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LG B7T Series

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Failed boards multiple times and failed yet again. Luckily for me my Samsung Smart TV still goes like a champ after 9 years (that's 9x longer) than the LG lasted.

Purchased in February 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

$2490 Letdown

I purchased this TV just over 12 months ago and already it has had TWO Panel replacements, issues with vertical banding on ALL PANELS. Burn In on two of the panels, dead pixels on two of the panels and now issues with vibrations connected with the sound! I have been dealing with Shyanne at Domayne Rutherford who has been trying to help sort out this issue to no avail. A technician from Powertech was organised to assess and identify the issue, and they reported not being able to identify the fault. I then asked to have a second opinion and this is when Newcastle Custom Electronics was engaged to assess and attempt to identify the fault. Speakers and a back cover panel were replaced and I was told the TV was fixed. It is not! Now the issue has been again referred back to LG, who have so far asked for the following to be done. Video of the front of the TV and what shows I was watching when this issue occurred and now,
And I QUOTE "The customer will need to provide an actual video of himself watching TV from a distance and show how it's impacting his general usage. LG will not review videos of this kind anymore unless the customer can prove how it is impacting his normal viewing." This is directly from an email from LG. I voiced my concerns to Shyanne at Domayne Rutherford about having to video myself but I did it as I am hoping someone will realise how ridiculous this is becoming and what an invasion of my privacy this is. All I wanted was to receive a refund, which apparently I am not entitled to.

Hi Liz, We're sorry to hear about your experience. Could you please private message your contact details and someone will be in contact with you to discuss this further. LG Customer Care AustraliaHi..this TV issue is already with LG. I posted this on behalf of my son as I felt he was being dealt with unfairly. The Private Message is not available for me to use.....I'm sure if you contact Shyanne at Domayne Rutherford she would be able to give you my sons contact details......regards Liz

Best TV I’ve owned.

Great Smart TV which is super easy to set up and use when not very tech savvy. Great wireless connection. Plenty of extra ports for additional storage options! Picture is fantastic

Purchased in March 2017 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Our first HDR, whole family loves it.

Is it perfect? No TV is. Great colours, perfect blacks, more than bright enough in our room with large windows on both sides. We can't see why anyone would complain about OLED looking dim. The sun never hits the screen though.

We always play the TV through our sound system so the base model suited us. In TV audio seems to be the model differentiator for LG. Get a base model and buy a home theatre system if you don't have one and you'll be way in front.

Initially I was annoyed by black crush on SDR, my family didn't notice though. I found some detailed colour tweaks to make online which improved SDR dramatically and made an already great picture even better through the whole colour range and especially in the dark parts. This TV is very adjustable and worth the effort of looking into it's settings. HDR has always been fabulous and I've not changed any more detailed colour settings.

This TV has wider viewing angles than any other HDR we saw which is important for us and our room layout. Many TV's image quality falls off quickly out to the sides. Motion is different and you will need some tweaks here too (my Dad loves it for sport which some have complained about, I did tweak it a bit though). Oddly most of the flaws that you see are simply from things being larger. I've closely looked at some of our smaller non-4K screens and the same flaws are there just less noticeable due to size.

If you want to watch mostly non-HD broadcast TV channels don't go 4K at all, they all look pretty poor. Oz broadcasters need to lift their game.

We have a large DVD/Bluray collection. From an Oppo BD83 and a Panasonic UB820 most DVDs look good and all blurays do - way way better than broadcast TV of the same resolutions. Both of those players are really good ones so YMMV.

We only use the Netflix and YouTube apps, both of which support 4K HDR. Both start quite quickly and interfaces are not hard to use.

