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Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31

Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31

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36 reviews

    KnoxySouth East Queensland, QLD

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    on my 3rd set


    Dont expect any more than 20k from these (i do work them hard) however for the price they are a fine performer wet and dry . Road noise is quite acceptable , dry grip is excellent and wet grip surprisingly good . I am what the book refers to as a "spirited" driver so I give the tyres a fair workout and have not been let down by them. Even though it's common sense they need to be replaced when you hit the wear marks, once they're down to that they start to get a bit slippery .

    Car'07 xr8 falcon


    • 4 reviews

    Good for the price, but that's about it


    Pros: Great price for decent tyres, reasonably durable, tyre noise average. Enough grip in the dry, feels dependable while at speed. Been using a set for 20k kms and still 70% thread.

    Cons: Wet weather performance questionable (slight understeer on a roundabout), really need to back off or it could be unpredictable.

    Car2002 Toyota Corolla
    B Mac

    B MacHunter Region, NSW

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    Have had these tyres before


    Purchased these to replace OEM tyres that where on my car as the original tyres were a very disappointing tyre only getting 24K & costing approx. $440 each
    But I have these Kuhmo's on another car currently & am very satisfied with handling particularly in the wet & have travelled nearly 40K so far hence buying the same ones for the other vehicle
    Best thing about these tyres about from great ride is the price as these are 40 to 50% cheaper than the OEM tyres so shop around to find the best deal

    Car2013 Chrysler 300C
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    DanielSydney, NSW

    • 18 reviews

    Amazing for the great price


    Picked up four of these from Taleb Tyres for $440. Fitted to a Forester. Great tyres! Didn't expect much for the price, but they're quiet and handle well. So glad I didn't spend triple the price for the factory dunlops. Definitely recommend these tyres, a great budget option for any car

    CarSubaru Forester


    • 4 reviews

    Great value for money


    The Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 is an awesome tyre for your money.
    I feel that it is designed for a sporty feel which will grip well, but be noisy and decreased life.
    For the same money you cannot buy any street tyres that will grip as hard as these tyres. I have used these on a race track and the performance was what I expected for the price.

    Car1999 Nissan Silvia
    Andrew J

    Andrew JIllawarra, NSW

    • 9 reviews
    • Verified purchase

    Good Grip - Noisy - Poor Wear


    Purchased these tyres for 2012 Aurion in Nov 2014.
    Have just changed them as they are worn after 20,000klms.
    They had plenty of grip - were a little noisy but really - 20K of wear till I had to change them is not even close to what you would need to get to warrant the cost.
    I was happy to give them a go but won't be buying again.
    Have moved to a much quieter tyre Michelin Primacy 3 ST - quietest tyre I have ever had.

    Car2012 Toyota Aurion

    Paul4534Sydney Surrounds, NSW

    • 8 reviews

    Great when new


    these tyres are great when new ,after little wear I thought my diff was going to fall out or I had all wheel bearing going to fail the noise was too much for me I had to change them ,I would not recommend them or purchase again .I have now purchased Nitto NT830 and I can now drive in complete silence its feels like a new car .KU31s were purchased from bob Jane who no longer sells them for that reason .

    CarMazda MX5 NA 1991

    Fair, but very soft side walls


    Got a set for a MiniCooper S 205/50 R17. The grip is good on wet a and dry, comfort is ok, however, the side walls are very soft and is very noticeable when cornering fast or at high speeds (after 170 km/hr) on straight line, the car tends to float a lot.
    There are better options out-there, specially for a Minicooper S.

    CarMinicopper S 2012

    Amazing tread wear


    I have no idea about the other reviewers wearing out the tires after only 5000kms but I've had mine for 90000kms (yes 90 thousand kms no typo) and they still have tread left on all 4 tires. I would defs buy them again as I've saved $500-$600 since I haven't had to replace my tires at the usual 40-50k kms mark.

