I use the on road 4 wheel drive selection in my Delica in the wet and in sand, and the centre diff lock 4WD in mud.
Highly recommended tyres, It will be interesting to see the longevity of them as well.

Car2000 Mitsubishi Delica Super Exceed

Good tyre life

Originally had 4 fitted. Was pretty lazy with getting them rotated. 3 tyres probably have another 10 000km left in them but 1 is down to the wear indicators.
80% on road and 20% hard offroad.
70 000km and ready to be changed.
For the price and milage im putting them back on.


A great tyre for the price

The only reason I have not given 5 stars is that NO tyre is perfect in all conditions - however the KL78 goes very close.
I have 265/70x16 on my Patrol with a 10 ply option. I have now approx. 30,000 hard klm on them with a mix of towing - wet - off road - mud - sand - touring and never been stuck any where yet and handling is as good as one can expect for any tyre on a heavy 4x4. Yes I have managed to get them to slip in the wet but any other tyre would have done the same given the situation & conditions. With sand/mud they need to be lowered to about 10 psi as the side walls are so solid in the 10 ply version. Even towing a trailer in the sand no problems. General off road dirt/rocks I lower to about 18 PSI and have not staked a tyre yet.
It looks like I will get at least another 30+K out of them before they need to be replaced.

Great tyres!

I bought my 4x4 with these fitted and was skeptical as I didn't know the brand.
We went on a really long road trip a few weeks ago and they handled great. Low noise and good drip in dry and wet.
We went offroading this past weekend and they were taking me straight through where the guys with muddies were getting stuck.
I am totally impressed.

Premium tyre for budget price

I have had these tyres for 2 years now, and absolutely tested them to their limits on my old 2.8 Hilux, and I cannot find a single fault. They're quiet enough on road, unstoppable off road on beaches, sand dunes, general trails and the minor amout of mud my car sees. I go 4wding with a patrol on 35s and there's no where he can get grip where I cant. In comparison to the dualers a/ts my new car has the kumhos out perform them in every way for half the price, safe to say when it's time for wheel upgrades, this car will be seeing a set of kumho a/ts too

Quite a good tyre at an affordable price

I bought four 31x10.5x15 Road Venture tyres for my Nissan Pathfinder from Bob Jane Dandenog. They are pretty good on bitumen especially when dry and wet handling isn't too bad as well. Ride is pretty smooth and comfortable. I have done a few kilo meters off road as well. Can't complain about any thing. Although would like to test on sand and snow later. Finally I wouldn't expect any thing else for the price I paid, $ 165.00 each.


Picked up a set of these after using bridgestones. So far I am pretty happy with the tyre. Very quiet compared to my previous tyres and give better handling. Best part was I only paid $170/e at Bob Jane. Havnt had them long to test out how they wear but so far it is promising.
Value for money, Great general tyre

Good so Far

I've had these KL78 AT tyres on my Toyota 80 series for approx a month, I run them at 38psi, they feel fine in the wet, we were out Hill End NSW way at the weekend (Australia Day W-End) in all the rain they didn't slip once, I can't help but wonder what other posters are doing to make negative comments about the wet performance of these tyres, we ran Mickey Thompson ATZ last time, these are as good and $100 cheaper a corner, they are also noticably quieter on road compared to the MT ATZs which were also a 4 block tread pattern.
So far we're happy, it will be interesting to see how they stack up against the Mickeys and Coopers we've run before, at $100 a tyre less they're off to a good start.
The price, very quiet on road, predictable in the wet.

KL78 LT Construction

Running 275/65-18 in LT construction.
Paid $1700 for 5, fitted and balanced.
Used on daily driver and sticks to road wet or dry and reasonably well offroad too.
Have spent last 3 days driving on flooded roads and car didn't budge once at speeds of 50km/h. Not once did it aquaplane. Car also has Active Stability Control so helps out in the wet too.
So far done 10 000 km and tyres still look like new for around town/highway driving.
Great option for the price, Cooper was double the price and Kumho still gave me 90 000km warranty.
Chunky tread pattern, inexpensive, good wear
No white lettering in my size tyre

great tyres

just had a set of kumho kl78s fitted to my 4runner.great tyre value for money.very impressed by the way they handled in the mud.they did a better job in the mud than another vehicle which had 35inch full mud tyres(I had to snatch his vehicle out twice).definitley look at buying another set later on.
value for money,great handling,great tyre for on/off road.
a little bit more road noise but that could be due to the block style tread pattern


i have these brand new tyres fitted to a nissan patrol wagon and have tested them over 2 months. they are a waist off my hard earned money and would not buy or recommend them again.i don`t have enough money to replace them and fear for my life when it rains and can not lend my vehicle when it rains.at $230 a tyre they were way over priced for their performance.
good tread depth,ok in dry conditions.
these tyres are a death trap on wet tar.no control when cornering and spin when taking off.

