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LG CordZero Handstick
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Just wondering if you turn the wall socket off when both batteries are charged or do you leave it on all the time
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Good luck with Lg stick vacuum. I have had nothing but trouble since the day I bought it. It went backwards and forwards to the repairers. And still no joy. Bought a Dyson best thing I ever did. Good luck

Have had my lg stick vacuum for less than a year. Seems to loose power and then stop. The battery is fully charged. Tried using the spare one and same thing happened. Don't know what to do. Have checked the usual, making sure no blockages and emptied container
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I have a LG cord zero stick it cost me around $849 Ive had it a few months and it seems to be losing power when I have it on the high speed - has anybody else experienced this issue?
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Yes mine is about 6months old and it has broken 3 times. Eventually it stops. It is just useless. That is how mine startedSo did you find out what the problem was Gina??

What happens when they batteries die, as in totally die, can you buy a new battery? Or do you have to buy a whole new cleaner? If you can just buy a new battery how much does it cost per battery?
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Our LG does have a spare battery and have had no need to replace one. I would assume you could purchase another one but would not know the costYes I understand that they come as a standard with two [2] batteries. My question is, when the two [2] batteries die can I buy a new battery or do I have to buy a new cleaner? If I can just buy the battery how much is a single battery cost ??

Could anyone advise of performance on "shaggy" carpet? Any help woild be appreciated. I wnt to buy this for an 84 year lady as it is very light but still with good performance. She has used ours which us used on tiles and very low cut carpets. GeorgeP
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Not enough suction for shaggy carpet, My mum 76 got the Electrolux and works well being light.

Hi Can you please tell me whether it is also good on timber floor boards. I mainly want to pick up dog hair with out scratching the floor boards. Many thanks
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Hi, it is very good on tiled and floor boards but we found that if you have a lot of dog hair to pickup, it will wrap around the brush and you'll have to remove hair. We also purchased a Dyson V6 and are using it at home and the LG CordZero is at our holiday house that doesn't have as much dog hair to pickup.Hi Sandra. Unfortunately I don't have timber floors so I can't answer that. I can hear it scraping on the tiles so I'd imagine it might be a little rough on your floorboards. Sorry I couldn't help.Thanks for your replies. Do you feel the dyson is better for dog hairs ? I tested the latest dyson and although it picked up dog hairs it didn't pick up small bits of paper or small stones . The Good Guys sales person suggested the electrolux was better in general than the dyson, however reviews mainly said that the electrolux power faded after quite a short time, so I ended up thinking and hoping that the LG would work well...hence my questions...now I'm not so sure?

Michael here, how long do the two yellow batteries last for? as life long .
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I would say I get a good 15-20 minutes with each battery when turned on, I think this gives max power and cleaning. We've also just purchased a Dyson V6 Handstick and moved the LG CordZero to our holiday house, our main reason was that the 2 dogs we have shed too much hair and this tended to wrap around the ends of the roller that eventually jammed the roller, but was easy to clean. Overall, I NOW recommend the Dyson V6 or LG CordZero.

if it does brushing?
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Not quite sure what you mean by brushing? It does have a rotating roller in the front that spins very fast to assist in picking up dirt, fluff and pet hair. The roller isn't just a bristle roller, it has 3 rows of bristle brush and 6 rows of a firm plastic, (1 row of brush, then 2 rows of firm plastic) I think this aids in the roller not holding much pet hair.Thank you!

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