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Stacey C.
Stacey C. · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

I'm wondering if there is anyway possible that there is a bullbar from another model that will fit my Freelander 2 2011???

Willoughby John
Willoughby John  

I didn't look at this option. The reason is that bullbars need to be tested against the vehicle it is intended for to ensure that the built-in safety features aren't compromised - e.g. airbags, crumple zone in front. Also, in an accident, your insurance policy may be voided if it is not a legitimate bullbar. I wouldn't do this.

If this is essential maybe there is a Land Rover-approved one made in the UK that you could import.

Road runner
Road runner · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

I own a freelander2 2013 entry model with basic sound system. Radio cd is fine but I can not get the Audio mute setting to change when I press the phone. Can any one help with this

Jackson B.
Jackson B. · Freelander 1 (1998-2006)

Im allways get water in side the toolbox at the tailgate

Neil O.
Neil O. · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

I have a freelander got mechanic to change front ball joint but got the wrong one supplied he measured the side that was changed and ballpoint and wishbone measure 15 inches yet original side ais 14 inches any idea where to get one from?

Willoughby John
Willoughby John  

I am no mechanic. I would go to a Land Rover dealership’s spares department. I use an independent mechanic who specialises in Land Rover here on the lower North Shore of Sydney. I find it more satisfactory being able to talk directly to the mechanic who is working on my car.

Fred V.
Fred V. · Freelander 1 (1998-2006)

How to reset the computer on freelander series 1landrover

GraceM · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

Hey! I'm looking at investing in my first car and have a freelander in the family. It's rear differential needs replacing for around $4.5k and has around 260,000km on the odometer. I want to know is it worth fixing or will problems keep arising?


Hi, the answer depends on the age and upkeep of the FL2. 260k means you also have to change the transmission fluid as well. If these have been done and the car is in good condition, and you don't have to pay anything else out then $4k seems like a reasonable expense compared to buying a different vehicle with its own issues. The devil you know....

My 2014 FL2 is at 170k and has had no issues at all. :-)

peter r.
peter r. · Freelander

when the land rover freelander2 TD4 se automatic 2009 model did it have a AGM battery

Tito D.
Tito D. · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

Freelander 2 2014. Some days after driving it for sometime when the car at complete stop e.g at a traffic light and after removing foot from break the car jumps aggressively as if someone hits you from the back. If you turn to manual transmission the problem goes away! And thoughts?


Hi Tito
I'm no mechanic but it sounds like when you slow and come to a stop the gears are staying in 2nd and not dropping back into 1st. Or it could just be it's revving to high at idle, perhaps from having the air-con going.
So either way it's hopefully just a programming issue.
Take it to a Land Rover specialist who has the most up to date diagnostic and programming updates for the next service.
If it's bad I wouldn't wait because you can end up breaking the engine mounts or create other problems.

Tito D.
Tito D.  

Thanks Andy for the reply. I feel it is an electronic problem too. It does happen regardless of Air Cond. As you said it could be the gear is not going back to 1st and it does it very quickly when disengage from the break which give this jump/hit. I read that it could be sticking valve but not sure what that is (?). But I assume that it should do the same if put to manual gear which it doesn’t and the problem only present itself in Automatic transmission mode.

Itdotohgxo · Freelander

Can I remove the rear passenger single seat in the 2001 td4 or are the bolts machined in?

Chris A.
Chris A. · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

I drove my freelaner2 down the motorway for about 40 miles with no problems , but out of the blue the whole front end started to vibrate,I was traveling at approx 65 miles an hour so I slowed down to below 50 miles an hour but the problem didn't clear .i limped on till I could get off the motorway and checked for anything lose like wheels and driveshafts but everything was ok so I drove it back on to the motorway and found the problem had gone and I drove on to my destination which was a farther 20 miles ,and then returned home another 60 miles and the problem never happened again.can anybody give me a clue what it could have been?


Hi Chris
I'm no expert but sounds like wheel alignment or balancing. Although it's odd that it stopped.
Would definitely get it checked.

Karen · Freelander

Can someone answer my question please, I have a free lander 2008 automatic model for a year and half now, which have been running well but recently I have been having some problems of jerking, and stopping with an error saying " Reduce Engine Performance" when changing to second gear. It doesn't happen all the time just now and then. I also took it in to get it looked at but for some reason they can't seem to the find the problem.. Can some one help with my question?

carlos f.
carlos f. · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

In how get acceleration less in land lover freelander?

