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LED Lenser H Series

LED Lenser H Series

H5, H7.2, H3, H4, H7 and 4 more
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Crap product and service

This was a Christmas present and I liked it until the light would turn on by itself 5 minutes after being turned off which flattened the batteries. I contacted the NZ supplier and later Led Lenzer USA and both would not do anything about it as I didn't have a receipt.

Over priced, poor quality .

Battery pack casing (4 x AAA) top retainer lug broke off whilst in storage in drawer. After examining the fragment noticed a sharp 90' corner at fracture site (stress riser point). Suspect curvature of main case and cover mismatched putting excess stress on top lug. Light output excellent. Flimsy build. Not recommended for rugged out doors.

Flimsy Plastic

Started with the H7 worked fine for a year then a flimsy piece of plastic broke off rendering it useless. I sent back for repair ard and they replaced with the H7.2 which has now broken twice in very similar ways great repair/replace policy! but crap product not for the great outdoors.

Poor quality

Good light for the few couple of weeks but since then consistent problems with battery pack and wiring that is strong enough to withstand a change or batteries. Should be better made for the price.

Poor quality gear

I've owned three LED Lenser flashlights over the past few years. All failed within a year or two owing to poor-quality switches. I bought a Coast product as replacement, and have never had a problem.

Clip broken twice

Clip has broken twice - I have to pay for postage to have it replaced!

Light is strong, a little uneven but good, but quality is very poor

Dont buy this brand

Very dissapointed. . Really hoped this time it would not let me down!

Light flickered from the start could not get a light ,we were in the bush wirh no decent light for 5 weeks with a led lenser 2 weeks old. Now i am home i find the batteries leaked again . None of our cheap headlights with same batteries leaks . This is the 3rd led lenser i have had replaced due to problems, the other time was because of flimsy wiring which cant cope with the action of putting it on or off. Not worth its price by any standard. The batteries dont give you bright light for long then it still does not compete with the much cheaper headlights. I have to hand mine in again for repairs, then wait 6 week to get it back. Atleast they have repared it or gave me a new one three tines already !

Not the best purchase I've made

I've purchased 14.2 model on eBay. I haven't had a problem with LED itself but the battery box cover's door locking clip was flimsy from the beginning and broke 4 month down the track. It happened the replacement lid after few month again and I have to keep the battery cover lid tight against the battery case body by using elastic rubber bands otherwise the batteries will fall out! The plastic parts of extremely cheap quality and the battery box cover's door locking clip is absolutely unpractical.

Impressed - Finally died after 4 years hard working life.

Bought the H7 for Search & Rescue use. Used it for upwards of 40 overnight land operations in urban and bush areas in weather up to and including cyclones before it failed. Angle ratchet on the lamp tilt died after about a year, a blob of hot glue sorted that - Bear in mind this is off track wilderness so frequent impacts on branches. Elastic got tired at about year 2, simply replaced with a length from the sewing shop. Finally gave up the ghost after a 12 hour operation on the coast a few weeks ago (wind blown salt spray) when I noticed the LED had a faint glow and wouldn't switch off. Excellent battery life and light. Came onto the Net to buy another one and stumbled over these surprising reviews. I am happy to buy another as my main light, and will do so.

Love it

My colleague at work has one for five years now and still going strong. I just bought one now. It looks and works well. It's going to make my life easier to work on machines to repair them.

Expensive lemon

Have gone through 3 led lenser headlamps so far. The original h14 was ok, but terrible battery life. I only ever managed an hour at full power.
The other 2 were a h14.2 and a h14.2r. One broke 2 days after purchase, the other 2 months. The wiring and switches are far too easily broken for a light of this price point. Would not buy again.

Overated Garbage

Battery lasted less than 4 months, no warranty.
Main switch lasted 9 months, now unusable.
This on top of ridiculously difficult operation and a ridiculous touch sensitive light on the back which turns the light on and flattens battery all the time.
Dont buy this product for its name. Many better products out there at a much cheaper price.

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I agree. Led lenser are absolute crap. I cant understand how their brand name is so popular? ????? I was surely sucked in , i guess its clever marketing because the product is overpriced garbage. A cheap chinese h14 knock off i bought still works perfectly after 3 years whilst the real thing lasted less than one. I can say no more.

