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This is really good, I am glad i did upgrade my old fridge.

It maintains the fridge temperature very well and all the foods especially the vegetables and green leafs are remaining very fresh.
I really like the two doors in the freezer and I can store the non-veg & veg separately and penty of storage. I like the doors without handle and it is easy to open!!!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Does the job

The fridge is user friendly in terms of setting the temperatures, installing the filer and connecting the water was easy (if you already have the plumbing connection).
The only down side is that the left side fridge door is much heavier than the right because of the water and ice dispensers and tends to slam shut.
Otherwise a good looking fridge / freezer, loved the brushed steel too as marks are less evident.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

good fridge but finger prints and small ring scratches driving me crazy

We bought this fridge as it was the biggest fridge we could get in the gap we have. The fridge functions well and the freeze size is very good. My frustration with this fridge however is that it was sold to us as finger print free. Its definitely not! Our fridge constantly looks messy with fingerprint marks all over it. There are recessed handles (as opposed to the common stainless steel pole handles) at the bottom of the fridge doors and on the tops of the freezer doors - but do you think I can get my teenage kids to use them!? What's more we have small scratches on the fridge door surfaces from people closing the doors with rings on there hands.
If you don't mind looking at a grubby fridge then go for it... if however you want a great looking $4k-ish fridge (which it is without finger prints) this is NOT the fridge for you.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Excellent so far

Very impressed, I've only had it a few days and the space and features are brilliant, had a slight problem with the water having a plastic taste googled the problem and it seemed like I wasn't the only one, but fixed it myself by accident and though I better share, it turned out the water filter was not fully engaged In its fitting, you have to turn it approximately 180 degrees to fully engage, now we have beautiful filtered water

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great fridge

Water ice functionality an added bonus to this fridge. great space for different products and fridge shelving that pull out ( easy to access content and easy on the back) all round happy with the product. Stainless so easy to clean with minimal hand stains. Wifi and diagnostic tool an added bonus for those technical inclined.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Questions & Answers

Does anyone get anymore than 1 cup of cold water from the water dispenser before it goes to tap temperature. Apparently the internal water tank is next to nothing in size
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The fruit and vegetables in the crispers on both sides are freezing. This is even with the temperature back up to 6c Any hints on how to fix? Is the thermostat out?
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I am having the same problem. Lots of fruit and vegies being spoilt and thrown out. Very frustrating.Contact your LG rep or store where purchased. The problem is one known to LG and there is a fix by replacing a few items.

Had the fridge for just over 4 weeks and having issues with food in the crisper drawers freezing, any else having this issue, fridge set to 3°, don’t feel comfortable going any higher.
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GF-D708BSL (Black Stainless Steel)GF-L708PL (Brushed Steel)
Energy Rating2.5Stars2.5Stars
Fridge Capacity392L392L
Freezer Capacity303L303L
Price (RRP) $4099$3499

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