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LG CordZero Handstick


As a worker of a retail store that stocks these items as well as its competitors I could not give these guys a higher rank for their well thought of design and aspects. LG are commonly known for only doing well in home appliance and TV quality, with their robot vacuum being the poorest of qualities, however they have redeemed themselves with these hand vacs.

DYSON is a good brand but you have to pay more for more suction power and run time however through the whole LG range you pay more for accessories without sacrificing the others. You get a carpet head and a hard floor head with most of the LG range but you don't with DYSON. LG gives you removable batteries which are easier to remove than dyson and with 2 of their vacs you get 2 batteries. Another plus with LG is that you get a standing charger base which is perfect for people renting and cannot drill into walls. I feel as though LG has really thought about their items before releasing. Would recommend over DYSON.

I was also a DYSON user before discovering these beauties.
And a lot of customers who bu LG stick vacs off me always come back to compliment and thank me for recommending such a good product. 10/10.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Outperforms it’s pricey competitor on all fronts. Love it

I bought this a month ago in frustration at the money I wasted in Dyson stocks (2 of them!). It is in a similar price bracket to Dyson but I felt the cheaper end of the market would not manage the space I have. It is powerful and lightweight and is great for both touch ups and whole of house cleaning. The attachments that come with it are all you need so I didn’t buy the added attachments pack they were urging me to buy although if you have a particular need you may want to do that.
It is effective on floorboards, tiles and carpet and the two batteries are worth it as a back up for major cleaning days. You can change the head easily. The drum for lint is small and like all of them does fill up but easy to empty. I use a slim metal instrument to grab compacted dust if I have overdone it and all comes out easily. I am happy with the purchase and hope it does not cut out all the time but so far has been a joy to use and reliable. The telescopic feature is handy too so you can adjust to what is comfortable to use.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great way to charge and cleans floors easy

We love how this vacume charges in its dock and is very compact and fits in our small spaced lawndrey. The handle is very nice to hold and at the right higher for me and my partner. The cord for the charger could be longer but was probably designed to be placed close to a power socket

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Love it

I love this vacuum,it has great suction. Easy to charge with a separate dock rather then a pin charging. Comes with all sorts of heads for different occasions, excellent on all floor types. Easy to use very light even for children . I prefer this over my dyson v6 slim origin.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Wow so easy to use

This is an amazing vacuum cleaner. Loving the lightweight convenience and sheer power. I have multiple pets so i bought this for mum. Love the powerful motor sound and sleek design too. I usually drag it along with minimal effort. Had v8 before this is much better to use and store. Everyone is jealous!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Vacuum cleaner with no problems

I've had a few cordless vac none of them done did what they claimed. The batteries gave up just outside warranty, but this LG works perfectly plenty of runtime . The batteries last, a big plus is that the batteries are removable with a spare on on the charger. Would not hesitate to recommend this vac.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Handy little vacuum with a great little battery

Was very pleasantly surprised with the duration of the batteries and also of the suction equality comes with 2 batteries so you never have to run out. Easy to clean no fixture filters required and does a very good job even with dog has very happy and would recommend this to the majority of people

Date PurchasedJan 2017


Bought this vacuum when we were moving to a small 2 bedroom granny flat. Things changed and we are now in a large 4 bedroom house and we use this vacuum all the time. It came with 2 battery packs but we have never run out of battery while doing the whole house. Swap them over every so often so they both get used.
Only downside is that the anti tangle part does sometimes get tangled up with hair but it's easily fixed.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Decent vacuum

The vacuum has been able to perform well in my carpeted apartment. Its been able to suck everything that got in its way.

It is light and my mother with arthritis has been able to use it effortlessly. She was so happy with it she got one for my grandmother.

