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Heavy but good

I bought one similar in adli with lower price & how the food turn out after cooked. so i decided to go for the original as i think it's worth. I keep searching on the internet & the price just not so lovely (department store even worst).

Then i went to overseas for my holiday last Sept & went to their shop to see if any promotion at the time. While i was browsing, i asked the shop keeper for the price of the pot & etc then he told me about the clearance sale start the day after. the sale was good, everything was 50% off the price(very good bargain). also they have some model that i can't get it here (as well as the colour). i bought a 18cm white French oven & couldn't be happier.

I use the pot for soup, cooking noodles, dumplings, casserole..... everything cooked prefectly & the meat is tender. Food can be ready within an hour(e.g.casserole) & still taste good & keep warm on the table.

If i had more luggages allowance i would buy more. I am now looking forward my next trip if they still have the sale...
The colour, the quality of the food, easy to clean, looks good in the kitchen, oven proof
Heavy; the price in there (i got it from overseas when it's on sale), not much colour to choose


I am the lucky owner of a Le Creuset French Oven in the beautiful deep blue colour. I have to be honest I use it more in Winter than Summer but when I cook with it I seem to produce a unbelievable meal!!! Using Chicken, Lamb with a variety of seasonal vegetables and stock it delivers a truly délicieux meal!!! My favourite is Sautéed Duck with Apple Brandy served with kipler pototoes and french beans!

Create a meal that will never fail!

This item is incredible, very solid so can be quite heavy when full of food. Can be used for so many ways of cooking, from stews, to roasts and soups, anything you create will taste amazing and be cooked thoroughly and evenly.
They also keep your food hot for a long amount of time which is great for dinner parties.
They come in a range of colours too to suit all tastes and kitchens.
Easy to clean.
solid, easy to use, easy to clean

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I've had this brand and several others like it over my 28 years as a Chef, they all suffer from the same problem. The slightest hint of overheating and the buff colored interior discolors PERMANENTLY!!! and always looks dirty from then on and becomes increasingly harder to clean. I swore not to ever buy enameled cast iron again, until I visited Scullerymade Imports in Melbourne Australia. They have a cast iron range that really works. French made, with matt black enamel (not cream) inside. The black takes much higher temperatures, great for browning meats, onions etc. before deglazing and adding the balance of your casserole recipe. Even if you were to overheat any discoloration is concealed by the color. Furthermore, most of their cast iron casseroles have a "doufeu" lid, which can help casseroles from drying out. I haven't see this range anywhere else, but I am glad they are there and stock such a great range. I have now re-kindled my interest and love for enameled cast iron, thanks to this well thought out product and Scullerymade for selling it.

On a winner!

I purchased one of the Le Creuset Round French Ovens as a present for my wife. She has a larger one of these for big casseroles and the like. As it was a significant milestone birthday (a gentleman never tells. and neither will I) I had been watching out for something special to buy.
The oven was better priced than the local kitchen ware store; my wife loves the Le Creuset Round French Oven range; I got lots of brownie points for the purchase


Mines in constant use, think outside the square it is not just a pot, that's why you would invest your hard earned money in a lifetime useful, wonderful cooking item - Bake, roast, fry, stew, boil, saute oops i've run out of words ...
High quality, in fact best quality. My first frypan, now 36 years young, still perfect, cooks the best steak etc, frittatas, stove top quiches etc... superb! Super easy to clean. My French Oven + chook+ couple lemons + thyme, low heat on stove top or oven meltingly moist & delicious. TIP from the famous Elizabeth David cook the chook on its side not on its back back then whole chook cooks more evenly! Roasts in the oven fantastic. Soups, stew & casseroles just perfect, without much effort, low heat and when lid is on ALL moisture is sealed inside .... as you can tell I am enthusiastic about my much loved & very well used pieces. Once 'le pot' is hot you need so little heat, I have also learned when to turn the gas off allowing further cooking using the retained heat. My Dad was a cook and he always taught us to buy the very best quality we could afford, and it has paid off time and again. I also have Bessemer saucepans, which are cast aluminum so therefore lighter, and have always been very good, but since owning my Le Creuset French Oven there is a big difference.
Very little really. I have weighed my 36cm French Oven and when cooking in the oven it is only just that much heavier than the dish I have now pensioned off.


I love this product...and this brand. Have produced many a fine meal in my 26cm casserole. If you can afford it..buy it...you'll have it for life.
Easy to clean, even heat distribution, can go in the oven or on the hobb, no plastic bits, heavy base and sides. Fantastic to slow cook in.
Heavy - the bigger the casserole the heavier. Also, not so good on electric hobbs, the enamel gets 'punished'.


