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Le Chat Noir Cidre de Normandie

Le Chat Noir Cidre de Normandie

3.3 from 3 reviews

Rich and Complex flavours

A unique cider, full of complex tones and well bodied flavours, very rich upon the tongue. I have enjoyed this cider many times and bought the last case in the country when our distributor stopped shipping them. Definitely not a cider for multiple drinks, its rich textures linger on the pallet, but a great way to indulge in a truly tasty experience. I really need to track down some more of this.

unique taste

The flavour is unlike any cider I've tried before with an almost pims/elderflower to a mead taste not to sweet and not dry. If you like a crisp fresh cider this may not be for you.


Straight down the sink after one sip. I have recently started drinking cider instead of wine. Have tried a number of brands, this is outstanding and in a class of its own as being the worst so far and has compelled me to write a review. Didn't really taste like cider at all, more like a mixture of tiger urine and three week old vase water. As a cat lover I gave it a try due to the name - that will teach me.
the bottle's label (clever eh)
the taste

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