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Didn't make it past a year old

Purchased this pricey washer/dryer after we were recommended it by a salesman. Overall the product worked well, with the exception of the drying component which was ineffective. The machine seemed to have never ending issues and with multiple calls to repairman we eventually made the call to replace it. The drum in the end was pierced which would prove pricey to replace.

In short, the product didn't last a year- so would I recommend it? Put simply, no.

Purchased in August 2017.

Frustrating and useless drying

Whoever designed this thing clearly has never done laundry in their life, nor did they talk to anybody who has.
It washes fine, but no better than something that cost 1/4 the price.
The dryer is useless. It takes hours upon hours upon hours, and clothes will not be dry by then. The nearest you’ll get to dry is warm and damp - you’ll still need to hang everything up somewhere to finish drying it. You cannot fold up sheets and put them in the cupboard directly out of this machine - they just will not be dry.

Another irritation - the tune to tell you the cycle is done plays at the end of the ‘dry’ cycle. But it won’t unlock the door then - it needs to spend about 30 mins in the ‘cool down’ cycle before it’ll unlock the door. But at that point, it won’t make any noise to let you know the door is unlocked. So you’ll forget about it and go to bed, then you’ll remember the next day and open the door to a musty clump of damp laundry - even after it spent the best part of a day in a wash and (supposed) dry cycle.

Overall, probably about the worst-designed and most frustrating appliance I’ve ever owned.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Bad product/worst customer service

Purchased machine about year ago, the door seal broken already. Not covered by manufacturing warranty. Spoke to customer service a month before they got back to me. If part of the washing machine it should be covered by manufacturer. Manufacturers customer service equal to zero. I wouldn't recommend the product to anyone

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Electrical danger

After 18 months of minimal use an insulated wire shorted out in the rear from the vibrations of normal working. The yellow wire coming from heating element was not tired back from machine casing causing the insulation to wear through on razor sharp edge and become exposed causing a short circuit, now the Machine don't work at all totally dead and could have been dangerous owners beware of this factory fault.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Worst Ever

Hate it. Don't ever wash denim items no matter what cycle you use-will ruin them! Multiple buttons/closures have been torn off clothing also - adjusted spin cycle but made no difference. Has ruined brand new clothes. Extremely loud machine (can hear it upstairs) and sounds/feels like plumbing pipes are going to come through the walls when it's pulling water in from taps. And the dryer? Pfftt. I can hang our clothes/towels or linen on the outdoor clothesline on an overcast dreary day and guarantee they will be dried quicker than what the dryer settings can. The dryer just doesn't dry! For a brand new (and expensive for what it claims to do but fails to deliver) machine it sucks. When I do grit my teeth and do the full wash/dry cycle (only on rainy days) I have to hang items all over the house for a minimum day and a half just to finish drying them off, and items always come out smelling like a wet dirty dog after the dry cycle has ended. I'm also one of 'those' persons who read instructions and follow them to a tee when it comes to appliances so I know it's not the way I'm using the machine. The only good thing I like about it is that on not so rainy days I can get a few loads done using a quick wash cycle - only 30 minutes. But guess what? My old machine could do that too. Wish I kept my old machine that was starting to die.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Awesome machine

This is one of the best washing machines currently in the market at it's price. It is very good in washing/rinsing the clothes without much damage to the fabric. The best mode is the Quick30 mode which finishes washing in 30mins flat. There are other modes which we use occasionally for bedsheets, sofa covers etc but Quick 30 is one that we use more often because of it's speed and efficiency. Initially, setting up the dryer mode was slightly confusing but now it works like a charm. Overall, I'm very happy with this machine.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Good combo machine

Bought this 6 months ago and no complaints so far. Can get a bit noisy and shuddery when drying the clothes. Otherwise has different settings for various washing options. Had a good capacity for both drying and washing. Has a 10 year warranty on the motor itself. Good heavy built quality.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Love how quiet it is!

I saved up to buy a combo washer dryer as i have very limited space in my unit, and what a great buy it was! It is small and compact but still does the trick! It washes and dries very well! The washer/dryer combo is so quiet compared to my older LG, very impressed with how quiet it was that I do washing overnight and don't hear it!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Can’t be better.

Since I bought this fridge, my home is getting more clean
This washing machine combines washing and drying functions together, very easy to use and very strong cleaning power
Very quiet operation sound with a very nice reminding music at the end of the washing process
Like it very much

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Fantastic washer dryer combo

This is a great front loading washer dryer. Love the fact that you can set a load to wash and dry and come back a few hours later and you have clean dry clothes. Easy to set, but still a bit confused about when I’m allowed to open it when it’s done! Doesn’t shake around too much during the spin cycle, so not too loud and gets the clothes nice and clean and dry. It sets the time for the wash based on the weight of the clothes, which is great unless you’ve soaked the clothes beforehand, in which case it thinks there’s more clothes than there are, not much of a problem though, I love it!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great dryer and can do large loads

This is a great dryer than can handle large loads. If you have a big family then this dryer is able to dryer clothes quickly and come out warm. However, there is a danger that since the drying sessions are so long, the clothes or towels come out extremely warm, so a cool down for the clothes is needed.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Easty to use

Its easy to use and has many options to choose for washing.I mostly use quick option, takes only 30 mins to wash the cloth.I like this product because it can be also be used as a dryer.Its a quiet washing machine.LG gave us 10 years of warranty.dryer is not that great but its OK , as I don't use dryer that often .

