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Kumho Solus HS51

Kumho Solus HS51

4.3 from 16 reviews

Wonderful Tyre in all aspects 215/60R16

Recently had a set of 4 Kumho HS51’s (215/60R16) fitted to my 2005 WL Holden Statesman. I had been running Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus and these Kumhos feel better in every way. I have already experienced Nearly 40 degree days with them & also pouring rain! They handle extremely well in the Dry and Wet! I live in the Adelaide Hills so good Tyres are essential. Road noise is non existent, Braking power is fantastic too. Highly recommend these Tyres, will be buying them again for sure.

Car2005 WL Holden Statesman V8

Kumho Solus HS51 connects car to road with complete confidence

Since having my Subaru Forester fitted with 4 new KUMHO SOLUS HS51’s, I have experienced how phenomenal they handle in both extreme weather conditions from a 35 degree summers day to week long torrential rain soaked roads which also at times roads under at least 5 inches of water where not once did I experience aqua planing or loss of traction. Words cannot explain how impressed I am with the all weather capabilities of the HS51’s nor have I ever experienced such a sure footed tyre.
My fuel economy has improved substantially since they’ve been fitted and also the NVH levels (Noise/Vibration/Harshness) are at an astonishing lower than expected level. Super QUIET, Super SMOOTH and Super SAFE to the point of literally no harsh feedback felt through the steering wheel.
I will definitely be going again when it’s time to replace this set, without a doubt in my mind.
It’s a hands down 10/10 from me.

Car2012 Subaru Forester XT Premium

Great tyres

Got at great price via kmart tyres price matched tyresales. Good in wet and dry and quiet.
Early days but so far seem solid and happy to reccomend. Too early to tell on longevity.

Kmart were good also. Other kumhos i have had have been good also. Worth a try if the price is right.

CarKia optima

Excellent tyre KUMHO Solus HS51 as good as Michelin Pilot SuperSports without the 'Price'-y tag

Excellent tyre as good as Michelin PILOT SuperSports without the 'Price'-y tag. need to save and still have a smile on your face in regards to Tyres on your ride, i have had Pirelli and Michelins on my small sportscombi and having only front wheel drive good tyres are a must have, just fitted KUMHO Solus HS51, 215/50 R17 95W to my SAAB 9-3 SportCombi and it drives so smooth and quite and corners like on rails, breaking in both wet and loose surface is true stopping in a phrase 'Love to drive' on these tyres they are super safe .

Car2006 SAAB 9-3 SportCombi

Excellent all round tyres

Needed to replace some Bridgestone tyres which I wasn't happy with. Did not want them again as too pricey and not good value for money. Had Kumho recommended by a few colleagues so spoke to a few tyre places. Kumho did come recommended by all. Decided to take the plunge and purchase.

These tyres are very durable, handle great for a front wheel manual vehicle and solid in the wet. Still.slides a bit in the wet but far better than Bridgestone. Would recommend to others as a good value tyre and very well priced for quality

CarToyota corolla

HS51 225/60/15 - Poor road feel with a heavy car.

These tyres replaced a set of Yoko C-Drive2 that had served very well for some 6 years (the car does very little mileage - tyres replaced due to age not wear!) These Kumho HS51's look good, but don't suit my vehicle! Not the best steering response. They may be causing slightly higher fuel consumption than previously. On a positive note, they do feel to have "good" grip (braking/cornering).
Conclusion: the tyre side-walls are too "soft" and not suitable for my large/heavy car and driving style (i.e. would explain my issue with road feel).

CarFord Falcon AU 1999.


I had to get tyres as my rego was due and my car failed the RTA rego check. My car was at Kmart so I took whatever tyres they had that would fit. My car has alloy wheels and The Kumho's were $120 each. I needed two. I don't notice how great these tyres are but I do notice that every '205/45/R/16' tyre I have had on my car wears out quickly and these are no exception. I may get 10,000 - 15,000 if I'm lucky.

CarHyundai Getz

Good tyre but not fuel friendly

Put a set of 18inch rims with 235/45R18 Kumho HS51 tyres on my Camry Hybrid. They replaced 16 inch Toyo NanoEnergy tyres. These Kumho are very quite and have great grip in wet and dry. The have less road feel and are not as responsive as the Toyos. More importantly though, my car now uses significantly more petrol. It has jumped from 5.6 litres per 100km to around 6.6. I always thought that 'low rolling resistance' tyres were just advertising hype but I now know better. Cant comment on wear as have only done about 1000 ks so far.

Car2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Good tyre

I find these tyres very low on road noise with exceptional wet weather grip... I thoroughly recommend them to anyone especially anyone wanting grip security in the wet. Especially when family safety is the main concern. Only fault I find is a soft side wall. I am now approaching 60,000km and still have legal tread.

