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Liebherr SBSes 7353

Liebherr SBSes 7353

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Fridge broke - Andi Co fixed - thank you!

It started with the ice-maker not working properly and in the course of a few months we now have a fridge that is irreparable after just over 4 years!

Warranty ran out in July 2018 (invoice date July 2014), the fridge started to be used in Sept '14. Soon after the ice -maker stopped producing ice. At the same time the fridge became increasingly noisier. March 2019 and the fridge freezer side is completely dead with the report from the technician as - "internal gas leak, not repairable".

Andico has resolved the issue to a high satisfaction.

March 2019

Purchased in September 2014 at Winning Appliances for $6,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Household Size 4 person(s)
Dear David, I am disappointed by this review and the lack of assistance that was offered to you by us. This is not the style of service we offer, no matter if the appliance is in or out of warranty and I would like the opportunity to review this matter further. Can you please contact me at service@andico.com.au or 1300 650 020. Please email through the report from the agent and your purchase invoice. Warm regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care 1300 650 020Thanks for your contact Teneille and your willingness to help. It makes a big difference. I’m looking forward to having this resolved.Hi David, Thank you for updating this review. I am glad we could assist with resolving your concerns. Warm regards, Taneille

Don’t waste your money

When I bought this fridge I thought I was spending some extra to get the best. I’ve never had such a bad fridge. Our fridge is not even four years old, the ice maker stopped working after six months, and the bio section never worked with everything freezing and disintegrating every few weeks. I’ve thrown out so much food. Then when the compressor started to go in the fridge I thought ‘well, I spent so much on this fridge it’s worth fixing’. Talk about throwing good money after bad. I spent $1000 on repairs when I could have just bought a new ‘lesser’ fridge that would work perfectly for the next 10 years and then keep drinks cool in the garage for another 10. And beware of the nasty service people too - so nasty and upsetting that I had to ask them to deal with my husband and not contact me. What an awful experience all around. Pfft - this is one German product you don’t want to waste your money on!

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
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Dear Medine, Thank you for taking the time to write this review, albeit a disappointing one. I have reviewed this case further to see where we may have failed and to improve our procedures and services. Prior to your contact with our recommended service agent in November, I have not been successful in locating any previous record of service. I am disappointed this is the case as warranties are in place to support you as the consumer and although the warranty period with the appliance is stated as being three years, we are aware it is a premium product and this is not a black and white time period. With regards to the recent service with the agent, they have reported a total of $866 was spent with the initial service call with parts and a subsequent part supplied with a reports the full fridge was freezing. At this time, the matter was brought to our attention and it was approved for the ice-maker to be repaired under warranty and also the full fridge as it was now reported to be not cooling. The service agent collected the full fridge for workshop repairs and provided a loan appliance during this time. Although non-warranty damage was found to the cooling system of the appliance, as an offer of goodwill we approved to cover the collection and re-delivery of the appliance as well as the service fee. I sincerely apologise if the service provided did not meet your expectations. Your feedback is valued and will be further reviewed to assist us with improving our customer support in the future. If you did wish to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me. Warm regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care 1300 650 020 service@andico.com.au

Andico service for a quality product in Australia is underwhelming.

Purchased a combination fridge with the Sbnes 3210 fridge freezer partner and loved it. GREAT FRIDGE great product however the compressor failed after five years. Andico replaced under a parts only policy leaving me labour costs and courier fees. Two months later fridge failed again and advised unrepairable. At this time fridge was returned for inspection under a warranty of repairs policy. As I needed the partner fridge Andico offered a part payment deal on a new fridge which I thought was fair and reasonable and included free delivery and removal of old fridge, however old fridge was in repair shop and had not been retuned to me. Six months later I received a bill from the repair shop for courier charges each way on old fridge on the second repair on advice from Andico. Strange bill is for two ways although it's still in repair shop. Should say also that they are Andico's authorised service agent and you have to use them. Really disappointing very Andico and their service Agent. A very underwhelming experience!!! Will advise further how it goes.