Great Light Spread - Terrible Quality

Own 2 of these and have several friends and colleagues who own them. The light adjustment is tops, for both zooming and intensity. The quality of materials, however, is way below par. The cable joining the battery pack to the lamp is pathetically weak and the major cause of failure. The switch failed on a friends and the dimmer pot gets scratchy, which flickers the light output.

The headband is affected by sweat and deteriorates to the point it can't hold onto your head. To top it off, for a 3W power draw, 3 AAA batteries will last just over an hour on full brightness. 3 AA's would have made more sense lasting 2 1/2 times longer or better yet using a single 18650 lithium ion which would last over 4 times longer.

For the money they charge for these, I must say we are all deeply disappointed.

Perfect night fishing light

Dont understand the negative reviews.
Love it. Use it for all my night fishing. Easy 3 x AAA batteries, cheap and carry them in tacklebox.
Im an Electrician and handy for work in switchboards too.


Not worth the pricetag. I bought one of these because it claimed to be good for horseriding at night, as the throw of the light is good when travelling at speed. The initial light output was great, but the brightness is not sustained for long, and soon becomes useless for viewing the distance at speed.

And the real let down was that it broke after only a few months. The wiring joining the battery to the lens is just not designed for any longevity. We thought it might have been a fluke so then purchased an upgrade of the H14 rechargeable. The wiring on this one became unreliable even sooner. These headlamps are just not robust enough for anything even close to normal usage.

Both torches (costing about $300) were thrown in the bin.

Flimsy junk

Not 5 months old, used twice and it is completely stuffed do not touch, yet to find out if they will replace. Original battery appears to have leaked, with new batteries in it won't turn off and all other functions no longer work, should have stuck with a Petzel (lasted 8 years with tonnes of use)
Variable spread lens
Flimsily, poorly built

Good product idea but poorly designed for its intent.

I got given a brand new H7 headlamp by a friend as they knew that I love my Led Lenser products, and I am starting to really understand how things work these days. Usually an item will be as well made as its price and name, and I have looked over this particular offering and I am unimpressed by its overall construction from Led Lenser!

I have a multitude of headlamps from Energizer and Petzel and this was supposed to be the next evolution upward in high quality, high output and high engineering stakes - however I am proven wrong on two of the three statements!

The Led Lenser H7 is a fantastic light - great beam and flood light at a simple flick of the little adjustment knob below the light itself. The button to turn this light on and off is miniscule and may be hard for some people with large fingers or those that will use this outdoors with dirty hands which may get into the light itself via the bezel or the button recess. I found that the whole light area is susceptible to water and dirt ingress that can limit the lifespan of the product - I will not be using this to go fishing or outside in the rain...

The forward light holster feels like a cheap plastic, and has a hinge that I absolutely detest. Its hinged on what looks like two small rivets that are on the side and this is / will be susceptible to wear, as plastic will eventually wear on itself if left dry. I have other headlamps that are far far far cheaper and that have better hinge systems for example the "Energizer 4 LED Headlight" which retails for $20 and pivots far more securely and confidently - however doesn't put out as much light as the H7 (its only downfall).

Another gripe is the headband retention system on the forward light area - the light seems to clip onto the headband via two fingers at each end of the headlamp structure - twice it managed to pop out when I was putting it on my head, twice I managed to blind myself in the dark trying to put it back together; both sides managed to pop out while I was using it while readjusting it on a few occasions. The fit was and has to be tight on your head as the headlamp is a loop structure and has no cranial strap like many other headlamps eg: my Petzel which is much older and heavier - but much more safely worn and comfy as it doesn't have to be tight around your head! I found that when I jogged or walked heavily around structure the headlamp slipped a little at the back and front, as a minimum there should be a better grip system to contact the skin. While tightening the strap I grew a headache soon after due to how tight it was on, for walking it was fine and general looking and swaying the head it didn't slip, however readjustment saw the head belt pop out again and again of the lighting structure annoyingly. The elasticized headband is thin in its dimensions, I don't like thin head straps at all. They wear quickly and are susceptible to sweat and degradation from acidic skinned people like myself - another member here complained about the strap failing, but time will tell with my unit.