While this cost a bit more than some of the cheaper brands it's viewing angles and picture quality is way way better. I'd be very surprised if the newer models were worse. Still the price I paid was much less than half of the equivalent Sony/Panasonic at the time. Overall we love it.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

The picture is so clear and loving the HDR colour range

I waited for a boxing day sale to get this TV and it doesnt disappoint. The blacks are so black with an OLED panel that its such a difference to normal LED tvs. Especially when watching a HDR movie, the increased colour ranges are incredible. Great for watching National Geographic documentaries as they really use the best equipment to capture ultra high definition content. Make sure you customise the settings though as out of the box they need fine tuning (things like true motion, contrast, brightness, etc) to get the best experience.

Dead pixel after 4 weeks

I would strongly warn anyone thinking of purchasing this TV or any other LG TV to rethink. After 4 weeks of use use I noticed a dead pixel while cleaning the TV. Cue the ring around with LG, who would say they would return the call after 48 hours and then nothing. They are terrible at communicating and are difficult to understand. When we finally got in contact with someone they deemed 1 dead pixel as acceptable because you cannot see it from normal viewing distance. When you are paying $2500 for a premium product like this 1 dead pixel is not good enough. Be warned, Ill be avoiding all LG products in the future.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Such clarity and depth of colours and blacks, perfect!

We looked at a few tv's in Jbhifi and this one stood out amongst them all due to the 'real' picture and such clarity, no garishness. The black screen is totally piano black, night scenes are fabulous. Paired with the Samsung soundbar, great nights in for us! Very intuitive, so easy to navigate. Highly recommended.

Great tv

Picture could be better for a well established company like lg. The sound quality is very tinny above volume 15. The remote is very touchy and doesn’t always connect with the Tv. The build to the unit is amazing and suits very well in a lounge room with bigger furniture styles

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Astounding picture quality & Features.

I read a large number of reviews before buying to LG OLED65B7T.
Made two trips to Harvey Norman to check every high end tv they had (a very large selection). The LG OLED picture is just plain awesome. The detail, colour, blackness of the black; I could go on and on but you get the idea. The model I bought was released in March 2017; the one I purchased was built on Feb 2018. It was the second last 'old' model HN had in stock and the price was down to $3,999. I think it originally sold for around $7k. The new models have exactly the same OLED panel; just an updated operating system which was of no consequence to me.
The remote is excellent with a voice activated function and a pointer cursor that saves all the clumsy screen keyboard hassle when doing searches.
The 40watt onboard sound is quite good. For cinema quality sound you will probably want a home theatre amp & speakers. I run my home theatre amp AND the tv speakers at the same time to get a great coverage of the bass/treble spectrum.
If you are seriously looking for a ultra high quality tv, then just go buy the LG 4K OLED as there is nothing to really compare with it.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great TV but only single tuner

I like a lot about this TV but was disappointed to learn only after I got it home & started using it that it is fitted with a single tuner. This means that you can't record a program (on a Hard Drive plugged into USB port) & watch a different TV channel at the same time. You can watch a movie on Netflix for example or listen to Spotify as it uses a different input but can't record & watch a different TV channel (unless you have a set top/fetch box). Still a great buy, just beware of it's limitations.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Fantastic TV! highly recommended.

After a lot of research I decided to buy the OLED55B7T. I found a good deal for $2,182 at The Good Guys.
OLED TV is another thing. Incredible image. Perfect colours and blacks.
The technology really delivers great quality.
I read somewhere here someone saying that it is not necessary to buy a soundbar. I don't agree. The sound from the TV is just OK, but if you are doing the investment on this TV it is better to experience the TV with the appropriate sound bar. We bought a Yamaha.
I would recommend that you monitor the prices. They should come down with new models introduced mid this year.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

LG OLED screen amazing

Ok I had a great Samsung TV but it developed a fault (it worked for 6 years). Great excuse to upgrade.
So did some homework and this TV was best bang for buck. I have been using it for 6 months months and I have not been disappointed. Picture is great you really see the diff when a HD show is on or you watch a 4K movie.
I had to get used to a different software interface but it was not to difficult reasonably intuitive and not hard to use/setup.
Very happy with purchase highly recommend.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Such a great television!

We've had this since early December 2017...