Date PurchasedMay 2013
Dear Julian, Thank you for your review on the Liebherr appliance and its performance. In regards to the service provided by the service agent, charges are for one way only and customers are advised to bring units themselves or charges will apply as repair agents are not couriers so external companies are involved. Customers are advised of charges prior to collection or return. As the purchase invoice for the appliances was not able to be provided at any point during this process we are not able to determine how far out of warranty they are. I apologise you have not been satisfied with the service provided by Andi-Co or the service agent. We will take on this feedback to improve our services. Warm regards, Taneille Customer Care 1300 650 020Dear Taneille, Many thanks for your reply. It appears you have been ill-informed by your service agent. Either I have been charged both ways or I have been charged the incorrect amount. All the above facts are correct. You would do better to investigate the circumstances properly and confirm your facts. The overall effect is the same - a very dissatisfied customer and a poor review! Warm regards Jules

Excellent Product & A + Class Service

Wow... what a great fridge! my food stays fresher for longer, best park of this is not wasting money having to throw it out.. the small fridge side with freezer is the perfect temperature for my husbands beer.. "bonus"

I called up Andico Customer service to ask a few questions and the lady was really helpful.

I had red reviews on this product pre-purchase and was a little nervous, after speaking with the sales staff at E&S trading i purchased it and havent looked back.

Overall i couldnt be happier with my liebherr fridge.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Dear Cassie, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. We truly appreciate it and love reading that Liebherr has been an excellent addition to your household needs. Warm regards Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care 1300 650 020

Bad start from Andico but they have since made things right even when out of warranty

Initially we had a lot, a real lot of trouble as seen in an earlier review. Their policy or wiliness to help has really improved over the last 18 months. We have had the big fridge door replaced and the fridge freezer replaced after the warranty had expired. Maybe this website helped I don't know.
The real point is that it got fixed after the warranty expired and this is a real big plus for Andico !!
Whether I would buy Liebherr again in the future is unlikely

Date PurchasedAug 2012
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Hi John, Thank you. I appreciate you've taken the time to write a follow up review. Warm regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care 1300 650 020


Fantastic fridge of high quality. Very easy to load and unload foodstuffs. Excellent cooling and refrigeration, operates very quietly as well. Has been absolutely flawless in operation. To top it all off has a powerful ice maker for the hot summer days! Other features include automatic alarm indicator for doors, adjustable temperature settings for refrigeration as well as cooler.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Sreedar, Thank you for your positive review. We really appreciate you taking the time to inform others of your great experience your Liebherr appliances. Warm regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care

I'm reserving judgement dependent on the response...

We have had our Leibherr for about five years I think. Over the past year the fridge/freezer side unit has been helpfully keeping beer (in the fridge) at a balmy 22 degrees. The freezer meanwhile has also headed for the tropics and alas, no longer cares to freeze. This has been happening repeatedly (and expensively) for at least twelve months. We have had multiple repairs, sensor changes, circuit upgrades and so on, but no solution. As I sit here writing, the fridge buzzes (increasingly loudly) and my beer continues to approach boiling point. Why? How is it that nobody can fix this?

Date PurchasedAug 2012
Hi Ian, I am very disappointed to read this and that the issues were not properly diagnosed and resolved long ago. Can you please contact me on 1300 650 020 or service@andico.com.au so I can become more familiar with your history and the service agent so we can get your appliance back to its full operating capacity. Warm regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer CareI'm back. After some very useful assistance from Taneille (above) and a service person named David, my beer is now at an appropaite drinking temperature and my ice cream is solid. I'm still concerned that this may only be a temporary fix but I must commend the speedy action of Taneille in sorting the response. It is troubling to think that the folks I would otherwise have called may well have continued this frustrating cycle and I was genuinely ready to ditch Liebherr completely on that basis. Good save folks.Hi Ian, Thank you for commenting further after service. I received the invoice today and note David's work. I am positive he has thoroughly checked over the appliance and your beers will be perfect and ready to enjoy. If you do require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Warm regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care 1300 650 020


Bought this 7 years ago. Thought we we were buying the Rolls Royce of fridges but in our mid 50s and keen cooks splashed out. Has never worked. All the storage units have cracked. All shelves have cracked Replaced door handles three times. Now putrid smell from back of fridge. Glue like substance in collection container. Have had to pull it out with huge difficulty. Having now read myriad other reviews can't understand why it is legal to sell this in Australia. Ice maker went about 3 years ago. Water drips down back. Anything that touches rear of fridge freezes. Have thrown out hundreds of dollars of food. Nice woman at Liebbher tells me this is how it is supposed to work. NEVER BUY ONE OF THESE.

