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LG Stylus DAB+

LG Stylus DAB+

3.8 from 25 reviews

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Awesome the best phone I have ever owned

Paid $280 about 3years ago. Dropped it so many times not one crack. Huge screen. Take fantastic pictures and videos. The stylus pen that hides in the phone is awesome took a picture of some Brisbane Lions players we were on same flight, and they used the pen to sign the picture. I just have nothing bad to say about this phone. Should be 10 stars for value.

Purchased at Officeworks for $280.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Camera Quality

Lags and freezes constantly very frustrating

Lags and freezes constantly and the memory is not expandable so continually having to delete apps to allow others to update. I have a 16gb sd card but the phone can't run apps from there even though I believe earlier LGs could. I will not buy another LG phone unless it has stack of memory, more ram and better battery life.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Pretty bad

Phone only works well for the first ten moths and then after that it begins to consistently freeze and become slower. Its not like I had abused it by downloading many apps because all I used to do was watch YouTube and use Instagram. I would only use this phone to start off, its basic and not worth a lot of money.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great phone

Mainly txt phone calls and facebook not much photoghry on my phone and all works great purched from aldi had 2 years never gave me any problems changed from iphone4s and lg dab just as good or beter photos good dont like the volumume buttons are on both side of home lock button when you try to adjust volume you hit lock all the time which is annoying when you quickly try turn volume down and dont like pre loaded apps waste of space and cant delete them

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Good value for money

A reliable phone however at times it can be quite slow. The call quality is variable in both receiving and returning calls. At times, the screen overlay issue appears and it can get quite annoying because I still haven't found a solution to bypass this.
One of the things I love about it is the camera quality as it gives beautiful, clear photos.
It has taken quite some time to get used to having the power button at the back the phone and i would prefer if it was on the side like majority of other phones. However, I do like that the volume buttons are at the back because this makes capturing photos a lot easier, especially when you're taking a selfie in portrait mode.

It is light and the screen is large. It works fine with all the apps I have. I love having a stylus as that gives me an option to draw in an app.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

great work phone

I work in a trade and have used this phone for over a year pretty much all day from navigation, taking photo's, emails, phone calls and running the work apps I need. it is a good phone, nice large display, for me it's large enough that I can do my job without having to carry a tablet around with me. Seamless integration with your google account so things like photos and contacts are all backed up. I bought it as it is one of the few phones with a stylus. Really handy having a stylus, I use it to take photos and write notes on them.

Phone is responsive and the menu system just feels easy to navigate. Has alot of handy scheduling facilities, like I set my phone to DND every night after 10 pm so as not to be disturbed by texts and emails, but it still has the option to let people from your contact list call you or if someone rings twice within 15 mins .

I really have had no faults with the phone, it does what I need and I will not hesitate to buy another LG in the future if i need to

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great for the price

In the price range I was a little worried. But I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised with the performance and quality of this phone.
The slim form factor has been great, very comfortable in the hand and in the pocket. It also has a nice sized screen. Was worried about the unlock and volume buttons on the rear, but these have actually proved to be really convenient.

The only drawback has been the camera quality, which is not so great.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Good for the price

Very sleek phone got it for my husband fir a decent price value for money very sleek have been usinf for past 8 months now. The ohobe hasnt cradhed or slowed down easy to use have many apps still is fine. Handled by our little one and has survived so all good

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Great to start with, until it gets over 12 months old

So I bought mine just over a year ago and everything was perfect and working normally. Then one day it just became super laggy constantly, to the point where it would freeze and restart itself. I had not downloaded anything new at that time. Also even though I had to factory reset my phone to make it usable again, it still lags when opening apps and opening the keyboard/typing. Not only that but the battery is terrible since the lag started, it was using most of my battery in standby mode even with all background apps restricted. So all in all unless you're looking for a throwaway phone for a year, I would not recommend this.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Excellent all in one device for Seniors

For anyone wanting just one pocket size device for phone, text, email, photos, social media, surfing the net, banking, ebay, gumtree, you tube, digital radio plus more all on one system (android) to remember on a good size (5inch) screen with a built in stylus for insensitive fingers, unlocked for any network and half the price of comparable devices.....BRILLIANT
Trevor John.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Excellent phone / features

Over the years I've wasted so much money on smart phones costing $800+ either buying outright or paying $60 per month on a plan for 2 years being sucked into what ever deal was going. I came to my senses and decided to buy a cheap outright phone - The LG Stylus DAB+ for $149 on sale. It has all the features I need, is fast, big clear screen, Android 6 (upgradeable to 7) easy to use, no CONTRACTS :-) and a 2YEAR WARRANTY ! Basically a no brainer buy. Only downside is that its not dual sim which is a feature I've used whilst overseas. However most Dual sim phones are only 3g/2g or 4g/2g and with 2g soon to be discontinued in many places only having 4g access is not a big problem. With many phones these days being sealed units (ie you can't even replace the battery) they are really disposable items. If you ever need to replace the battery or screen the chances the device will ever be the same again after a repair shop pulls its apart it really is not worth paying silly money for these devices. Check out youtube on phone repairs and you'll see how invasive a repair is. I'm sure most people pay $200 plus for a new screen as they can't justify throwing an $800+ item out. So if I drop this and need a new screen I simply just buy another cheap outright phone. If I need a new battery I can replace the myself with this phone - another bonus.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Decent mid end phone

Decent mid end phone, especially for an elderly who may find other budget phones a little small. The phone might be a little too big to fit in your pocket though.