Car1999 Toyota Corolla Seca AE101

215/55/17 Kumho Solus HS51

Changed from 2 stars to 4 stars

These are a very noisy tyre - I found they do not like my 2011 Honda Odyssey at all, I have already had 2 tyres replaced straight away as I had a bad shudder through the whole car which felt like the tyres were out of round - the shudder has never really gone away just got a little better then it was but now the shudder is coming back and its getting worse, I will never get another set of Kumho tyres - In saying that they do seem to handle and grip very well in any condition so I do feel safe with them on my car - but this shudder and noise is driving me insane - I also feel that the tyre is a little more ridged than anything I have had on in the past which also contributes to dash rattles and stuff.. I am about to take them off and put a new set of Bridgestone or something else on. These tyres have been on my car for now for about 13mths & the tyre wear is pretty good but I just cant stand the shudder so im just going to grin and bear the cost of another set, I hope the tyre dealer may give me a trade in on them ??

So I went and had the tyres changed to another manufacturers tyre, but the same vibration was felt through the car, so they changed to another cheaper set of tyres, and still the vibration was there - so they have ruled out the tyres that are causing the vibration (so I had my original Kumho's put back on). The noise that is coming from the tyres is caused by a negative camber in the rear suspension which in turn is causing uneven wear and feathering, and there is NO adjustment for that in the standard suspension format from Honda - I have been told that I can by aftermarket offset bushes or something and have them fitted but its expensive. Although I swore black & blue that the root cause of the vibration was the Kumho tyres, I have to eat my words "as above" these Kumho tyres didn't cause the vibration, and they are noisy because of a mechanical problem causing feathering - So I hope this helps when purchasing a new set of what ever tyres. I have change from 2 stars to 4 stars because I do feel safe with them - they do grip well in the wet, they wear very well & they and they didn't cause the problems I have been feeling. I still think that they are a harder tyre then others that I have had on there but maybe that helps with cornering..
Also must say thanks to Noels Pitstop on Progress Rd at Wacol - nothing was a problem, they bent over backwards to try and fix the problem and wouldn't charge me even when it turned out that the tyres were not the cause.

Car2011 Honda Odyysey

Good value. 195/50 r15 on a vw up

Got 4 fitted and balance at bob Jane for $95 each for 195/50 r15, I think these tyres are excellent value for money and defiantly punches above its price. Will buy again

+ good grip, good every day tyre, don't squeal much when pushed, I've done ~50,000km, 70% highway 30% spirited driving in the city with a lot of roundabout and still have 30% tread left

Note: does not have a rim Gard, no comment on road nose other then its not loud it enough to anoy me.

- not much at this price

CarVw up

Excellent value for money!

Had these put on my MC Mondeo as a replacement for the OEM Continental tyres, I have gotten about 45000kms out of them and they are due for a change. Perhaps a bit soft, but happy to compromise on wear if that gives additional traction. They are not too noisy when the wheels are well aligned else they scream, as I found out upon visiting KTAS.

Had them installed at KTAS and have had a good run with them, perhaps my bad luck but two punctures in two tyres requiring replacements. Not sure if that is an issue with build quality or that its soft, or that its just bad luck.

Overall I would consider using them again.

Car2012 MC Mondeo Zetec TDCI Hatch

Very quiet and responsive tyre.

I had this tyre for about 1.5 years and done 20000km. It's now still a very very quiet,capable and responsive tyre. Previously was Michelin PS3. Grip may be slightly lower compared to my previous Michelin PS3 but its much better compared to other tyres I have used. Quite surprising for me with the comfort and very low noise level of HS51 as this tyre decent stiffness sidewalls still offers good cornering stability. The only tyre that I have used before which is just slightly quieter than kumho HS51 is Michelin Primacy-3ST. Only downside(probably to some people out there) that I experienced is that due to the softer (even after 20000km) rubber compound, it tends to wear off earlier (my car alignment is in good condition) but honestly this is not a major issue for me as I prefer to utilize(consumed) all the tyres' rubber thread before the tyre expiry date than to have plenty of unused leftover thread at the end of tyre expiry and throw away.

CarHonda City

Noticeably quieter and grippy

Bought these tyres about 4 months ago from kmart tyre and auto for my fiesta zetec. These tyres are pretty damn good. Similar to my old xr5 tyres, continental sport contact 2's. But the kumho is a lot quieter and a bit less grippy in the corners. Nice wide grooves should eliminate water planing in winter which is an issue for my car due to its size.

Car2009 fiesta zetec

Very good competent tyre Kumho builds excellent tyres

Very good competent tyre Nice and quiet, I replaced my previous Kumho tyres model KU27, they were great performers with nice grip wet or dry and really quiet extremely long life, we did 127000kms on one set. I tried to get them again but they were obsolete, but these HS51 tyres were their replacement. Kumho builds excellent tyres a real quality brand so I wouldn't consider anything else. We have had these HS51 tyres on for only a few thousand Km's but they are nice and quiet with great grip, time will tell if they wear as well as the KU27's.

These tyre so are now 80,000kms old (or 50,000m for the non metrics) and they appear less than 50% wornLooks like they will deliver around 110000kms as they are approaching the end of their lives

Good performance tyre at a good price.

These run quiet on my Subaru. Great handling in the wet and dry too.
These only came out mid 2014, so reviews are sparse, but I thought I'd be the one to start!
Don't pay more than $145 each fitted.

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