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Legal Conveyancing Group

Legal Conveyancing Group

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Avoid at all costs!!

This is my first time writing a product review and I feel like I should because everyone/the public needs to know about this scam of a company. Legal Conveyancing Group Level 40, 140 William Street Phone (03) 8338 0298. We regrettably used them and vow to never cross paths with these ppl ever again. I won't go into detail what happened with us but I've read every single review on here and I can relate and confirm each one is true.

- Never return calls
- never answer emails in a timely manner
- fee is $350 but ended up being 1k
- blames others for errors
- I was told I had until 4pm same day to write a cheque so I left work and drive all the way to their office in the cbd with a cheque and when I got there it was closed!!! Wtf no communication as well to tell me.
- then made me drive all the way to dandenong during peak hour to drop this cheque in their mail box
- no apologies throughout the whole ordeal
- this is one of their excuses when they do reply: our phone system has been shut down and will not be re-activated until 13 january 2013

I was under extreme stress and this is what I had to say to them:

**Wasn't it possible for you to tell the vendors conveyancer that 12.30pm was not possible to achieve and that you could of attended settlement at 3pm after receiving the RTB at 2.16? I know that is a push for time but at least maybe something could of been worked out between you and the other conveyancer that day.

Never mind, I believe the vendors conveyancers are in the position to settle tomorrow. But I have double checked with my real estate agent and awaiting her reply. If they are in the position to settle tomorrow then it would be highly appreciated if it could..Otherwise, please could it be done MONDAY. Please, communicate with all of us from now on, even if it's just a simply email to let us know if something IS or NOT going to happen. I don't and shouldn't be telling you what to do, I'm sure you do not appreciate that. But we were all stressed out on Tuesday and going out of our way to find out what's going on.

Please do not use these people, pay $700+ and you will actually get SERVICE.

Useless and a waste of time!

Terrible service - If you actually got any, it was impossible to get in contact with them and by the time settlement happened i ended up paying $550 and didn't even know why or who the disburstments went to, on top of that I never got an invoice. I wasn't going to waste more time in chasing them up again. They also billed me to refax docs to my bank which they said they never got.

Incredibly frustrating

My settlement date come and went with no correspondence from them for two weeks before hand. I still can not get them to contact me. Now having to change conveyancor. DID NOT ENGAGE THEIR SERVICES. Have wasted so much time and energy and have created a huge amount of stress

I'd rate their service, but there wasn't any

Same problem as other reviewers. NEVER respond to emails or calls. They book over the files from my old conveyancer. Now i'm stuck with this useless mob who does not return calls or emails. DISGRACEFUL! Does anyone on here manage to successfully contacting them? I'm considering storming their office, which I am sure will not be staffed.

After sending them a terse email, got responses straight away. But still very unacceptable explanation as to why calls were not answered. Terminated their services 4 days after engaging them. They are now sending me an invoice for work done to date. Be interesting to see what they include on that invoice. Bunch of dimwits! tried to charge me for scanning of my contract of sale. I sent them an electronic copy! How do you scan an electronic copy of the contract? One of the more ludicrous of the alledged work they have done! maybe they're not answer calls / emails becuase they were busy working on files!

Run. Run now. Recall any email enquiries and put down the phone!

After a month of wondering when I would hear back about my block of land due to title imminently, I spent a lot of time calling and emailing to no avail... when trying to find another contact number for the office, as they NEVER answer the listed one, I found all these reviews... Thank heaven I haven't paid any money yet. I certainly won't be. Appalling service. They forwarded my own email back to me a few weeks back when I asked for an update with the line "Who knows anything about this?!"

I responded "I do - I wrote it"... mind you it was in a chain of emails with their own details and my initial enquiry on it. Not hard to work out which file it relates to, surely...

Still haven't had an update. Will be taking my business elsewhere.
No customer service, no responses to enquiries, no follow up, no idea who I was...


Fees literally doubled because our middle names had to be added to the documentation. Paid nearly $700. Impossible to get them on the phone as they never answer. Most unprofessional conveyancer I have ever used. Issue with settlement figures. Couldn't get them on phone so emailed them. Still haven't heard back from them and settlement has already passed. Used Budget Conveyancing last time and they were fabulous. Should have used them again this time. Buyer beware if you choose to use Legal Conveyancing Group!
Everything. Don't use them!