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Trust worthy brand

My last LG washer/dryer finally gave up after 11 years of service. I've upgraded to this newer model and I'm equally impressed with the number of modes available and the level of noise generated by the machine (although the dryer is louder than the washer). It works well for my family of 4 and washes all of our clothes very well indeed. The various modes mean that I can choose a cycle to suit the fabric so as to avoid wear and tear. For me, it's best feature is the Quick 30 cycle for when I have only lightly soiled items for washing.

Date PurchasedJan 2017


- I have bought the machine for 4 months.
- The machine can clean and rinse my clothes well, but I have an issue of water leaking into the machine, even it turned off. I have rang the customer services, they keep telling me will charge me call out fee. The insurance company came and look into the machine, but still got the same issue happening.
- Take a bit too long to do the cupboard dry, around 3 hours.
- Is a quiet machine, not noisy at all. Music will be on after finished washing.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Decent Washer/Dryer

Variety of washing options to choose from and does a decent job in cleaning. Quiet washing cycles and doesn't consume a lot of water. Has an ok dryer capability. A bit loud in the drying mode and utilises a lot of water during the dryer process. Doesn't allow to open the door incase the dryer has been started and immediately need to put some more clothes.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Perfect! I loved it

I lived in a one room apartment and do not have space for a dryer hence i bought this. I am surprised that this machine works out really well. I could not hear my machine spinning once i shut the laundry door. It washes my clothes really well and it smells really good!

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Unable to balance the machine due to the legs being too tight and spanner provided not fit for purpo

Cleans well
Don't believe it does, only used it once so unable to provide any information on whether it wears clothes out
It's quiet, but has a terrible wobble because unable to loosen the legs with spanner provided
Apart from the feet that are too tight to be loosen by the spanner provided, the rest is okay

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Both handy and slightly frustrating

:: Clean quality: Good - cleans clothes pretty thoroughly. Downside is that when you set a wash it defaults to a warm/hot wash, so if you aren't vigilant it's going to impact your electricity/water bills quicker.

:: Drying feature: The best dryer setting is the 'Cupboard dry' option - the downside is that it takes 3 hours. Shorter drying sessions, even with smaller loads, often doesn't fully dry the clothes.

:: Effect on clothes: haven't noticed any wearing, and unlike some top loaders, it doesn't twist all the clothes together

:: Noise Factor: relatively quiet until it hits an epic spin cycle which can get our house shaking

Overall: It's convenient not to have to transport clothes between a washer and a dryer, and it's great not having all that space taken up by an extra machine. Frustratingly (though reasonably) you can only do one thing at a time - that's just the logical downside of having a combined system - instead of being able to run a wash whilst you dry the last batch of clothes you have to finish one load at a time. But the convenience of space and ease of use does often outweigh that. If you're washing clothes for a large family or group of people I'd invest in both a washer and dryer, but for families of four and less it's good!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

worst ever

been using front loading washing machines since 1970 and this is one of the worst washing machines anyone can buy, to start with it will take you 3 1/2 hours for the smallest washing program/drying and water consumption is more than horrible cause drying is done by means of condensation and that is water is used to cool the heating of the dryer.... noise is high like a jet and each time it takes water sounds like a fire engine so forget about it altogether and buy a Fisher & Paykel like we did .... full stop.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Overall Good Washing and Drying

All is great but would recommend purchasing waterhammer stopper/ arrester for washing machine from bunnings $45. If not, even with new home, you will find your plumbing making loud thunder noises every time water is drawn into the macine eventually causing major damage.
The wash and dry cycles are all easy to use. This machine is value for money compared with other with similar specs.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

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Questions & Answers

My Lg washer dryer 4 kilos is not working , won't even light up , but makes a noise when it gets turned on and that's it. What do I do ?
1 answer
Is your washer/dryer still under warranty? I would recommend you speak with them first. Good Luck

I have read the reviews and decided to purchase this machine. I also read the manual! I have another one coming as we think the one I have is dud. That happens. BUT if someone can tell me if at any time you have dried your clothes and they are ready to wear from the dryer I would really appreciate it. I have talked to LG who says that is "the purpose of the machine". I have done 5 loads. All within small size limits for wash and dry. Workout stuff overnight 4 hour 30 min cycle (cotton eco) wash dry cycle combo - wet in the morning. Towels (1 bath 3 hand and 2 smaller) forget it and I am talking thin hotel towels - even after a 1400 spin still hanging 3 days to dry. (Can't help the weather) But I can't think what it will be like in winter! Any assistance greatly appreciated before they deliver a replacement. Thanks in advance!
3 answers
Every load we do comes out dry and ready to wear. We have done towels, baby clothes, pillows, blankets, doonas, bed sheets, general clothes, animal beds and more. The steam function does leave them feeling a little damp BUT we just spread them out on the bed for a minute while they cool down and they dry instantly to bone dry.Many thanks. Ended up I had a faulty machine. I don't have the "steam" function but the new machine much better without 4 hours of drying. And clothes no longer smell of burning or smoke!!! Thanks for taking the time to respond!Don't get another one!!! You will regret it if you do!

How to use dry function only?
1 answer
Set to the drying cycle you want then set the spin to "No Spin" (otherwise it will spin for 15 minutes before drying) Press "start". If you are using the "Time Drying" option then press the "Dry" button repeatedly to change the time in 30 minute increments.


Price (RRP)$1599
Number of Wash Cycles9
Water Consumption77L
Number of Spin Speeds3
Warm Wash Energy Consumption375kWh/yr
Energy Rating3.5stars
Water Rating4stars
Max Spin Speed1400rpm
Release dateJul 2013

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