The rear battery compartment was another novelty that may soon wear off, there is no dedicated or lockable lid for the battery compartment - its a rubber cap that pop's over the 3AAA batteries like a lid of a pyrex dish of sorts. I found that the first attempt showed that I didnt put it back on properly, and the second needed a more refined approach and dedication to ensure that it was closed. There is no indication that this headlamp is waterproof unlike my Petzel or Energizers however I looked in the user manual and online and found nothing other than poor reviews from around the globe. I would have assumed that this headlamp would be minimum IPX3 - for the price its worth I would have expected IPX6 as a minimum! Largely this headlamp has too many working parts and large gaps to assume that its water resistant of any nature other than to sweat, and I doubt that I will use it outdoors with weather that looks offending, I will use my trusted Energizer's which are proven waterproof and submersible through my own silly actions / trials.

So for the record the light 'LED' emitter is fantastic - supposedly 170 lumens and a range of a 100 meters or more - my test with fresh batteries did not achieve their claims realistically. I found it perfect for my needs 'fishing' mostly and beachcombing at night, its light and projects well enough and sits when walking (not running). There is a dimming lever at the back of the headlamp battery compartment which is easily enough used and controls light output somewhat well - it seems to be a little slow or inefficient as it goes from low, med and high rather than a seamless step through the lumen range.

If anyone is considering a H7 for a high end headlamp I would consider going for a Petzel, they seem to make much better headlamps for a few dollars more, otherwise a Energizer headlamp will fit the bill with 90% of your nightly needs. There are others like the Olight H15 Wave Headlight which I would love to get my hands on as its "hands free" and retails for a third of the price, its a very good option for the outdoor enthusiast or those that have dirty hands while fishing at night!
Lots of light from a small offering
Lots of engineering foresights and other things that I didnt agree with - read my review.

LED Lenser letdown

I've used 2 of the expensive Lenser head lamps. The worst was the H7. The actual LED lamp is very bright and the dimming function is handy but the build of the head lamp as a whole is very cheap. The battery case which sits on the back of the head band has cheap tin parts that quickly corrode. The AAA batteries don't sit properly in the case and after a few uses the cheap thin lead conductor failed and repair is not possible. The cheap elestic head strap stretches and rots from your sweat. The second older model Lenser head lamp I have also has a cheap elestic head strap that rots. Whilst the LED lamp is fine, the head lamp soon becomes useless as the parts that make up the overall headlamp fail. My advice is to buy a cheap version and carry a spare or use a professional head lamp not a Lenser.

Expensive, unreliable, cheap components that corrode, cheap elestic head strap that rots, cheap conductor lead that breaks.

good light but wont hold charge

Generally a Good light (Lenser H7) with brand new batteries ticks all boxes as a overnight hiking and fishing light but if not used batteries drain over a week it will not hold charge and there for find it difficult to trust and rely on it I am disappointed as i spent extra $
good light
wont hold a charge

Hey. You may want to open it and slip in a piece of plastic over the battery top to open the circuit when not in use - I get the same issues with my torches with residual drain... Also speak to Zen Imports Australia about this - they may send you a new one if this is a fault. Hope it helps!thanks Slazmo but i would not have thought i would not need to do this 3 days and its flat!!! a common $2 torch would not do this yeh its just got to do with current flow - all my torches experience it - just try a piece of plastic to isolate the terminals and see how you travel.

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Hi all happy new year I’m looking for my H14R.2 battery case cover it’s broken how can I have another one please someone help me thanks
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I can wait for your answer please help me thanksShould be under warranty but eventually I gave up and now it sits unused. I went with other brands that have been better

Is my H7R waterproof?
2 answers
It depends on what you class as waterproof. It is rated IPX4, which basically means rainproof or weatherproof. Its probably not what most people would consider waterproof. A good torch should be at least IPX7 rated. Unfortunately, the gimmicky focus mechanism on a Led Lenser makes it impossible to waterproof to that standard and means it's buggered if you drop it in a puddle.It depends on what you class as waterproof. It is rated IPX4, which basically means rainproof or weatherproof. Its probably not what most people would consider waterproof. A good torch should be at least IPX7 rated. Unfortunately, the gimmicky focus mechanism on a Led Lenser makes it impossible to waterproof to that standard and means it's buggered if you drop it in a puddle.


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