I wish i read these reviews earlier

Absolute shambles of a company, they should not even be practicing conveyancing. Their $350 fee is a sham and service is non existent. I have never written a review but on this occasion it is to warn everyone else out there to stay away from this company. I will be contacting VCAT.

quality conveyancing services? not even a "Q" in quality - delayed email only and no return of phone calls, cant get through them on their number.

Bad bad service

Absolutely appalling!!

Similar to the other consumer, I don't usually write reviews however I'm compelled to to this due to the absolute disgusting service I've had with this company. Not only were they poor in communication but they charged me way more than originally quote and during one call he told me that he wouldn't charge me because it was there issue, then at the end he did. To this day, I have yet to receive a call back or answer to 3 emails that I've sent and today I'm just finding out that due to them not advising the necessary company of change of ownership to the property, I'm having to pay interest on monies I wasn't even aware that I owed.

In looking at these reviews, I'm not at all surprised of the negative feedback. If I had an option, 0 would be there score! Customer service and professionalism is key! - Something they lack in my opinion.

If you are considering dealing with this company, please think twice!!

Lack of communication, over charging, and leaving the job incomplete.

worst service ever ,better to do yourself than them

I dont normally write reviews but just writing this for saving others people time, money and frustration.this group is totally waste,they dont do anything n they say $350 but they charge more n dont even send reciepts .totally unhappy from their service.if you happy to chase your conveyncer for next 2 months then go for it


Woeful. user beware

You get what you pay for. I had 2 settlements that had to be processed on the same day. neither of the other conveyancers could get a hold of them for weeks before. I received a call 2 hours before settlement (I had a house full of removalists) telling me I had to arrange to get the purchasers deposit funds to them or settlement would not happen. It is now 5 weeks since settlement and I still have not received my disbursement statement even after many emails and attempted phone calls on my part. On the rare occasion I did get a hold of them they told me I would have it by the end of the day but it has never happened. I am now receiving final demand letters from companies I thought would be paid out as part of the settlement process but obviously were not. Moving is stressful enough without this disaster on top. Seriously, use anyone else
Initially it seemed cheap
Almost no communication and no processes

They are hacks

I have had the exact same experience as the other review. They don't answer the phone. They sent me incorrect forms and then sent me correct forms which i had to express post twice. The asked me to fill out a questionnaire and email it back 4 times even though i had emailed it right back and had to keep sending it over because they lost it. The final straw was when they sent one of my documents with all of my contact details (name, email, phone, address, etc) to the wrong client. The client called me to let me know that she recieved this form from them and knew there was something wrong. This is a complete violation of the privacy act and legal negligence. After all this i called them and told them i wanted my case to be re-assigned to a more senior Conveyancer and they emailed me back with the name of the 'new' conveyancer and it was the same conveyancer that was assigned to my case before. Do yourself a favour dont use these dodgy hacks you will regret it. I sure do. it was the worst experience of my life

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I just wanted to follow up and add on to my experience with this sham of a company. I advised my conveyancer that i wanted to attend the closing and he gave me the details of where and when. I show up at the sellers law offices for my closing and i was advised that the property had been closed already. My conveyancer had showed up an hour early and didnt even tell me even though he was aware that i was attending. I have never had a worse experience with a company in MY LIFE! The use of a conveyancer is meant to make the experience LESS stressful. Let me tell you the whole process was stressful because of them. If it wasnt for my amazing mortgage broker I would have gone crazy. He actually started contacting them for me and questioning what was going on and what were they doing and the conveyancer basically told him to stay out of it because this was between him and his client which apparently was me yet he never even made contact with me. Just disgraceful and if you are looking for a conveyancer please for your sanity do not use these guys

Dodgy Conveyancing $350 - and the bill will more than double with poor service

I had terrible service from this conveyancer - the lender and the vendor's solicitor complained that he never answered his calls. He also missed a deadline and missed errors on the contract of sale. He refused to listen to complaints and insisted on billing me for responding to the complaints - something I am currently discussing the legality of with Customer Affairs Victoria. You employ a conveyancer to reduce stress
Original quote ($350) was very cheap.
Hidden charges, rarely answers phone, never take responsibility, always blames others for his mistakes.

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