Don't cut flagship phone speeds, camera quality and features. The screen quality isn't that great and clear, but the call quality is fine- call recording apps work!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Thank you

I feel like this product is not given enough credit for its list of capabilities..
I went from a nexus 6p to this and was very frightened of how much i would miss my 6p..
But honestly there is not a great deal of difference between the two..
I Am very happy with my purchase :)

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Think carefully before buying this product.

LG Smartphones feel and look great, but if you need support, think again. A major downside with smart phones, is that things do go wrong, and you will NEED help and support. After downloading the latest upgrade, my LG smartphone would not turn back on again. The phone is 12 months old. The closest and only authorised service agent in all of Australia is located in New South Wales. LG have not invested in developing an Australia wide technical support network, so if your phone is still in warranty, you will have to pay and post it to New South Wales and wait patiently for up to 4 weeks for it to be returned. Self employed? Kids need to get hold of you? My advice is buy a product that has an authorised agent in your capital city, and not 4000 kms away.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

You get what you pay for or in this case dont pay for

I am not keen on the predictive text - it is the worst I have used.
You need to keep deleting photos etc off as when it gets close to the memory limit you do get severe issues.
Mine phone is less than a year old and intermittently turns itself off.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Great smartphone, especially if you like stylus and dab radio (fantastic through bluetooth in car)

Purchased this phone a few months ago at Officeworks. I wanted a reasonable size Android phone and was interested in the stylus and dab radio this comes with, and at such a great price. The size of screen is great, photos seem good, and I love the stylus that is kept in the top corner so you never lose it!!! Battery life is good if I don't have it connected to wifi at home constantly getting messages and updates from apps. I have only tried the dab radio once in the house and it worked well. I got this phone to replace my trusty microsoft lumia windows phone which I loved. However, microsoft phones don't get all the apps I need to use including Compass app both of the schools use, that my children attend. I now get all the messages I require, and can get all the apps as this is a modern android phone, and it is better than the last android phone I had years ago, and the old apple I had before the windows phone. However, I do miss some of the really user friendly features of the microsoft windows phone and the much more personalised and intuitive texting. Anyway, you can't expect everything with a cheap-medium range phone. The LG stylus dab I can recommend if Android is what you like at a great price. I have been using the dab radio around Melbourne in the car. All I do is have headphones in the LG phone, turn to DAB radio on phone (which uses no data from phone), then go through Bluetooth in car - works fantastically around Melbourne so I now have so many more radio stations to listen to in the car including Koffee. Also, the built in little stylus is really handy for doing fun apps on phone such as colouring in and cross-stitch.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

LG-K520K (LG Stylus DAB+)

The lg k520k has everything i need in a mobile phone including a stylus.for making notes, being creative or simply doodling. At such a low price $279 i have no regrets purchasing it and consider it excellent value for money.
Its large 5.7 inch screen, 4g performance and setup with push button controls on the back rather than the sides suit my needs to a tee.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Good mid price range phone

My price point was $400 so I took a chance on this phone. Bought it from Officeworks after reluctantly giving my Galaxy Note 3 to my wife. This phone comes with Android 6 which is a huge jump on the Galaxy's Android 4. The phone is a good sized phablet and quite light. The Screen res is very good, speed is ok until I found a hack to speed up the transitions, now its great. I have a 64g SD card so the 16g internal memory doesn't trouble me. I have speed checked the 4G (LTE) at 24mbs when in town. The rear speaker is pretty good and doesn't distort. The volume buttons are on the back and take a bit of getting used to and I love the no button sides. The DAB (digital radio) isn't really useful to me as I don't live in a capital city, but I do like to use the FM radio, but having to have earbuds connected as an aerial is stupid. If it could bluetooth the radio sound that would be useful, but it can't. The glass seems tough and I haven't scratched it yet. The camera is basic but takes great photos. I haven't had to use the stylus yet, but I didn't use the Galaxy Note 3 one either. It lacks a couple of big ticket items ie you can't 'mirracast', or connect an MHL/HDMI connector, but I now cast via a chromecast and it works brilliantly. Overall I am very happy with this phone, great value, and would recommend it.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

World's First DAB Mobile

Having had Nokia, LG, Samsung and Motorola having a LG phone again is a bit different. I bought it to have the DAB built in and it is fine. The unit has a stylus as did my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Only had it a short time but though not a top ender, seems to perform well and screen is fine. The large removeable battery does last more than other phones I've had. Lg's version of Android 6.01 installed, I'm hoping LG do an update to the latest system. Nice size (larger) and volume and on / off is on the rear. (different)

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

More than pleased with this phone

Love this phone, has all the features I need, easy to use. and is stylish. Takes brilliant photos. Feels good in the hand, and the keyboard easy to use. Good size screen - better than my previous phone.
Friends have commented on it, and asked what type it is - I'm happy to recommend it.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

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Is there LTE - A (4G+) or LTE - A PRO cellular band in LG DAB+?
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LG Stylus DAB+
CategoryMobile Phones
Price (RRP) $449
Features3.5mm Headphone Jack
Charging Port Micro-USB
Operating SystemAndroid
Screen Size 5.7"
Screen Resolution1280 x 720 pixels
Display TechnologyLCD
Front Camera(s)8MP
Rear Camera(s)13MP
Internal Storage16 GB
Battery Size3,000 mAh
Memory (RAM)1.5 GB
Colour / Finish Titan
Dimensions 155 x 79.6 x 7.4 mm
Weight144.5 g

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: LGK520K

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