Date PurchasedJun 2009
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Hi Jan, It is disappointing to read your review and the experience you've had with your Liebherr appliance. We would like the opportunity to learn more on your appliance history and possibly facilitate a positive outcome. The Liebherr refrigerators run an evaporative cooling system, it will be normal to see the cooling system cycling between light frost and droplets on the rear wall of the refrigerator. Due to this cooling system style, if food items touch the rear wall during the light frost cycle, those items will freeze. The droplets drain into a drain hole that sits just above the drawers in the fridge, this drain tube leads to the evaporator tray that sits above the compressor at the rear of the appliance. With the heat of the compressor, this water then evaporates. Please contact us on 1300 650 020 or service@andico.com.au. Thank you, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care

Absolutely unfit for purpose

Freezer/ biofresh failed in two units. L
Antico uninterested. When retailer contacted the unit was finally replaced and now second unit after 12 months has the same problem. Noise from the unit that bad you could not stay in the same room. First set of service men did not have a clue.

Date PurchasedApr 2013
Dear John, It is disappointing to learn of the issues currently presenting themselves with your Liebherr refrigerator and the experience you have had thus far. Can you please contact me directly on 1300 650 020 or service@andico.com.au so we can become more familiar with your appliance history and facilitate a positive outcome for you. Kind regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer CareContacted as per request only to be told replacement freezer not under warranty even if it is 12 months old but it is if it is not fit for purpose. They seem to be experts in evasion of responsibility.Hi John, Thank you for calling us to discuss your matter, as discussed with my colleague we did place a warranty service call for you on the 21st February and the repair agent has been out to assess the appliance as you are aware. From the phone conversation this morning, we have followed up with the agent and requested a report on their findings so we can further investigate what is happening. We truly do appreciate the value of the Liebherr appliance and the premium service that is rightfully expected hence why we have placed the service call under warranty and we are following up with the agent so we can review this matter and resolve your concerns. We do care and we are not at all evading responsibility as proven by our actions listed above. We will be in further contact with you today once we have reviewed the report. Warm regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care Team Leader

Freezer and Top Fridge died

Over the past 6 years since we bought our Leibherr we have had nothing but issues. Sensors have been replaced twice; water collected at bottom of freezer, froze and built up under the bottom drawer; door handle snapped off . Now the unit has had an internal gas leak and has been deemed irreparable (this issue was missed by the first tech but determined by another on a subsequent visit ) so we have lost a week which is annoying. Simply great I don't think. With christmas looming I need another fridge/freezer ASAP. Disaster and not what I would expect given the cost.

Date PurchasedAug 2010
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Dear Tracey, It is disappointing to learn of the issues currently presenting themselves with your Liebherr refrigerator. Can you please contact me directly on 1300 650 020 or service@andico.com.au so we can become more familiar with your appliance history and possibly facilitate an outcome for you. Kind regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care

biggest waste of money we have ever spent.

Continual broken door handles, & at $125+ postage for each handle which has happened 3 times we arent fixing it again.. 3 ice makers leaking & replaced, last ice maker jamming just like the other 2, gave up on them & unplugged it. door seals cracked & over a $1000 to replace them, plastic shelving breaks all the time. Vegie/fruit crispers are a complete joke, the produces goes off within days even after following the air flow guides. We will never in our lives go anywhere near this lemon of a fridge again. It cost us almost $9,000 & we regretted it within months of purchase. Shame Liebherr shame. Even though the technician/customer service/repair people were very helpful it cost us a fortune each time something breaks. We are now giving up on it & it is going to the dump when we can afford another fridge/freezer unit. The seals have gone yet again & the cost to fix it is astronomical, not doing it.

