Best fridge

This is a brilliant energy efficient fridge. It maintains consistent temperature at all times and throughout the whole fridge. The design is fantastic and the led side lights make it easy to find things. The retractractable shelf makes it easy to store taller items as well. Also with this summer heat trying to bring ice cream home the quick freeze button is fantastic to freeze things within minutes

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Completely broken within 2 years of purchasing brand new!!

I purchased this fridge at the beginning of 2017 (less than 2 years ago) and have had problems within months. Now the fridge has completely stopped working.
I have been in contact with LG customer service and have finally had someone out to assess the fridge and conclude that it was faulty.
It's been 1 week and I have struggled to get any communication from my LG case manager, still don't have a replacement fridge or don't know if we'll get one and had to throw out over $300 in perishables.
A very very slow and painful process to resolve issues with my LG fridge considering it is a necessity, not a luxury item - absolutely no urgency from LG to resolve the issue.
Whilst the fridge did work:
The freezer was inconsistent and some sections didn't fully freeze some items.
The refrigerator section worked great

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Love it

Recently got it. Absolutely love it. Looks great. Started cooling after 1 hour of being plugged in. Very quiet. Don't understand the fuss about water dispenser, it can be very easily pulled out, filled and placed back in. Pull out drawer is also very convenient. To top all that, it has a great energy rating. Great value for money. Highly recommend it.


Date PurchasedJan 2019

Great fridge!

Amazing size, a bit noisy the first few hours but (thank god) it was only until it's up to speed. Plenty of space inside, great design, reversible door. And got it under $700 with Harvey Norman boxing day sale! This model (dark graphite) somehow is much cheaper than the other Matte black, etc options, but exact same fridge and great color!

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Bought this for a friends moving present and wow did it meet every need of a kitchen, its so trendy and also so roomy. will purchase one for myself shortly. ice machine works so well and the freezer has so much space. looks great too and its so big which is great for families

Date PurchasedAug 2017


We purchased this as the retailer told us it was whisper quiet. Far from that the noise is so bad we can hear it in our bedroom! Had a consultant out 4 times had voice files to let them hear the noise and each time they have said it is acceptable. We emptied the fridge freezer and noise still there. When you touch the unit the noise stops when you hold the door the noise stops - it is on level ground. The funniest thing the last consultant told us that in the old days you had an ironing board up against it which shut it up unbelievable. The warranty for 10 years is worth nothing. When we have got the money it is going over the rubbish tip and then we will go back to Fisher and Paykel which we should have done in the first place.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
By all of the other reviews it would appear that we do have a lemon but will LG come to the party and change it because it is clearly faulty we will wait and see!Now 30 January not even an acknowledgement what does that sayI am pleased to say that our issue has now been resolved satisfactorily by LG with Harvey Norman helping out.

Beware if you want left hand fridge

Fridge sold as reversible opening direction
Fridge doesn’t come with instructions to reverse the doors sold as reversible you can do it yourself but no info in manual or videos online
LG states you need to pay their tech to do it
will ring LG customer support to see if they can help
Unlikely ????

Date PurchasedDec 2018
1 comment
Hi Tony, Thank you for contacting LG Customer Support. We appreciate you raising the concern thru us. The door being reversible is an additional 'option' or 'feature' of the fridge. It should work with its door's current orientation, thus, if you wish to have it reversed (to suit your kitchens' design) it would be your responsibility. But as much as possible, if you really intend to, we recommend that this be done by an LG Authorized Service Technicians to ensure that the doors will be reversed accordingly. Consumer Law states that the item should be fit for purpose, and IT IS. The fridge's feature where the door can be reversed is an 'optional' feature, and the fridge's core function cannot and will not be affected whether you choose to reverse it or not. As stated in the fridge's Owner's Manual, when you want to reverse the doors, you must call a service agent, and the door reversal is NOT covered under the manufacturer's warranty. I hope this has been of some assistance, Thank you and have a great day! Yours Sincerely, Allen B. Customer Care Representative LG Electronics Australia Pty LTD Please consider the environment before printing this email. This email may contain confidential or copyrighted information. Unless you are the intended recipient you must not disclose, copy or use it; please notify the sender immediately by return email and then delete both messages. If your inquiry relates to a fault with a LG product, it may be covered by an LG manufacturer's warranty or a consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) or the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA), as applicable. The rights under the consumer guarantees are in addition to or may be greater than the LG manufacturer’s warranty and cannot be excluded. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Received Date : 31-12-2018 15:50 25 The type of inquiry : Owner's Manuals Product/Model No. : Top/Bottom Mount/GB-450UPLE Bought this fridge from Harvey Norman as I needed a left opening door they said I could do it myself and if came with the bracket to do it However no instructions in the mmanual Rang LG said I have to get their technician to do it at my cost What a scam Really where can I get instructions to do it myself I paid $900 to get a fridge I can’t open This is not acceptable it’s actually mis repesentation or fraud advertising it as reversible doors and holding a person at ransom to get extra money to resolve the issue Please send me instructions on how to reverse the doors as this is why I bought the fridge I look forward to your reply with the instructions Thankyou

Lovely looking fridge, downsized but still has lots of space for everything

I love how the freezer is now at the bottom, it is easy to put things into compartments, and there is no ice to scratch off - winning. The shelves are adjustable but I had to remove one because I couldn't fit the bottles in. Suits a family of 3 quite well.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great fridge very happy purchase

We brought this fridge for our newly renovated house. Love that it's a bottom mount to give us more fridge space however are starting to run out of room in the freezer. Freezer only has 2drawers which cannot be interchangeable from what I can tell for shelves or additional layout.
Fridge maintains consistent temperature and crisper works a treat with food over a week old still looking fresh. With the option for left or right opening it suits every kitchen layout!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great fridge

The fridge maintains the temperature in all compartments. I saw a lot of reviews regarding the noise of the fridge. I've had the fridge for more than 7 months now and it's not that bad. Considering what it's designed to do, it's relatively quiet.

