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3.0 from 21 reviews

3rd machines I got from them - wonderful products

Just Bought 3rd atomiser from them. Bought 1st one in 2014. Still working fine.
Great for air purification and negative ionizing. So pleased. Good quality, great price.

Superior than most aroma diffusers in the market.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCity

This is perfect!

Good machine so far. Long lasting and powerful. Bought the 2 litres one at the Syd Mind Body Spirit Festival. Good value for money. Help my son to breathe better.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationMind Body Spirit Festival

Dangerous Product

It worked once and then the second time I got an electric shock from it! I think the design is terrible and dangerous. Very fiddle to fill up - a complete waste of money.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

I am on my second ultrasonic mister!

I Am on my second ultrasonic mister the first one had to be replaced. They're gorgeous when they work! But they are temperamental. This one's been used for six months. Now stopped working. I'll go to red dot and get a cheaper one that gave me no troubles before. I should've kept it.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Great products Great deal

Bought a family deal at baby show,

1 in my baby room, she sleeps do well with it in all nite
Couple atomisers in the family room.
So good for minimizing dust and much more powerful than a diffuser

Love it.

My hubby is glad I made the purchase.

Love it

I bought the special from the Melbourne homeshow which it came with 3 units. Love it I use it all around the house. Makes the house smell fresh and clean. Much better then cheaper brands which are hopeless. So glad I bought the extra bottles of oil that was a great price. The whole pack was. Will buy more when I go again. Cos my house is very big.

Amazing product use this atomizer everyday

Bought from Mbs festival sydney great service from man & lady at stall .use with oil or water sleep better very relaxing


Do not use this company. Terrible customer service & after sales. Horrible to deal with never again!! We also go dancing next to their building. they yelling at the kids that walk pass their car park when it is a share car park & no footpath to walk on. WTH!!


I had a diffuser which stopped working, motor was grinding, I emailed Ledesire, on a Saturday, and the company contacted me first thing Monday morning, they are replacing the product without any qualms, I couldnt ask for a happier response, and a new one was posted the same day. Wonderful customer service Ledesire, thank you for yr quick response. Barbara

After-sale service is good!

Bought a Le Desire atomiser at the baby show. Difficult to identify the differences with other brands but wanted to try. Outcome is good. Still working fine for my boy who has asthma and eczema. The lady there was helpful. After-sale service is good. No complaint!

The best one I have ever got!

I bought it in the Mind Body Spirit 2017. Run for a week perfectly. Lost the ring of screw cap by mistake. Water leaking. Got a new ring. Working fine since then. Good product and service!

new diffuser wasn't working but they solved the issue

my new diffuser LED lights didnt work, i told them and they personally drove to my house the next day and replaced it with one that works saying my faulty one may have been dropped or similar and they were happy to replace it and gave me an essential oil free with my replacement. They constantly kept in touch after i reported the faulty diffuser.

That's good! I can use my oils now.

Finally found a machine that can use my oils. Not like other ones in the market, the unit will melt when I put oils in.

Great atomiser

Good product. New technology, not weak as diffusers.. great invention. Using it for Almost 3 years. No problem at all. help my asthma and skin dryness.

Worst diffuser I've ever owned

Bought this diffuser at the baby and pregnancy expo June 2017 for $75 - cheaper than the higher end diffusers but not so cheap to make me question the quality... big mistake. Should have done my research before taking the plunge.

Started working fine. Could hear the dripping inside, and there's also a hole (that looks like it is indeed supposed to be there for some utterly unfathomable reason) on one of the plastic components that sits outside/above the max water level. If you look into the hole, you can see straight down into circuitry. What it's for I don't know, but doesn't that seem like a bit of a stupid idea? When the mist can rise and go into that hole, condense and drip down onto that stuff???

I wish I could take a picture as I'm sure my description leaves a lot to be desired...

Anyway, fast forward 3 weeks from purchase, and the whole thing just stops working. The "troubleshooting" piece of notepaper in the box gave minimal and obvious instructions - make sure the water does not exceed max level, make sure there IS water in the machine, clean the vaporising circle... - all of which I did. Left it to thoroughly dry over several days. Try again, no dice. Absolutely fuming at this stage! Try calling customer service - but hours available are something ridiculous - like 6 hours, 4 days a week??

Try machine again 2 days later - it's working! ok... Travelling along alright for about 2 weeks, though motor is significantly louder than it was and dripping noise is louder. Randomly turn on one day, motor makes this horrendous pulsing noise! I turn it off. Then on and off again several times. It seems to sort itself out, and off we go again. Today, same deal - horrible motor noise, takes a solid 10 minutes of fiddling to get it back it's regular, constant "noisiness"...

Ugh, I'm really just waiting for it to die, and hoping I get as much use out of it as I can until then. Absolute waste of money. And only 5 or 6 weeks old. DO NOT BUY!!!!

Excellent diffuser for bedrooms

I have had one of the small diffusers in my cupboard for months, and decided to finally use it. Unlike the reviews below, I have had no issues at all. It is very easy to use, works well, and while not silent, does not keep me awake if used at night. It's been used daily. The colour changing lights can be turned off. The indicator light isn't too bright, and can be turned to the wall if needed. I would happily purchase another one.

Dont buy it

Brought it at the Mind, Body Spirit festival - used it 5 times and it stopped working. What a waste of money. Im furious and wished id read these reviews before I had purchased it.


I bought this to help with sleep, but you cannot use this product at night, you turn off the night light but it still lights up the room. The motor is noisy and you hear it dripping, I bought it to help with sleep, I will go back to the vapouriser.

Product used

Ordered this to help aid sickness and product arrived with missing parts and could not use.

Sent back also as it was used by someone when arrived.

Don't buy Le desire ultrasonic atomiser!

Product failed, made loud buzzing noise in the middle of the night twice had to be switched off as unusable. Store refused return or refund.

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Questions & Answers

I cannot get mine to work? It's on a stable surface and has been for weeks. Today is the first time I've used for a few weeks. It's the second one I had the first one replaced. Red light on the whole time and it won't go. Any tips??
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Give them a call. Sometimes they can play up. They are quiet reasonable at looking at it and fixing it. And just make sure you don’t leave water in it. If it’s got water in it at the base. Empty it and see what happens.

Which actual model Le Desire Atomiser Diffuser do these reviews refer to please? As these reviews here never seem to show or say so very hard to know weather to purchase any of them at all.
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