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Leander Cot

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I regret buying this cot!


Bought this cot for our first Bub because we loved the look of it. Should have done more research. It is way too small! By the time our son was 11 months old we had to sell it and buy a boori! He couldn't fully stretch his arms out to the side without them hitting the cot and would hit his head when he turned in it. Definitely reconsider if you are thinking of buying this cot!

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Not good enough


The closed ends are not safe for babies who cuddle up to the end of the cot. It is also too narrow, baby cannot properly turn around and wakes up from bumping her head. Also the distance of the bars is too small, her arm sometimes gets stuck. There is nothing about this cot that the makers thought over. The side can not be let down. Also the make is not very special, quality is not much better than from Ikea. The only nice thing is the design at firts sight - for first time parents, however, you soon realize how impractical at best and dangerous at worst this piece of furniture is. For what it is, the price is ridiculous and makes me feel fooled around by this company. Would not recommend it to my worst enemy.

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pattymacSydney, NSW
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Great cot but aside from it's capacity to grow with your child it's lacking in practicality. Sits way too low for mother to safely pull toddler in and out, even when not pregnant. Our backs are already under lots of strain ladies, don't add to the problem for the sake of a pretty cot.
Lovely cot and grows with my child.
It is too low down when on the low setting. I am 5 months pregnant and my son is 11 months old. I am getting back pain from lifting him in and out of the cot. Also I am not very tall so altogether it is a big problem. My son also spent some months bumping his head on the curved head boards. The bumpers are expensive items.


My son also bumps his head on the curved headboard every night. Regular bumpers don't work on this cot and the Leander bumper is very expensive. A beautiful cot but not very practical.


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Can you use the stokke mattress with leander cot?

No answers

Thinking about getting this cot but i have a few questions:

1. Can you only use the Leander mattress?
2. Does only specific linen fit the mattress?
3. Do you have to buy a new mattress in order to extend the bed to the toddler size?
4. A lot of people say their baby grows out of this cot very fast and they'res not enough space. Thoughts? How many years will I actually get out of it?
5. Is it actually hard to get the baby in and out?

1 answer
Michelle Lau
Michelle Lau

We use the Leander cot for my 8 month old little boy. He's quite "average" sized, so neither big/long nor small. As a FTM, I haven't used any other cots so can't really compare, but here's my two cents anyway:
1. As far as I know, yes you can only use the Leander mattress. I researched extensively online for an alternative but haven't found any.
2. If you want it to fit perfectly to the mattress, the cot sheets are available from Leander or there's another brand called Little Bamboo which is available at Baby Bunting or from various online stores. The Little Bamboo sheets fit as well as the Leander sheets (I have both). Alternatively, some other parents I know just use an ordinary cot sheet and tuck the excess fabric in and around the round sides. I've done this with large muslin swaddles and it works fine too.
3. No, you don't have to buy a toddler mattress. The mattress extension comes with the cot.
4. From experience, I have found this cot to be already getting slightly too small for my average sized 8 month old! While I absolutely LOVE this cot, I'm beginning to regret not getting a standard, rectangle shaped cot (like the Oeuf or Boori cribs) as the curved edges definitely gives him less room to move. He likes to rotate, wriggle & move around while he naps and he often jams his feet/arms/hands in the rails, and that wakes him up which is annoying! As I said above, he's not a big or particularly long baby either (measuring about 68cm in length at 8 months old). Also, I like to settle him with my arms through the cot rails. I find the distance between the Leander cot rails not big enough for this (and I have small wrists/arms too), so I would often have to pat/settle him with my arms over the cot, which isn't ideal.
5. I don't find it too hard to get my baby in and out of the cot and I'm not too tall myself (around 164cm). One of the reasons I chose the Leander was because it didn't have a drop down rail.

Hope that helps!

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