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Wow what a difference

Easy set up, easy remote and a fantastic screen.. Netflix and Apple TV are so clear, excellent power consumption. Net integration is simple and it has all the features I wanted. The connection is simple and navigation is easy, update to the OS was very quick and channel setup was painless.
Very happy with the purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Black is not black

Really disappointed in this TV. On a dark screen there are several patches of white light regardless of what setting it is on. When the picture is colourful it is spectacular. For a home movie theatre I wouldn't recommend this tv as you aren't getting what you paid for. Sadly LG keep giving me the runaround and all their suggestions don't fix this problem.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Enjoying the TV

It's a great TV smart. I've had a little trouble navigating with the laser pointer and it does use batteries quite quickly. We ran it through a smart Eco electricity board, that switches on and off all other peripheral appliances and have had a few issues with the tv going on and off which then turns the sound bar on and off. This also seems to effect the subtitle going off, have rectified that with no help from LG services, by running the tv through a stable power board. Other than that lovely pictures Also if the tv does an upgrade to its computer ,you then have to completely turn the power off so that the upgrades can take place.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Kick-ass TV in every way! LG SK8000PTA 55 inch

My old LG LED LCD TV is still going strong after 13 years, but when choosing a new TV recently, I was open minded about brands. I had a cheap brand that lasted 2 years so I was not making that mistake again. I went to various shops and looked at all the displays and compared TVs to the point I was so well versed in all the specifications I could sell them! I went with the LG SK8000PTA 55 inch. My last cheap TV was a 65 inch. The salespeople say if you are unsure of size, always go one bigger. I disagree with this as the 65 inch was way too big, even viewing from 4.5 metres away, but this is a personal choice.

This 55 inch LG is very clear to view in bright or dark conditions. The picture quality is excellent. I absolutely love the magic remote. If you loved the WII, then you will love this "controller". Logging into Netflix, Catch up TV, etc has never been so easy. The next logical step in TV innovations is touch screen, but as this is not yet available, the magic remote is hands down a great innovation.

Gaming is a big deal in our house and this TV has performed brilliantly. It does not lag!

The only thing I did consider for a while was whether to get the next model up, SK85000, which has 40watt speakers instead of 20watt. The sound was good on both in the shop. I did not notice much of a difference. (But check this out for yourself as I have come from one old TV with exceptional sound quality and one crappy TV that sounded tinny.)

For the same price I did like the Samsung picture and the sound was OK. Salespeople try and sell you a soundbar by saying all TVs these days slimmer, and therefore, do not have room for good sound, they assume you will buy a soundbar at the same time. I didn't like the Samsung remote control on the TV. What I mean is, you push the controller then navigate to the next channel/s on the screen. I like to push 2, 3, 7, 9, 99, 10, 11 and just go straight to it, without having to scroll on screen. My neighbours have a Samsung and I think the picture is poor. Salespeople say the picture is only as good as what is being broadcast by the networks. On their old TV, the picture quality was was fantastic. They have regretted their purchase. They have also reported flickering, but this can potentially happen on any TV.

The Panasonic was pretty good, but weight was one of my considerations, as the furniture my TV sits cannot handle very heavy objects. The TV and stand weighed more than any other in that size so it was out of contention.

I don't consider buying Sony products as their aftercare is very poor. (Read reviews for yourself. Salespeople are well aware of this too. Ask them.)

Overall, I am really happy with the purchase. I like the clarity, magic remote, size, ease of going from one program to another eg. gaming to Netflix. I haven't talked to it yet. I am conscious of big brother invading our lives slowly but surely. I'm not too lazy to push a button, but maybe one day I'll ask it to show me its hidden tricks?

Hopefully I will do an update of this review in 10 years and the TV will still be going strong!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great picture quality for the price

Having bought a 65" OLED from LG earlier in the year, we needed a slightly smaller 55" TV & we were so impressed by the LG OLED that we bought this LG LED TV. Now we're wondering why we bought the OLED since this TV picture quality is so close the OLED in our bright rooms! Sound is decent for the room size but won't win any awards. Operating system & remote are easy to use & we prefer them to Android-based ones.

Questions & Answers

what size processor
2 answers
No idea55, 65 and 75" all include the alpha 7 processor, running at 200 MHz, if this is what you mean by size.


75SK8000PTA (75")65SK8000PTA (65")55SK8000PTA (55")
Price (RRP) $4,799$2,999$2,099
Screen Size 75"65"55"
Type of TVHDR Compatible and Smart TVHDR Compatible and Smart TVHDR Compatible and Smart TV
Energy Rating5.5 star(s)5.5 star(s)5 star(s)
Wireless OptionsBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-Fi
Number of HDMI Ports444
Number of USB Ports333
Wall MountableYesYesYes
Weight38.8 kg24.5 kg16.1 kg
Operating System WebOSWebOSWebOS
Dimensions (without stand) 973 x 1681 x 35.1 mm844 x 1456 x 37.2 mm721 x 1237 x 63.3 mm
Dimensions (with stand) 1044 x 1681 x 350.3 mm916 x 1456 x 318.5 mm794 x 1237 x 63.3 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)1 year(s)

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