Rosa P.
Rosa P. · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

Has anyone had the problem of battery drain from their Land Rover 2 2008 model it had a battery drain problem which the dealer said they had fixed but has got worse and now land rover say it is not fixed that the radio is still draining 50% of the battery constantly ie when the car is switched off and that the fuse motherboard has to be replaced costing over $2000

Bruce P.
Bruce P.  

Hi. I had the same issue. I fixed it via changing the Ca/Ca battery to a AGM battery. Still had the drain as it's all the computers, electronics in the car. After going to the AGM battery the drain took longer than two or 3 days, a lot longer. Added an Anderson plug to the battery so I could easily leave it on charge if going away for a longer time.

SalP · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

Hi. I purchased a used 2013 MY14 Freelander 2 SD4 HSE with 98,000 ks on it 3 months ago. I am now having a problem with acceleration. It started with the car having reduced acceleration after stopping at lights for approx 5 secs, or after slowing for a corner, however now it has worsened to no having virtually no acceleration above 500 revs. when this happens it will still reverse OK however, and if I turn the air con off the car will go again. Any ideas on what could be causing this please? The drive train was replaced in the first week of purchase.

Vern v.
Vern v.  

Possibly bad alternator
Check your voltage with aircon turned on and with aircon turned off if it goes below 14 volts you may need another alterntor.
The vehicle computer is sensitive to voltage fuctuating too much.
See if that helps


Thank you so much Vern, will try this and let you know how it goes.

Brett · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

Purchased 2011 Freelander 2 with 50,000 km on the clock.(fully service history) at 112,000 km the PTU power transfer unit required replacement at $2500 then suspiciously the transmission burnt out. Apparently Landrover admitted when transferring over the PTU it can cause issue with transmission. Was quoted $21,000 for new part from Doncaster Landrover. I opted for the refurbished part at $7000 with 1 year warranty. Very expensive to service. feels sluggish and blows quite a lot of smoke. Is it worth keeping the car once the transmission goes in or trade? The body is in good condition

Vern v.
Vern v.  

Sounds like they sold you their problem.
I’m finding the Freelander 2 to be a hit or miss when it comes to problems. From what I’ve read on so many forums.
I’ve had a good run from my Freelander 2 2007 model until recently.

Sasa K
Sasa K · Freelander 1 (1998-2006)

On my car land rover freelander td 4 2001 when I turn on the contact clock to show the speed goes to 240 km per hour what can be the malfunction of the instrument panel is not?

Awopeju A
Awopeju A · Freelander 1 (1998-2006)

What could be responsible for hard starting or engine starter and stop

azimiahm · Freelander

I’m looking at a used desiel 2012 Freelander. It’s done roughly about 147,000 km. I wanted to know what an avarge service cost on one of these cars and is it worth selling my 2014 Mazda 3 to buy a 4x4? Cheers.



I have mine serviced once a year with no major issues. I obviously keep an eye on fluids etc. It is an excellent car and really good to drive in all conditions.

Tito · Freelander 2 (2007-2014)

Freelander2 2014 diesel 50,000km. The gears seem to change to lower gears when you are at complete stop (few seconds) which cause you to feel a little push. Is that normal?


Yes Tito mine does the same thing. Had it checked out by LR and it got the all clear. Not so bad now its done 40000km. Have learnt that the car responds to how you drive it also. I was driving mine very conservativly and it became sluggish and dangerous as it would not quickly accelerate from stop signs etc. Now I am a bit more aggressive and give it a squirt now and again and its ok.

Karen · Freelander 1 (1998-2006)

Hi I'm going to look at a Landrover Freelander 2000 (diesel) but am having second thoughts after reading some of these Landrover reviews so some advice would be awesome please?



My advice is to make sure it is a LR Freelander 2. The first series had a lot of teething issues. Also, check out the service history as a must.

It has been an awesome car and very economical. I didn't want a standard car I wanted something different and I haven't looked back.

Good luck!


I would strongly advice anyone not to buy a freelander 1, engine issues , oil leaks , dodgy electrics by far the worse four wheel drive car I had owned

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