We aren't huge gamers, so the game mode on this is fabulous looking for us - don't know about for 'real' gamers!

The remote control and settings are pretty intuitive, though we had a couple of hiccups - solved by either the instructions, or online.

The black colour is AMAZING, and the resolution is fantastic... I can see every actor's blackheads and skin issues under their makeup! It's sooo close and clear!

It was easy to hook up to all our devices, as well as Netflix and Stan, and all our other apps. It's easy to set up your network, and/or change your network info.

The screen is SUPER thin... this isn't a TV that you want to move around a lot, as you really have to be VERY careful when moving it. Definitely two people, however, I'd recommend three - someone to steady it if one person stumbles or something like that.

I've really been enjoying the dvd collection over again with this TV.

I can't say anything bad about it so far, it's been a real treat, and the best TV we've ever had.

And the stand is easy to set up, too.

An unexpected change for the better

I have a 4 year old 55" Sony smart TV and was not looking to change. And, I'm not an impulse person but seeing a Sony display (with all those beaut DVD driven images) got me thinking. As I looked into it, my ideas went up to the latest HD 4K and then on to OLED, but after seeing Sony side by side I went over to look at an LG OLED .Now, apparently the chassis for Sony and many others are made by LG and in the shop, certainly looked the same in their picture. II asked to see a live to air channel and the OLED was so superior in blacks and contrast ( in either brand). But the LG can be had for just over $2000 and a Sony OLED is more like $4000. So, given all of that I went against my old known brand preference and choose LG.
The other reviews here, helped my decision and really, now I have one, I couldn't agree with those more and so I won't repeat those details here. The new LG has great contrast and blacks and is super modern in every way. The remote, controls life, and after two days I have a Netflix contract (1 mth free) and am scaling back my TV contract to be the basics and Documentaries. My older Sony 50" Smart TV always had great realistic colour and so I went and compared in the other room. The skin tone still looks great (and of course US and old movies quite a bit diff in both), but the old picture now looks washed out and not as well defined because of new TV LG contrast. This gives it more depth. Mine needed adjustment to colour for skin tone and I used local direct HD channels like Home and away for this. The apps are there and once you learn the button use, can navigate you quickly. I can connect and search the net too. In every way, this TV is great and user friendly. Good quality shows like travel and also well made movies are Stunning. With this TV and Netflix, free SBS, & ABC I have opened up a new world. Via my wi fi net connection, I have much more including You tube, but I will keep my TV provider for History & Cars, but with a lower cost.
Costly to buy, if you consider that I had/have a good Sony...........TV life is so much better and I'm learning that replacement doesn't have to be because of a breakdown if the reward is great. Sharp, great contrast colour and blacks. Just great.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Way better than expected

Picture is amazing and a lot better than expected, 4k picture is luscious and colourful with fantastic contrast and deep dark blacks.
What I wasn't expecting is how good the smart hub worked and how fast the apps run, this TV is full of surprises, like Dolby Atmost through the set sound apart from volume really gives my non Atmost surround 5.1 system a run for its money.
Lots of network connectivity options and apps available. Plug a USB3.0 HDD into a slot and the set records to the HDD which is nice.

All up very happy especially now tge 55 inch panel has seen a number of price drops over Christmas to be more competitive with non OLED 4k panels.

Fulfilled my expectations

I have been researching OLEDs and QLEDs for some time and have compared them in store. I narrowed it down to OLED as I found it was better reviewed and I like the picture quality over the QLED. I was keen on the B6 but the price was a little high for me and it went out of production. I considered the C7 but price was still the issue. I saw that the B7 was released overseas and was getting 5 star reviews. Once it hit the Australian market my appetite was whetted. The price point around $2,500 was appealing but on Xmas day it dropped to sub $2K. It was a no brainer. Tested it with a Planet Earth II 4K Ultra HD Blu ray and some 4K You Tube videos and I was absolutely blown away by the depth of colour. Black blacks and ultra whites. I could not be happier. Added to this is the functionality of the menu and interface as well as very reasonable sound output. It probably is the best Xmas present I have received.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Amazing picture

After doing a lot of research for a tv with the best picture quality I found the B7 and not only got it at a bargain price but found the best tv out there . Being my first ever smart tv I’m really happy with my purchase and am even considering the larger model for my living room.