- Design, sophisticated look
- Easy to clean
- Energy efficient

- The freezer drawers can be difficult to open at times

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

good energy rating poor usability

*the good energy rating
*ease of Opening and closing
*swappable door opening L -R

* the poor design
*the poor lighting to the rear of shelves especially the top one
*no adjustments for shelves in door
*limited adjustment for shelves in fridge
*the way the shelves bend when loaded ( our previous fridge a Westinghouse WBM4300 did not with the same load)

Unsure about the overall long term quality

Date PurchasedOct 2018

So cool and quiet!

Having used my fridge in both hot and cold conditions I have found it to be a top performer in efficiency,which shows in my reduced electricity bills and barely noticeable noise levels.The LED lighting is very effective in the fridge but I would have loved lighting in the freezer as well.Temperature control is precise and consistent in both fridge and freezer.Fruit and vegetables keep well in the large crisper.I like the split shelf which allows extra tall space when needed.One problem is it is difficult to move and rollers at the front would have been preferred.Overall I am delighted with this fridge!

Date PurchasedJan 2018


this is one of the best refrigerator's that i have ever had. it is great for fresh produce, and keeping milk good for longer. i've never had any issues with this fridge and ive never had to get it repaired or anything. its just such an easy to use fridge

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Perfect freeze to have

Very nice freeze..fantastic color and design is perfect too. Highly recommended. Fridge maintain a consistent and reliable temperature in all compartments.
I recommend everyone to buy this. Can buy in two colors. Black color is the best as it looks so much nice and lights and compartments inside are very good.

Date PurchasedAug 2018


This fridge is perfect Defiantly my dream fridge! It beeps when the kids have left the doors open, it monitors the food to the right temp, this fridge wasn’t cheap but I have no regrets, I would recommend this fridge to anyone and everyone !!!!
I actually got this fridge for my birthday :)

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Loving It!

Fridge has worked like a beauty since purchasing it (early May). Temperatures are consistent, Freezer works great. Lots of space throughout. Doors are always easy to open, love the design (I got the black one). Loving it everyday.

I use my phone to check it's status on a weekly basis, everything seems in working order.

No complaints thus far.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Fantastic Product

Great efficient product does the job I need and want great keeps things cold as required and everything is fresh when needed it’s the best fridge I’ve ever owned and I love it totally I’d recommend this to family and friends without hesitation you should buy one and enjoy the product yourself

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Worth the price

Really good looking fridge - have had for nearly a year and works perfect! It is perfect dimensions as well. The style is great and it does not make any sound at all which is perfect when your kitchen is right near your bedroom The doors are also great to!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Fantastic fridge

I recently moved into a new place that had a specific spot for the fridge. This fridge fitted perfectly, looks great with my other stainless appliances, makes no noise. Is energy efficient, has heaps of space and keeps everything fresher for longer in the crisper. Love the folding shelf to allow for bigger items if needed. Highly recommend this fridge freezer

Date PurchasedJun 2018

This is perfect

So much space, so many great settings this is a fantastic fridge. I absolutely love the style and fit in perfectly in my fridge whole. I don’t know what I would do without it haha. I love the double doors it’s great I’m so happy my husband had bought this for me I love it

Date PurchasedMar 2018

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Questions & Answers

Why would the fridge heat up around the seals to the point you cant hold your hand on it too long?
No answers

How do you remove the big black stickers on the fridge?
1 answer
It came off pretty easily if you do it slowly

We have a new one however when you close the fridge door the freezer door pops open, the tech guy that came out said it's normal... Is it? Also the fridge door unless shut with force will sit 1cm open which isn't good. Overall not happy considering all the great reviews it gets.. Did we also get a Lemon?
3 answers
Hi Rick our seals on both fridge and freezer are good they firmly close. From our experience we would suggest go back to where you purchased it and explain that the Tech guy thinks it's fine because obviously it cannot be a good seal. We went back to Harvey Norman yesterday and they have contacted an LG rep to try and help us out hopefully we will get a result. Another tip take a video on your phone showing what happens as its easier for them to see than trying to explain. Good luckthey close firmly with suctionWhen closed the suction is good, however we virtually have to slam the freezer she door which then causes the freezer door to pop open.


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Price (RRP)$1299$1049$1549$1449$1299$1749$1549
Energy Rating4Stars4Stars4Stars4Stars4Stars4Stars4Stars
Fridge Capacity295L295L295L295L295L295L295L
Freezer Capacity155L155L155L155L155L155L155L
Door OpeningRightRightRightRightRightRightRight
Replaced byLG GB-450UPLX (Platinum)LG GB-450UWLX (White)

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