Date PurchasedNov 2011
Hi, It is disappointing to learn of the issues currently presenting themselves with your Liebherr refrigerator and the issues you have had in the past. Can you please contact me directly on 1300 650 020 or service@andico.com.au so we can get more familiar with your appliance history and possibly facilitate an outcome for you. Kind regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer CareHi Taneille, these problems have been on going since the day we bought it. When it was still under warranty we were sick of ringing to get the ice machine fixed, sick of buying useless plastic door handles which continue to break & now we are not paying over another $1000+ for more door seals. Broken butter keeper, broken shelves, broken crispers, it has never stopped with this expensive fridge. We also bought it on the guarantee that they were top of the range & we wouldnt be disappointed, the total opposite is true. I dont know what hubby has done with the purchase receipt but the cost to replace anything on this fridge/freezer/bio fresh unit is beyond the joke & from reading all the other reviews there is not one happy customer amongst them. I will be in contact but what for, nothing is under warranty anymore & as soon as we ring any & i mean any fridge reseal company they dead set just laugh at us or point blank say 'no' when we say the fridge brand. THere was only 1 company that was willing to do the reseal but they themselves were buying the seals from Liebherr & yet again with no guarantee that they would take & reseal again. No thanks. We wasted enough money with this giant silver lemon. We are saving for another fridge/freezer at the moment & the silver lemon will be going to the dump. Cheers, Heather.Hi Heather, I can appreciate your stance though I would really appreciate if you did contact me and I would like to know more and hopefully facilitate positive outcome for you. Kind regards, Taneille 1300 650 020 service@andico.com.au

Worst Customer service EVER....Don't buy Leibherr

Our fridge is around 7-9 years old and has been a constant pain. We've replaced the handles twice, plastic drawers and also the ice maker. Now there is an electrical fault from the power board to the compressor (fix is around $450 plus the $120 we paid for the service technician to tell us what was wrong with it). All on a very expensive fridge that was sold to us to 'last a lifetime'. We have been in contact with the service technician who advised that he had replaced this component on other fridges before. So we rang Andi-co --- big mistake. Firstly Katarina was extremely condescending and when we advised her of the numerous blogs regarding issues with this fridge she said 'well everything you read on blogs will only be negative'. We then spoke to Mr Steven Trotter, National Spare Parts Manager for Andi-co who basically told us that it's too bad, and even though you can't even purchase the failing part, (as Leibherr have replaced it with one with dual sensors - we assume to fix the issue) it was 'not a manufacturing fault'. He then proceeded to call and abuse the service technician for, obviously, telling us that he had replaced this fault in other fridges. He told the service technician that we had told Steven that the service technician had 'bad mouthed the fridge from the moment he walked in the door'. There can be nothing further from the truth. This was never said, and in fact the service technician we used (John) has been the most professional in all our dealings. We then called back and challenged Steven regarding what he advised the service technician had said, and his continual reply was ' well we will have to agree to disagree', as he had been in the industry for 40 years and knew how the service technicians conduct themselves. We are now taking this up with Leibherr International - our dealings with Andi-co have left us feeling they are a complete disgrace to the Leibherr reputation and the brand. If you can, buy something that Andi-co has nothing to do with:(

Date PurchasedJul 2008
Hi Nicole, Thank you for your product review unfortunately you have listed you review on the incorrect model, your model is an SBSes7051 - Firstly, I would like to apologise to you for the experience you felt you have had with Andi-Co thus far and feel it was a mistake to contact us. We endeavour to try and assist all our customers as best we can. While we are aware of all the Liebherr reviews, we are realistic in knowing that consumers are more likely to write a negative review and not a positive review on any product or service. In saying this, we monitor the reviews and do take note of all comments to better improve our own service. We will take your comments on board and use this to further train and educate our staff to better ourselves. Warm regards, Taneille – Team LeaderThanks for your comments....however it does nothing to remedy our situation or complaint. Basically being called a liar by Steven Trotter, and furthermore a contractor being abused by him, is completely unsatisfactory. We will update the post when we have a response from Leibherr.I wanted to update this review le let any readers know that Andi-co have made contact through the Managing Director, Lars. After speaking to Lars and them offering a more than satisfactory solution, I would be more than happy to recommend them, and the Leibherr brand to others. Whilst there have been issues, speaking to the right person first would have led to a much better review.