Make sure you don't vacuum the verandah with this like my mum did and you will love this vacuum cleaner for years to come.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Vc for clean homes

We purchased this model because of other LG e-products in our home functioning very well (with 10 year parts warranty). However I did not find this product suitable for our home high pile carpets as it would collect dust, but neither paper bits, hair, threads or other rubbish bits such as pencil lead and sharps. I found its head very flexible to clean under sofas and chairs, but rather heavy to clean our 5 bed house.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


Works well but only on hard floors. It just bunches up dust and dirt into a ball of fluff on carpet. My front light also stopped working not long after purchase. I bought it to do hard floors so I'm still happy! It has great suction and the battery lasts a really long time!

Date PurchasedAug 2017


This vacuum is very convenient and is an excellent product. So much easier than lugging out the larger vacuum and its cords. It sits in the dock ready to be used. This is easy to operate and accesses all areas easily. The lights are handy for under the lounge and beds. The 2nd battery although not yet needed, is handy.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


Does a great job, has a light that lights up the floor your cleaning. Had a spare battery but never needed it so far, does the whole house with plenty of battery life left over. Picks up everything even the cat hair. Only thing is the barrel is a bit fiddle to get off and on but otherwise can't fault it and it stands up by itself and sits in its stand to recharge. It's perfect

Best Cordless Vacuum I Have Ever Used

Was trying to decide between the LG CordZeo vacuum or a Dyson but found the LG was far more comfortable to use due to the motor being at the bottom and not the top like the Dyson's. Also found the power of the LG was far better and also really liked how 2 batteries where provided just in case you run out mid vacuum. (Yet to happen) Would be more then happy to buy this again or recommend to family and friends.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Love it!

The LG CordZero is light and easy to use. It is good on slate, mats, tiles and carpet. I originally bought it for the small spills here and there, but find that I am using it all the time downstairs (about 140sqm). I have done the carpets upstairs with it but was constantly emptying it as the dust bin is quite small. On my carpet, it is not as good as my corded vac, but still does a great job. I find it's not that great with some edges and corners, but then I just un-clip the hand held bit, zoom along the edges and it's done. Like others have said, it loses suction when the filter is clogged, but if you keep them clean, this little machine will not disappoint. On a side note.....if my sons or husband now see something that requires a quick vac, they will reach for the LG. Never, ever, have they voluntarily vacuumed. For that alone - it was worth every penny. I love my CordZero!

Date PurchasedMay 2016

No hair to pull out of the roller!

This portable vacuum replaced another brand which had died because of poor battery life. When possible we do a lot of research and test runs before purchasing anything but the one thing you can't test with portable items is battery life and longevity. So in this case I could only sample its vacuuming ability by doing half of the Harvey Norman small appliance and computer section. Its not the best on carpet for its ease of pushing and pulling but it did the task of picking up what was present. The noise is quite strange on carpet as if the motor sounds as if it's struggling. Although the unit has a powerful motor and is backed up by a very good manufacturer warranty. It comes with a spare battery which we haven't had to use yet as the main battery has great life. The vacuum was purchased to do light work on hardwood flooring in the living room and kitchen and a few floor rugs and some tiles sections. It gets used a minimum 2 times a day. Say about 5 -10 minutes each time. Suction is good up until it starts getting poor and then you know it's time to clean out dust filter. The collection part is quite easy to remove and discarding the waste is not a hassle. They recommend cleaning the filter after use but generally it's every other day. It's not bad for getting debris close to corners and up close to walls. The best thing about the vacuum is its ability to remove hair from the roller by itself. I purchased it mainly because of this feature. This is the first vacuum I have owned where you don't have to spend time cutting through the hair that had tangled itself aroung the roller. It is with out a doubt the best feature yet in a vacuum. Beside this also having an extra battery, and it stands up by itself when unattended makes it a great unit. The detachable handheld section we use very little but another nice feature when we do is that all the extra attachments are built into this unit and flip and slide out. I've owned and used Dyson's and Electrolux units and I have to say this beats them as the capable all rounder. It's a tad noisy at full power but no more than a Dyson (which will wear out your arm after 5 minutes of having to pull a trigger and supporting the weight of the canister in one hand). After almos a year we are still extremely happy with this vacuum especially for its intended use. Its also very capable with carpets although it's perfect on tiles and hard flooring. Battery life has not been an issue and if It does become one we have a free spare one charged and ready.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Exactly what we wanted.

excellent machine, lots of suction. Very light and quiet. Being able to detach the hand-held section is a plus. We bought it to mainly do a mat in the lounge, but we can also do both carpeted bedrooms as well. Having the second battery and able to swap them over is a real plus. Very easy to empty. Love it.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Such a great stick vacuum!!

