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LaMonferrina DOLLY

LaMonferrina DOLLY

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I have been using my DOLLY at home three or four times a week for over 12 months. The DOLLY is a simple and efficient machine that I could not be without.
In fact I am so impressed with La Monferrina that I have just ordered a PNUOVA machine with the ravioli set! Highly recommend to all....

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Hi I've just purchased the dolly and i was wondering if you can help me what is the best recipe for pasta? I get my pasta machine on Friday ,and what problems do you have? thank you if you can help regards robbby guardala

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Hello, We work in a restaurant in Victoria and we have a La Monferrina Pasta Machine, with this we are having multiple problems! We get it too the crumb and then when the dough goes through it seems to get really soft and sticks together and doesn’t come out, we than have to pull all the dough apart one by one and feed it slowly through the machine and takes us all day to make! PLEASE HELP!
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I have just received my Dolly machine and I have made 1kg bacthes twice but both times the motor and the fan casing get really, really hot to the point I have had to let it cool before I continue to extrude. Please can anyone help me why this might be happening. Thanks
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Hi I think you are mixing the flour and liquid to a dough. It should be loose crumbles that when pressed they stick together. Then machine does not get hot. When you make it a dough it is very hard on the machine and it overheats.


LaMonferrina DOLLY
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