POS: Quality Pathetic

At the 4 year mark the trouble started i.e. cracked vegetable drawers. Then the freezer packed up and no amount of technical help could sort it out (was re-gassed a few times but was told it had an internal leak and was basically un-fixable). Been living with 2/3's of a fridge and will now need to find one that fits the spot.

BTW: My 20 yo Westinghouse has NEVER missed a beat


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Hi Jon, Can you please contact us on 1300 650 020 or service@andico.com.au to become more familiar with your history and discuss your concerns further. Kind regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care

Liebherr, it's German for lemon

Our Liebherr fridge is 7 years old but soon after it's short warranty expired, something went wrong, needed service and updated electronics, all at our cost. Then a crisper drawer cracked so we had to buy a replacement. Then a second one cracked, Winnings arranged a free replacement. I reinforced the weak edge with aluminium channel glued with silicone; problem solved for now. Liebherr use cheap and brittle polystyrene for plastic parts, not tough but more expensive ABS. Our handle also broke, because what appears to be metal is just silver coloured plastic. Lovely to look at but expensive, cheaply made crap. We've got a 20-year-old Maytag fridge, had a 10 year warranty and nothing has broken or gone wrong.

Dear Michael, I apologise for my delayed reply. I believe a resolution to your concerns has been offered by email. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us on service@andico.com.au or 1300 650 020. I will note your appliance model number and review refers to SBSes7051 that is now discontinued and your comments have been made on the updated side by side model. Kind regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer CareHi Taneille, thank you yes I received your email so let's see if Liebherr are serious about customer service. And yes ours is the previous model but your current version still uses cheap polystyrene for plastic parts and you still suffer lots of customer complaints about your ice makers and quality in general. It's also true that our 20 year old Maytag hasn't missed a beat and absolutely nothing has broken. And it cost a small fraction of what we paid for the Liebherr.Our $8,000 Liebherr fridge suffered the usual cracked and broken plastic parts, broken door handle and it needed a circuit board upgrade soon after the warranty expired. It's now 7 years old and I'm hoping to get 10 years out of it. I found a way to stop the crisper drawers cracking by reinforcing the top edge with aluminium channel, glued in place with clear silicone but recently the main fridge section wasn't cooling properly, lights flashing, fan not spinning. Got onto Andico the Australian distributor, Taneille is very nice but 'sorry it's your problem now'. (Words to that effect). However after my social media campaign and full report on Product Review, they had a change of heart and organised a service call. Sensor now replaced and fridge working again. My wife asked the service man how long the sensor is likely to last, he said "they're like light bulbs". Well if my light bulb blows, I can buy a new one for a couple of dollars and replace it myself. (Actually I now have LED lights that will outlast me). But to replace this sensor involves a lot more than replacing a light bulb. Anyway I'm grateful that Liebherr have patched up 'the lemon' and live in hope that we make it to the 10 year mark.

My Liebherr Lemon

No stars for this lemon ! We are extremely disappointed !
We were "sold" with the claim that this "premium brand" was superior to anything else on the market and that it would operate effectively in excess of 10 years, the price was certainly superior at just under $8000 !!! We then redesigned our new kitchen's fridge space to fit the two units.
We learnt to live with the loud popping noise that was supposedly part of the defrost cycle
After 5 years the freezer suffered an internal gas leak and the repair quote was 12 - 15 hundred dollars.
The freezer went to the tip replaced by another brand at less than a third the cost.
My opinion... DO NOT purchase a Liebherr Fridge !!!

Looks great, unfortunately doesn't live up to premium price

I unfortunately bought our Liebherr 3 door fridge about 8 years ago.
The ice maker has broken 3 times - $750 repair cost each time
The handles have broken 3 times - $200 repair cost each time.

Both the ice maker and handles are currently broken. Now looking to buy a new fridge rather than pay any more money repairing our Liebherr.

