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Lawson's Traditional Bread Settlers Grain

Lawson's Traditional Bread Settlers Grain

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Terrible now

What happened to your once beautiful bread? The last 4 loaves I have bought have been so dry and only last a day before I have to use them for toasting only. They use to be so soft and doughy. Now they are like the generic $1 loaves, actually worse. The plastic bag they come in is never secured properly and the taste is terrible. No wonder Coles and Woolies have them only on their top shelf and nowhere else. I use to have to go in to buy it in the morning because it always sold out by lunch, not anymore. Have switched to another competitor sadly. I'm not the only one in my family to say the same. Goodbye once beautiful moist flavoured bread.

Purchased in August 2019 at Woolworths for $4.49.

Bring back original recipe and packaging

I've been buying 4 loaves of this bread a fortnight ever since it hit the shelves, but since the new packaging and recipe change, I've become extremely ticked off with lawsons for changing the breads recipe and packaging. Who ever in the company decided it needed to be changed needs to be ejected from the company. Will never buy this product again.

Mouldy bread

Since you changed the packaging from paper to plastic the bread goes mouldy
I never buy it anymore.
Why can't you go back to paper packaging

Used to be great, but then they changed it...

This used to be my favourite bread - great taste, great quality, just delicious. Then they changed the packaging and recipe, and it all went down hill... The bread went off much much faster and taste really not great. Such a shame.

Why did they change a good thing

I always purchased Lawsons bread for the last five years. Since the new plastic packaging the bread is often squashed and full of holes. The loaf appears to be smaller and the recipe changed. Why???? Now after five years I have to search for another bread. Not happy Lawsons

The new plastic wrapping is terrible

I hate the new plastic wrapping which causes the bread to go mouldy very quickly. The bread itself stays soft which in itself says that the wrapping has caused it to mold. With the old paper wrapping the bread would last a ,on time. Also on closer inspection I see the ingredients include soy flour, which is not traditional. I will not be purchasing this over priced bread again.

Bad marketing decision

I have purchased this bread for years but no more. As far as I am aware this is the second reduction in the size of this loaf over the years. And it is still sold at the same high price. The plastic bag causes the loaf to be squashed. I assume the shelf packers use the end to lift it. Anyway I have changed to another same size, half the price brand.


Loved this bread...well we did but since changing to plastic packaging the freshness has gone or is there more to it? either way I am now looking at alternatives as the last loaf was dry withing 3 days and I stored it the same as always.

Vanishing Bread

Unfortunately, this bread is now hard to buy ( my Woolworths bakery manager was asked every day for nearly a week when they would have stock) it is smaller in size and weight and tastes different.

Swap to plastic bag and quantity (probably quality) reduction FAIL

What’s going on with your new bag? Firstly, amongst all of the plastic bagged bread, yours stood out from the rest. Upon discovering you had changed the one thing that evoked a quality feel above all else, I struggled to even find it. This is not all, that sneaky reduction in overall weight and still charging the same price is one thing, I think the quality has dropped too. Something is off about the bread now. Tastes cheap, looks cheap and until your do an about-face, Arnotts Shapes style, I buy something else. Probably Helga’s.

Why plastic?!?!

Good bread, it does taste good and I like the thickness and crust, however I am disappointed that is now wrapped in plastic. Please go back to paper.

Another unhappy customer - won't be buying again

I'm in full agreement with other dissatisfied customers re the change to plastic wrapping. Appalled that Woolies and Coles have meakly accepted this change considering the bad publicity recently re their plastic bag issues. The change from 800gm to 750gm is a further insult to customers' intelligence. Well, I won't be buying any more.

For a store bought bread, how can one complain? I love it.

I mainly get traditional white. The slices are large, making it seem like you go through it quickly, Maybe if you're a guts. The taste is yum, especially toasted. Tastes real, not like the thin faker stuff and doesn't turn into a tough old board when toasted. Best supermarket bread I've had. I do agree with others that the bread size does seem smaller and possibly even lighter in density ( Had not bought bread in quite a while). Shame for the change, but it still tastes good to me. Hope they do not make any future changes for the worse.

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As for plastics. The old packaging was also part plastic. These days there is soft plastic recycling at most Coles and Woolworths shops. No packaging is ideal, and not everything you are supposed to recycle DOES get recycled. Much of it still goes to landfill.

Bread has lost it’s sparkle...

Have definitely noticed a marked difference in the density of the Settlers Grain product. The bread now just tastes like a lot of the cheaper brands. Plus packaging is bad news. May buy it at discount price but not at full price anymore.

Not a happy customer

Not happy about the change in packaging to plastic, especially after all the work done to start reducing plastic in our shopping. Especially not happy with the size decrease from 800 gr to 750 gr. Is it false advertising to promote it as traditional bread any more? My husband has been saying "there is something different about the bread", for a few months now. I keep saying its his imagination however now I suspect something must have been happening. I wonder if they have been experimenting and changing the ingredients as well? Will have to look for another bread I think!

New packaging

Big fan of the beautiful bread, but the new packaging is plastic, and the bread looses its shape on the shelf, all bent and squashed packaging was not researched before launching! Go back To the original and most environmentally safe packaging or loose more customers.

Recipe Has Changed!!!!!!!

The Bread used to take ages to toast & it was so heavy & moist it would hardly ever burn. Now it toasts in half the time & burns easily! It is crunchy & chewed & swallowed quickly, like cheap (non wholegrain) breads. Lacks its original flavour, lack its heaviness that I used to Love. No more Lawson's Bread for me, its just not the same! 750 grams instead of 800 grams & plastic packaging, don't care so much about that, I would continue to buy it, BUT THE BREAD IS JUST NOT THE SAME! Sorry Lawsons, my mouth & taste buds are not fooled.

Another sad product demise :(

Until today this was my favourite supermarket bought bread. Very disappointed in the packaging and, it seems to me the bread is less dense. Will not be buying any more. Why on earth is there such a strong movement to downgrade good products in Australia?

why plastic ???

why, after so many years of packaging your traditional bread in paper have you now gone backwards and started with plastic packaging when the rest of the world is trying to use less as we have a major problem in the world /it beggars belief and my family will no longer be buying your products

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any chance of a reply????

Very disappointed!!!!

I have been buying your bread from the very beginning loved the brown paper package..... loved the size and taste..... was upset when you dropped the sunflower seed one but never gave up and took on the grain .... but now it’s dropped in size.

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Questions & Answers

Who are your suppliers on north shore near Lindfield ? Thank you
1 answer
Which stores near Roseville and Lindfield stock Lawson’s traditional Bread settlers grain?

How much sodium on this bread?
1 answer
455mg avg qty per serve % daily intake per serve 20% Avg qty per 100g 400mg

Is there canola oil in your white bread? If so, is it GMO free? And, are all the products in your white bread made in Australia? If not, which ones and where are they imported from?
3 answers
I don't eat white bread , I will always go straight for the lawsons settlers grain, it's easy to check the use buy date so if it's fresh I'll buy it . I would like to know where the ingredients come from though , if they are imported it does not change the fact that it's a great loaf of bread .brian have been hospitalized so havent done shopping for a while....best thing to do is go online or ring them on a toll free number and state your case clearly so that each question can be answered by the ones who send out the end product...yup still my favourite of all the grain loavesYou should educate yourself on what GMO products actually are. Not dropping any hints on what you will find, but it may change your opinion.

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