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Laucke Crusty White Bread Mix

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GlenWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

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Laucke Crusty Bread for the first time


I just made my first loaf of Laucke Crusty Bread and its the best bread I have ever made.
I just followed the instructions on the box and that is mix it by hand and knead it for 10 minutes, let it rise for 40 minutes. Knock the air out of it and knead it for a minute, let it rise again for 40 minutes and cook. I look forward to making dinner rolls soon.

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Loaf too crumbly


I've attempted about 6 loaves with this mix. All of them were too crumbly to cut. I e-mailed Laucke but they were not helpful at all. I think the instructions are incorrect. Very frustrating as I bought a massive bag of this so spent a lot of money on it. Annoying that they made it sound as if I was doing something wrong when others are clearly having the same problem.



Something is different.


In the last few months something has changed.I have used Laucke mix for years without trouble,but now my bread is fragile & crumbly.I have tried adding oil &/or gluten flour, the latter gives the most improvement .Is this a seasonal problem or different wheat source ??


TrentApKGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Love it


I have used alot of different bread mixes this is by far my favorite. I did by the wholmeal. It was easy to do and make unlike other brands where it's to sticky to knead properly. I use a mix of stand mixer and hand knead. But using this mix i just have the most amazing bread. Not sure why others are having issues i followed the box turned out brilliant.



The new 500g crusty White is perfect for our small bread maker 10/10 very happy with out come . Will recommend to family and friends

Worst White crusty bread mix


I have purchased crusty white mix 10 kg bag from Coles and made 4 times, following the instructions,however all 4 times failed.
Very dissapointing.
I bought the white crust since i have purchased the wholemeal one before and tried in the oven an it was good.so i thought to buy the white crust as my kids like white crusty and bought a new machine to make bread.



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Good Mix but has been Better


Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

ray m

ray mlaurieton

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know what goes in your mouth


i have been using this bread mix for ten years and the only failure I had was when I forgot the yeast. you have to learn how to allow for seasonal change in temp, esp water remp,I have three machines and I have not purchased a loaf or roll I twelve years



First try of Laucke Bread mix is a flop


What a waste of time and money. I bought the crusty white bread mix which had four sachets. I followed the recipe on the box to the letter and used my breadmaker to knead it. After the cycle i was left with what looked more like a pancake batter than a bread dough. I used 420ml water for a 600g sachet of bread mix, as per the instructions. What a waste of time and money, i had to throw it out and want a real recipe to use on the three sachets I have left. Now I come to the website and notice so many people who have had failures using Lauke. Well add another. I have also sent an email to Lauke. It'll be interesting to see if I get a reply.



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No need to knead


Great bread flour. 69% water by weight is best. Do not knead. Mix all dry ingrediants. Add water and mix in. Keep warm in sink of hot water for about half an hour. Knock down then form loaf etc on floured board. Let rise again. Bake . Never fails.

Nancye Turner

Nancye TurnerWallangarra

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Very happy with this product


Was given a bread maker and purchased this product.Rang the company as I'd heard sometimes the amount of water needs to changed.The lovely lady Irene at Laucke told me to use 30 ml less than the packet read.I baked delicious soft white bread .Will definitely stay with this product

Laucke instructions wrong


For laucke mixes their instructions are plain wrong. Use 50 mls less of water per standard 1kg or 750 g loaf and the loaves come out perfectly. Laucke instructions ask for way too much water, more than other bread recipes .I used to use the Breville recipes before I switched to Laucke, that's why I knew it could not be the breadmaker.



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Perfect results


I buy Laucke Crusty White in 5kg bags, and it's very versatile. I used it to make perfect burger buns, bread, finger buns and pizza dough. The bread is very light and fluffy in the interior - just like bakery bread. I do adjust flour/water ratios according to the seasons and how I knead the dough, practice makes perfect.
reliable, excellent results



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Useless instructions or poor product?


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Can I use laucke bread mix in airfryer

1 answer

No idea Margaret. I'd give it a try though. You would need to go through the normal bread making process to the 2nd rise then cook. I think I would use a bread tin though

pete l

pete lasked

can i use crusty white bread mix to make bread rolls. I have a recipe of your,s but it is for 12.5kg of flour I only wont to make about a dozen rolls could you break down the ingredients to suit please.

2 answers

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
I use the breadmix for rolls but add 1 tbsp of sugar to the mix. My basic recipe is:
500 gm breadmix; 12 gm dried yeast; 20 ml olive oil, 295 ml warm water and 1 tbsp sugar. I cheat by using the breadmaker on the dough setting and let it rise for 1 hour then turn out, knock down, chop into 12 equal portions and shape the rolls. Because my rolls tend to flatten too much I use a tray with a 15-20 mm lip so that the rolls push against one another and go up not out. I leave them in a warm draft free spot for 40 mins and then bake in a preheated oven at 190 deg for 15 to 20 mins. I generally turn the tray about half time. There will be about as many variations on this as there are bakers...

pete l
pete l

thank you for your answer I will give it a go



Recipe please for making kangaroo rising flour. There isn’t a recipe on the box and also no yeast. Do you have to buy this separately?

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