I also have them on a Nissan Patrol GQ and the back comes loose in the wet. Reasonable behavior on dry roads but slippery when wet. just had a set of kumho kl 78s fitted on my 4runner (31x10.5x15)great tyres value for money but what impressed me the most was the way they handled in the mud.we have a large paddock and a few old cars just for bashing around the track which is now boggy as hell so we have the 4wds on standby to pull the cars out.the way these tyres performed in the boghole was amazing ,i pulled two cars out and twice had to get a patrol out as well which had 35 inch mud tyres.

Kuhmo KL78 - so far so good

I'm sorry but I have had a set of KL78's in 265/65/17 on my Pajero for around 18,000k's now.

I just cannot reconcile these other comments about wet performance. I drove a fully laden Pajero around Tasmania last April in very wet conditions including through the floods in the st Helens area and they were perfectly safe at 40psi. Did not skid, aquaplane or otherwise fail to handle these conditions.

I have found them to be very quite for an A/T configuration and have driven them to the Grampians, around NSW and through Vic, throughout SA and up to Blanchetown at the end of this week with very little apparent wear. They have been rotated once so far. I have not even bothered to refit the other rims with the original HT's because I have been so impressed with them. At $225/corner they have been very good value so far.
Quiet, cost effective and very safe in the wet.
Would like to see an LT construction option.

I'm also mystified by the comments about these tyres being dangerous in the wet. I've had them fitted to my Mitsubishi Challenger for a few thousand kms now and have found them really good in the wet. They're at least equal to the Yokohama HTs that were fitted as original equipment to these cars and which I used for about 75,000 kms. The Kumho KL78s have never slipped or given me any concerns, especially when cornering and braking hard.I'm running 275/65-18 KL78 in an LT construction As far as the wet, have just spent 3 days driving in flooded conditions with water 200mm deep and car didn't budge. Very surprised, no aquaplaning

Good tyre for the price

Pajero, 235/85 16 LT "10 ply" tyres, no abs or traction control except the right foot.
Various trips including NT, corner country and the flinders.
Have done 365,000k in this car, and various makes of tyres (about 4 before kumho), and these are the only ones I have gone to a 2nd set. No they are not perfect, no AT tyre is. But good average traction on bitumen (wet and dry) and in the rough. Air down well for sand. Play the pressures to suit the conditions. Do squeal a bit when pushed hard on dry bitumen, but at that stage the 85 series are tucking under.
Good all round tyre for a good price.
Treads blocks do squirm a bit on bitumen when pushed.

Excellent value for money!!

I bought these tyres because they had a nice, chunky tread pattern for an all terrain and they were cheap as chips. I can't understand why/how people can complain about these. For an all terrain tyre (and a chunkey one at that) they perform extremely well wet, dry, mud or sand. I run them at 12psi on sand and they love it. I run them at 40psi on tar and they handle better than the low profile cooper zeons I had previously. I love them.
Chunky for an all terrain, great performance in all conditions and an absolute bargain.

Priced well, wearing a bit quick though.

Bought a set of 31 x 10.5r x 15`s.
total cost was $750 for 5.
Did a big trip across the top of Australia though kimberlies Kakadu Plenty hwy and hwy use.
only done 20000k`s and they look a fair bit worn. Rotated twice in that time.
no flats over some real rough roads and towed a heavy trailer and fully loaded Ford Ranger dual cab.
I have one new spare remaining so I'll proberly buy another 4 before the next trip at the end of this year.
A budget tyre that messes it up with the $300 plus tyres. others are well over priced I think.
Price A/T tread
wear a bit quick

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How do they compare wear wise to other tyres you have used ? Every tyre will wear quicker when fully loaded towing a van compared to being empty and not towing. We have done 10 000km so far around town and on highway only with passengers and tyres still look brand new.

Shame they have the Kumho name

Replaced a set of Kumho Venture AT tyres with these. No where near the tyre we replaced. After 20000km replaced them with the original AT Kumho's we had on our ute. These KL78's are dangerous in the wet!!!!!

No grip in the wet, dangerous.....

As far as the wet, have just spent 3 days driving in flooded conditions with water 200mm deep and car didn't budge. Very surprised, no aquaplaning Same!!...awesome tyres, very quiet, loads of grip.

Questions & Answers

Are the AT KL78 a better tyre than the bridgestone 265/70 R16 LT tyre?
3 answers
Gday Jezz, Honestly I cant comment because I haven't used the Bridgestones. All I can say positively is that they are holding up really well still and the road noise is almost non existent, Great grip and handling under every situation they have been through.I don't know I have never used that tyre.Yes, Yes, Yes, & Yes, I was running bridgestones, I was amazed at how much quieter the Jeep was after the Kumho's were fitted.

Are these Kumho KL78 tiers still available now in 2015?
3 answers
They certainly are still available, I had to purchase another one this week when I destroyed one doing some very serious off road adventures (It was my poor judgement not the tyre!). I believe Kumho are about to release some new AT & MT Tyres though.Indeed they are. K-mart tyre places sell them. Their website is also great:http://kumho.com.au/m/cat-car-tyres.php?cat=63Kmart still sell them 2016, and also guarantee to lowest price, just take proof of your best offer and they better it, how cool is that, mind you I the got other stuff done because I was there.