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LDV G10 Questions & Answers

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207 questions from our users

Paul M.
Paul M.asked

Why does the system error icon show on my ldv just after a service

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how do you change the oil filter on a 2017 diesel LDV G10 van

No answers

how do you remove the oil filter on a LDV G!0 diesel 2017

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Allan W.
Allan W.asked

My engine light keeps coming on from new it came on with in 3km dealer says there nothing wrong

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jamie b.
jamie b.asked

Hi peeps, my G10 has a red light with what looks like a left side door signal popping up at the same time, it only happens when I lock the van up. It keeps flashing making the battery flat.
All the doors a shut properly aswell?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Anthony P.
Anthony P.asked

I have a2015 ldv turbo petrol 90k atm issues is accelerating open road or up hill not producing take off power like starving for fuel .fuel not the issue it like the rev limmiter is stoping me from letting motor rev to go

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How can I Bluetooth headphones for the kids watching movies in the back.

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Leon S.
Leon S.asked

I just picked up my g10 2021 and I have followed all the prompts to play music from my phone to the g10.. it simply will not let me play my phone music through my car speakers

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Jdawg H.
Jdawg H.asked

Which way the battery for key go in

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Suli M.
Suli M.asked

Every time I start my ldv the air conditioning system all ways turn on at full I all ways have to turn it off

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my music will constantly cut out while connected via usb on apple carplay however the maps will still work. tried a few usb's and it only seems to affect the audio. has anyone had a similar problem or know what it is ?

2 answers
Dave C.
Dave C.

Possible surroundings or weak signal.. We have two of the G10's.. they tend to perform as good as our Kia and a Porsche we have.

John M.
John M.

i have the same problem with my iphone 11 .... G10 2021 model will not allow my to play through blue tooth any music or podcasts....I can make calls but nothing else....very frustrating


Can a G10 have a second key remote

1 answer
Dave C.
Dave C.

Yes but you need to take the van and existing key to a LDV Dealer Parts department.. they can not do if via phone for security reasons.

Amy G.
Amy G.asked

Just bought the LDV 2021 G10 executive 9 seater, can I watch streaming sites on the mounted roof screen from my iPhone? Ie Netflix/Stan? Or just through a USB? Have tried through Apple car play.

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Jake M.
Jake M.asked

Does anyone know if you can adjust the height the rear door goes up in the g10 executive. We cant open it up in the garage as it hits the roller door.

No answers

Can i please have a review on the 2020 or 2021 G10 LDV executive version of the people mover.

Thank you

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Matt H.
Matt H.asked

Just brought a new LDV G10 Executive. I have formatted the usb stick as FAT-32 and have added an mp4 file. However the device connects, but can't find the media on it. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Dave baillie
Dave baillieasked

can anyone tell me where the rear air conditioner fan motor is located on 2020 g10 executive please

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Annette P.
Annette P.asked

How do you change the time on the clock please. D90

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Jacklynn W.
Jacklynn W.asked

LDV Van when I use the volume up button on steering wheel volume goes down and when I use volume down it switches radio stations ? Any solutions.... still in warranty but not getting a great response from service department.

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Dave Gilmour
Dave Gilmourasked

How does one change the battery in a LDV V80 remote?
I can't see a way of opening the case.

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