I love this vacuum! My husband bought it for me during my pregnancy as it's easy to use instead of dragging around our big Dyson. I love that it's cord free and the two batteries together last up to 1 hour, so it does our whole two storey house no problem. The bonus is it turns into a hand held handy vac as well so it's 2 in 1! Great for the car, skirting boards and little spills etc... The suction is great and it's motor head is totally tangle free, so no hairs get stuck around it. Cleaning it is so simple and mess free, simply push the button and empty the canister then click it back on. It also has a cool light that lights up the area your vacuuming! Once your done put it back on it's charging stand and your ready to go for next time. I'm purchasing one for my mum as she is elderly and she fell in love with mine. Really great purchase!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Cordzero Handstick - great buy

The LG Cordzero handstick has been my saving grace. Its light and picks up almost anything and bends around most furniture. Works really well on hard floors with pet hair and even works well in picking up human hair. The roller is anti-tangle and hair won't get stuck in it and the stick makes a noise to tell me when their is hair in a ball and to be removed. I don't have to waste time trying to pull hair off the roller which takes a lot of time with 3 long haired females in the house. The two batteries are great so if I'm doing the whole house I can complete it without having to recharge batteries. The battery life is very good and usually lasts a good 20 mins before needing to be recharged.

Only negatives to say about the handstick is: works well on carpet but don't think it does as good as the Dyson barrel vacuum. The edges of the room are hard to get to so hard to pick up any crumbs, dust etc around furniture edges and the barrel is quite small so needs to be emptied after each clean. I do have to say however that as it is small it is very easy to empty into a small plastic bag or bin so you don't have a large barrel to take to an outdoor bin to empty.

If your a busy working Mum this product will make your life so easy. And kids can easily use it too as its so light!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great vac !

Just bought this vacuum and it's great so far works really well on my tiles and carpets. Love the fact that it's has 2 batteries which last ages and one runs just switch it over and off I go. It's really easy to maneuver and light weight even my 5 year old loves vacuuming which is a bonus.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

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Just wondering if you turn the wall socket off when both batteries are charged or do you leave it on all the time
1 answer
Good luck with Lg stick vacuum. I have had nothing but trouble since the day I bought it. It went backwards and forwards to the repairers. And still no joy. Bought a Dyson best thing I ever did. Good luck

Have had my lg stick vacuum for less than a year. Seems to loose power and then stop. The battery is fully charged. Tried using the spare one and same thing happened. Don't know what to do. Have checked the usual, making sure no blockages and emptied container
No answers

I have a LG cord zero stick it cost me around $849 Ive had it a few months and it seems to be losing power when I have it on the high speed - has anybody else experienced this issue?
2 answers
Yes mine is about 6months old and it has broken 3 times. Eventually it stops. It is just useless. That is how mine startedSo did you find out what the problem was Gina??


CordZero VS8402SCW (Silver)CordZero VS8404SCW (Lime)CordZero VS8401SCW (Red)CordZero VS8403SCWL (Blue)
Bin Capacity0.35 L0.35 L0.35 L0.35 L
HEPA FilterNoNoNoNo
Weight2.8 kg2.8 kg2.8 kg2.8 kg
Power SourceBatteryBatteryBatteryBattery
Charging Time4.5 hours4.5 hours4.5 hours4.5 hours
Running Time 60 min60 min60 min60 min
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)

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