We recieved this as a wedding present and have since bought the Le Creuset baking dish as well. The french oven cooks the most amazing stews and casseroles, just bung everything in and cook slowly on low heat for a number of hours and you'll get great results. I have a slow cooker too but find it a bit of a hassle having to brown meat in one pan and then transfer everything into the slow cooker. With this, you just do it on the stove top first then throw it into the oven. Very easy to clean - great to be able to scrub it without worrying about non-scratch surfaces!
Love it. This is a must have in every kitchen. Its amazingly easy to clean, cooks perfect stews and casseroles every time and can be used on the stove top or in the oven.
Nothing. It is expensive but honestly worth it and you'll have it for a lifetime.


My mother has one of these that is over 35 years old and still going strong. I use mine at least once a week and after 12 years, it is a little scratched and battered, but still going well. It is heavy, but this is an advantage when using for slow cooking, and it easily transfers from stove top to oven, although you need a big oven!! Watch out while washing, mine dropped, luckily my foot broke the fall, but it would have cracked the tiles and it certainly caused damage to my foot!
Such a good quality product, very long lasting, a good long term cooking investment. Great for stovetop and oven cooking.
It is quite heavy, so if cooking a pot of pasta that needs draining you need to be very carefull. Also the handle on top gets very hot.


Le Creuset, if looked after, will give you a lifetime of perfect classic cooking. The French Oven is perfect for one pot cooking and gives great results whether on the stove top or in the oven (or a combination of both). I have had mine for over 20 years, and it would be used at least 2 times a week. It looks as good as the day I bought it with no sign of wear or use inside or out. Cooking well with enamelled cast iron takes a little practice (make sure you read the instructions), but once mastered will change the way you cook forever.
Even cooking; Very easy to clean; Lifetime guarantee; Stovetop to Oven to Table


My husband has wanted one of these for years and we got one as a wedding gift. we dont use it that often though - maybe cause it is so big and there are only two of us. but when we have people over it's worth using.
This is a fab product that I hope will last us a lifetime. Ours is the very large size and you can cook anything in it. the fact that it goes from cooktop to oven is fabulous and stews/casseroles are fab to slow cook in this.
Super expensive - and very very heavy .


If you want to cook classic french food, this is a must. Stews, slow cooking etc it is perfect for. Dont buy a cheap alternative, get this if you can afford it.
Heavy, very high quality
Heavy means it can be a struggle to lift if you have weak arms.


i'm not sure how to rate it actually, it's a pot like any other pot. so far i haven't had the need to take from stove to oven - i suppose that's a plus,but you can do that with corningware i believe. this stuff is soooooo expensive these days, i really don't know why or how they justify the cost - it is, as far as i know just cast iron! maybe you have to pay its airfare from france?! look around at what else there is before investing in one of these!
Allegedly for a lifetime.
heavy, and one of mine - which has only been used about 3 times actually has a chip on the side - and no, i haven't dropped it or mistreated it!

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a 26cm French oven can you please advise between the ones with the metal knob and the black knob on the lids what'ss the difference between the two? as there seems a price difference as the metal knob is more expensive.Also is there any advantage of the shape round or oval or just personal choice? Thanky ou in advance.
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Hi Allyson, I am not an expert, but I think that the black handle doesn't get as hot as the metal handle if you have the pot on the stove top - it will still get hot if the pot is in the oven. I prefer the black handle but it is a personal choice. With respect to the shape, as you said it is a personal choice - but also think about what you are likely to want to use the pot for. If you are going to be slow cooking meats like lamb shoulder, leg then the oval may fit the meat better - I mainly use mine for casseroles / stews etc so am happy with the round. Happy Cooking!The metal knob can tolerate a higher temp in the oven. If the metal screw that fastens the black knob gets too hot it can cause the knob to break/chip. I have one of each and I prefer the metal knob. Round or oval, whatever rocks your boat! Le Creuset Casserole (round or oval) is a must have for anyone who enjoys their cooking.Hi Allyson, I agree with both posts above. metal handle can possibly withstand a higher temp, but from memory the black withstands 220 degrees celsius. The Oval Casserole would be great for roast meats and chicken (as mentioned above). I just have have the round ones...and love them.

Can the casserole be used on the stove top, for example gas or hotplate?
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Hi Kim, yes, they can. we have used them mainly on gas for over 30 years now, but they work fine on electric hotplates as well.And they are brilliant with InductionSure can!


Oven Safe (ºC)190
Dishwasher SafeYes
Release dateFeb 2009

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