The picture is amazing and there’s really a difference when watching 4K movies. A much better experience

Date PurchasedJan 2018


I've been using this TV for about 6 weeks now and the picture quality is so clear. The Smart TV function is easy to use and the Netflix button on the remote is really handy. The only issue so far that I have had is that when connecting my soundbar SONOS wasn't one of the options so had to do some googling to work it out. However, it wasn't too difficult and was able to get it working relatively quickly. Overall, I'm loving this TV!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Amazing TV!

Amazing picture quality. The depth and range of colour cannot compare to other TV's on the market. Was worried about speaker quality but really cannot fault it! I'm so happy with the operating system and app's - really easy to use and I can use Youtube (I couldn't on my last TV!). Best thing I've bought last year!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great picture quality

Picture quality is excellent, being an OLED the black is truly black and picture us very crisp.
Internal speakers are a bit strange as the sound is not directed outwards, a sound bar would be beneficial.
The remote us used like a wii controller but I feel it it a bit sensitive but no doubt will get used to this over time.
Easily access all the smart TV functions, foxtel set top box, internet etc.
I would recommend this TV as it is $500 or more cheaper than comparable OLED smart TV's.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

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Questions & Answers

How do you watch another tv channel will you are recording another. Once I set recording and try to change channel it ask me if I do change it will stop recording. Is there somewhere in settings to change this?
4 answers
The TV's operation is the same as my (prior) Sony LCD of 4 years old. You set the record (for only free to air)...and then select your cable channel on ,(in my case Optus). I can't record at all on Optus cable channels (no fetch etc). If you have a Optus Fetch or Foxtel similar it may be different. Of course I am recording on a HD plugged in USB. I can record free to air and watch...........but can only if I am watching first and the record cuts in & does it in the background. But not record and switch to watching . Strange but the same on LG and Sony. This LG is the greatest experience and with Netflix @ $10 a month worth the money (although I admit that it's double the price of a non OLED LG. You could ask LG on customer service but it was the same on Sony and I'm assuming the same and unalterable. Please let me know if you find out otherwise.Hi, as far as I'm aware you can't do it if you want to switch to another free to air channel - I don't know if Wheels' answer above will work either, as we seldom want to record unless we're called away while watching something. Sorry I can't help you, maybe someone else knows? I didn't see it mentioned in the instructions...Hi a bit late replying but I played around with this on the weekend, once you start recording a free to air tv channel to you usb drve if you change channel you get a message saying this will cancel recording do you want to change channel? There is a multiview mode where you could record a tv channel and a input from say a Blueray player or xbox using a netflix app, these screens are a little small. If you go to your help app for the TV on the home scroll of options across the bottom you will find it talking about the limitation of recording other types of streams and what inputs they need to come in on. It may be true that the better models have dual receivers so you can watch and record different channels but not this one from what I have found so far. Cheers


LG OLED55B7T (55")LG OLED65B7T (65")
Category4K Ultra HD TVs4K Ultra HD TVs
Price (RRP) $2,999$4,799
Screen Size 55"65"
Type of TVSmart TVSmart TV
Energy Rating4 star(s)4 star(s)
Wireless OptionsBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-Fi
Number of HDMI Ports44
Number of USB Ports22
Wall MountableYesYes
Weight17.2 kg23.1 kg
Operating System WebOSWebOS
Dimensions (without stand) 708 x 1229 x 48.6 mm831 x 1451 x 48.6 mm
Dimensions (with stand) 759 x 1299 x 225 mm882 x 1451 x 225 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)

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  • MPN: OLED55B7T

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