Please do yourself a favour and avoid this fridge.

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Hi Strawbs5000, It is disappointing to learn of the issues currently presenting themselves with your Liebherr refrigerator and your past experiences. Can you please contact me directly on 1300 650 020 or service@andico.com.au so we can become more familiar with your appliance history and possibly facilitate an outcome for you. Kind regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care

Appalling lack of Service

i have 3 side by side fridges. After the freezer stopped working it took 5 weeks of continual chasing & buck passing for Andico to eventually inform me they were not interested in helping me & directed me back to the local agent who in the first place directed me to Andico. Apparently this fridge needs replacing, after the service I received, I will be defiantly considering other options

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Hi Jono, Can you please contact me at service@andico.com.au or 1300 650 020 so I can become more familiar with your case and possibly facilitate an outcome for you. Kind regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care

Great after sales service

Well we also had a problem with our Liebherr Biofresh fridge/freezer which was disappointing BUT we had excellent, prompt and faultless service from the team at Andi-Co. I will also add that we have never had a problem with our standard Liebherr fridge, it has been silent, maintained it's temperature and has been very easy to clean

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Hi Lucy, Thank you for the positive review. We are disappointed you had issues with your appliance but pleased to hear they have now been resolved. We appreciate your review. Kind regards, Taneille

NO Stars for Liehberr

No stars for Liebherr fridges. I had so many problems, lots of service calls so Liebherr replaced one side.
It is very noisy. It doesn't seem to cope with the hot Queensland summer. Handles break off. Freezer stopped working. Ice maker faulty, fixed multiple times. Freezer frosts up. Sensors stop working. Don't waste your money on this brand.

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Dear Kim, I am very disappointed to read your review and your experience of the Liebherr appliance. Can you please contact me on 1300 650 020 or service@andico.com.au so I can become more familiar with your appliance history. Warm regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care

Freezer has died

We have had our 3 door liebherr for a little under five years and have had many problems with the freezer. The motor has now died and we are told it cannot be fixed. We are left with either buying just one side, the side that has died, for more than it would cost to buy a whole new refrigerator from another company, especially since the other half of the refrigerator still works. We love the look of the refrigerator, but we hate the quality, and the customer service is probably one of the worst I've ever encountered. We especially hate feeling like we wasted so much money!!!

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Hi Misshkit, Can you please contact Andi-Co on 1300 650 020 or service@andico.com.au so we can become more familiar with your history and assist further. Kind regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care

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We have a Liebherr side by side fridge, the fridge is going strong and we love it, but the door handle broke off years ago and got replaced, and broken again many years ago, we got too sick of it so just left the fridge without handles. The fridge now needs serious maintenance, new plastic drawers, new handles, new seals. Can a Liebherr official help?
2 answers
I suggest you contact Andico in OakleighHi Wingchunman71, Please call me on 1300 650 020, option 2 for Customer Care at Andi-Co Australia and reference this Product Review. Warm regards, Taneille And-Co Customer Care

Can you explain why my freezer caught Fire? And mine is not the only one
2 answers
That's any easy one- it's the badly built compressor with cheap components which leaks gases.After emailing andico Item was replaced VERY QUICKLY

Liebherr SBSes 7085216-00 Looking to find a replacement plastic egg tray shelf cover located in the upper most part of the right side door. I can not see a part number on the actual tray itself so hoping my disruption is adequate. How does one go about this? Martin
1 answer
Hi Martin, You can contact our Spare Parts department on 1300 650 020 (option 3) or spares@andico.com.au for assistance. Kind regards. Customer Care Team Andi-Co Australia


SBSes 7353
Price (RRP) $9,780
Dimensions 1852 x 1210 x 630 mm
Energy Rating3 star(s)
Household Size 5+ people
FeaturesDoor Alarm , Frost Free, Ice Dispenser and Wine Rack
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Handle Type External
Smart Fridge No
Shelf MaterialGlass
Number of Shelves7
Number of Fruit & Vegetable Bins 2
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Total Capacity 726 L
Fridge Capacity 504 L
Freezer Capacity 171 L
Release dateOct 2009

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