    Car215 45r18
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    PaulRichmond-Tweed, NSW

    • 8 reviews

    Be careful


    Bought two of these from Ozzy tyres, first 5,000kms were good and then they became gradually noisy.
    They are now 50% thread left and terribly noisy and will have to replace them soon, will never again buy
    Kumho tyres :( not bad in wet though. The tyres I got were made in Vietnam.

    Car2010 Ford Focus


    • 3 reviews

    Like driving on plastic wheels!


    I bought a set of 225/40 18's for my supercharged Toyota 86, terrible grip laterally when cornering, and very hard to get the power down. Bad tramlining as others have mentioned, and quite noisy. Half the tread gone in 5000km which I wouldn't mind if they had decent road grip but they don't... Won't be buying another set thats for sure.

    CarToyota 86

    terrible wear rate


    Have crossfire srt6. Put a set of 255/40/19 on the rear. These tyres lasted only 5400 kms. Yes just over 5 k. Took off when hardly any tread but worn right across. Stick well in the dry, average in the wet but tramline bad. Will never buy again. Not impressed at all. Wouldn't mind if I drove hard, but I mainly sit on the speed limit in cruise control'

    Carcrossfire srt6

    Great value performance tyre


    IMpressive grip, great for taking off at the lights without traction control, it allows me to take off much faster than before. Great cornering too, just doesnt loose traction easily so you can drive hard with more confidence. 2 downsides some tramlining on worn roads as has been mentioned, and the tyres get noise above 100kph, but the stereo solves that. I use these on my Jag 6.0L V12.

    Darryl Wilkes

    Darryl WilkesSydney, NSW

    • 3 reviews

    Best value tyres on the market.


    I have these tyres on two of my cars. My BMW E30 325iS handles very well on both wet and dry roads, even performed well on track days

    Paul C.

    Paul C.AU

    • 17 reviews

    Adequate tyres

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    So far been a great tyre


    Had the KU31 for some time & have clocked up approx 20k & have performed very well
    Do tram line a little on certain surfaces but that is expected on a directional tyre
    Great in the wet & dry
    Update Aug 16 .Have now done over 30000ks on them & still plenty of tread on them
    I see some people are saying they are through them quickly but I am not a hard driver so maybe the reason they have lasted so long



    Some good some bad, mostly excellent.


    Good grip good value


    Ku31 275/30/19 where on e46 m3 when I got it, they where 85% worn. I've done another 5000k and still going. They are a good tyre, on a less powerful car they would be excellent. Will be getting ku39 next, they are the new model and should be even better.


    TomhjrManly vale

    • 5 reviews

    Great service and unbeatable price!


    AnthonyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

    • 6 reviews

    Excellent Tires


    I bought a set of 235/45/17s for my 2003 Magna and they have been the best tires I have ever had. I had a set of Good Year tires on my car before and they would slide all over the road and i always had to be careful going around corners because the car would slide. Especially in the wet. The KU31s never slid. I was able to plant my foot taking off at lights and the tires would grip straight away.

    If it wasn't for the fact that these tires aren't available for my new wheels, I would buy them again and again.
    Not overly expensive and easy to get
    Not very much rim protection.

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    I just recently bought a kuhmo Ecsta SPT in
    265/35R22 for my Toyota Kluger. When the car is travelling at 60km/h its creating a sound of like a strong wind coming from underneath my car. How do you get rid off it? The tyres has been wheel balanced and alligned.

    1 answer

    I have been told that running 22" inch whhel will be your problem. They will make noise no matter what you do. My Kumho's fell to bits i was glad to be rid of them in the end. I went back to the Maxiz tyres I had before, and will not buy Kumho tyres ever again. When you are running anything but what the car was made with, there will be some sort of trade off for modifications to the running gear, on my Caprice, it is the smoothness of the ride, on your Kluger it is noise. Just the way it is I am afraid.



    Are they ok for my Mercedes 2005 CL203 C180 K?

    1 answer

    So long as the speed and load ratings meet or exceed OEM specs, then yes. These numbers vary with the size (diameter/width) of tyre.
    Hard to answer definitively as you may have aftermarket wheels but if that's the case the larger size/lower profile will usually out-spec the OEM tyre.
    BEST to check with the fitters!

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