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Kwit Double Action Lemon Dishwashing Powder

Kwit Double Action Lemon Dishwashing Powder

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No rinse aid required

I never had to use rinse aid when using kwit double action. I'm very disappointed to learn it has been discontinued. Was an excellent product, I really miss it. I would even use it adding with other cleaners to clean stubborn stains on fabrics like oil and grease.

The Only One That Works

Having tried the so-called "better" brands with very poor results, Kwit is the ONLY one that works (or should I say WORKED). I was devastated to find this morning that it was no longer available at Coles. I do hope this product still exists. Will try other supermarkets and live in hope.

Shiny Plates at Last !!

We were using another popular brand and had nothing but problems, dishes still dirty and white scum left in the dishwasher. The dishwasher operation was checked for any faults,none found..We changed to Kwit and and all these problems disappeared, glasses are nice and clear, the plates and mugs etc. clean and shiny. Only a small dose of powder is needed to do the wash so it is economical too.
It works!!!
Not available at all main supermarkets.

Can't Fault this Stuff

I decided to try out the Kwit Double Action dishwasher detergent as a cheaper alternative to Finish products.

You know, Finish and Kwit are made by the same company (Badge Engineering, like Toyota Camry vs. Holden Apollo or Commodore vs. Toyota Lexcen!). This detergent looks the same, smells the same and performs the same, if not better than Finish for 50% of the price of Finish. I believe you are paying for the label in this case, not the quality.

There is no indication that Phosphates are used, although I hope they are, for the benefit of my wash action.

Kwit handles Protein, Stubborn stains and lib-balm stains with ease. Works great on all cycles from very cool Economy cycles, right the way up to 70º Heavy cycles, with little change in wash action.

I would recommend this stuff to anyone. Just remember folks, don't block your detergent dispenser, don't overdose and use a cycle of at least 50º (check your manual) to ensure the stuff dissolves. If the dishwasher is connected to hot water, run the tap hot first before starting the dishwasher to ensure you get the best possible results.
Cheap, Effective and readily available, hard to lose the bottle (its bright yellow!)
Badge-engineered Finish product:

Double action

I have used kwit all the time and find it a great cheap dish washer powder and was most annoyed when it went from b/w $5-$6 to the now price of b/w $11-$12 due to being extra strong well I find no difference apart from the price doubling how can the company prove that we the consumer are getting double strength ?? Bring back the cheaper verison . And how many of us believe that all our washing products are double strenght when all we see is a Huge price hike.
What I did like was the cheaper than other product price, for a good product...
Nothing just double the price now

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When this product was $6.03 at Woolworths (Darwin) it was being sold for $11.48 at Coles. I continually queried the Coles manager and "the price is down" slogan. He said he would look into it. Asked several times and still nothing. Finally he says he contacted head office and they state that is the correct price.... Hmmmm, A month later I go into Woolworths and what do you know, the price has doubled. Draw your own conclusions here people.... So I queried the Woolies manager who said that if i had a docket he would look into it, but more than likely the wrong price of $6.03 had been placed against that item (false advertising I assume) and apparently they are incapable of back checking their own computer logs. So I search through my dockets, 31 March 2012 the price was $6.03, 24 April 2012 the price was $10.99, except now the KWIT listing on the docket shows concentrate. I also do not see any difference in the product. No difference in the amount it suggests you use. Have an old KWIT container and the usage insructions are the same. So draw your own conclusions. Obviously companies think the consumer doesn't know anything. Not happy Jan.....


I never buy "tablets", they are too expensive. I have been using Kwit for ages now and hope I can continue to do so BUT my local IGA no longer keeps it or ANY dishwasher powder! With my dish-drawer and only usung it once every 3 days, my KWIT powder lasts me for ages and I always get a beautiful clean drawer full of dishes and cutlery
Lasts me a long time and ALWAYS gives me clean dishes

I recently decided to change brands only to find that even well known ones did not do the job as well as Kwit. I have a bench top dishwasher and use it every day. I especially like the way my tea cups are sparkling cleanAgreed!

Less is more with this product.

Have been using Kwit since buying Finish tablets just got too expensive and the results with half used tablets found in the dishwasher became too common...

While looking around for a substitute I wandered past this product alongside the Finish powder, and they looked and smelt the same and of the back they're made by the same people and about $10 for a Kilo of washing powder was too good to pass...

Started using this powder since early 2010 and noticed that if you follow the recommendations by filling the cap inner only and putting that into the powder / tablet cradle - you should not put the powder in that cradle so it's full. This is where most of that gritty sandy stuff will come about - noticed that less is more within regards to the performance as its a 'concentrate' and washes just as good with less than overloading the dishwasher.

Yes I have noticed that when the missus loads the machine, there is a greater chance for that mentioned grit, but I notice that when I add the right amount there is no problem! It's all got to do with attitude and lazyness with the results that you'll get - just fill the lids inner cup and thats all you need.

Give it a proper go, with measuring the right amount and use the cap as the measure the amount is about 15 Grams approx. Also if your dishwasher is cleaned with CLR regularly you'll notice that you'll get better results by default - wash the washer and performance will be increased!

Give it a go...
Good 1Kg bottle, lasts a long time if measured correctly, good was results compared to tablets.

Powdery and brown gritty residue

Tried KWIT. The product left a white powdery substances on plates and glasses along with a gritty brown sand like substance. Checked it wasn't my dishwasher by cleaning it thoroughly and trying the product again. Same result.Tried using more then less..no improvement (more left a heavy product behind. Switched back to the other brand we usually use and hooray all crystal clear again. Was going to let the company know of the problem but on investigating realised we would be telling them we wouldn't use KWIT favouring Finish cause it works.. only to find out its the same manufacturer.

Gritty sand like residue along with a white powdery glaze

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try using a little less than the cap full - thats what I found it to be... The other half used too much and it causes that sandy stuff and the haze.

Not happy

We had been using the more expensive brands and particularly the new morning fresh liquid one, but decided to drop our expenses and try this product. Never again, everything comes out with residue on it and I have had to wash some things 2-3 times. Not recommended at all, going to complain to the company.
Not much, slightly cheaper
Doesn't clean everything, leaves residue, would rather pay the extra dollar or two to buy a decent brand


I gave this powder a try because we used to use 'no name' powders but were having trouble with residue on our dishes and they often didn't come out completely clean. The price jump from 'no name' brands to this brand is quite noticeable but I certainly did not experience a noticeable difference in performance. We still had the same problems and ended up having to spend a little more using another brand to solve them. Unless you have an extremely good dishwasher that works well with any powder, I wouldn't recommend this one.
Is a little less expensive than the top brands. Comes in a nice plastic bottle that seals really well as compared to the cardboard boxes.
Doesn't seem to work much better than the 'no name' brands but you pay more.

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We had been using the more expensive brands and particularly the new morning fresh liquid one, but decided to drop our expenses and try this product. Never again, everything comes out with residue on it and I have had to wash some things 2-3 times. Not recommended at all, going to complain to the company.

Questions & Answers

I live in Armadale WA and my local stores don't seem to stock Kwit anymore. Where can I buy it?
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Kwit dishwashing powder has been discontinued,however.a new product to replace it is just as good. FINISH POWDER CONCENTRATE CLASSIC. This is readily available in all supermarkets.

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