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Liebherr SKes 4210

Liebherr SKes 4210

SKES4210LH and SKES4210RH
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Best fridge I have ever owned

This is an amazing fridge. I live in an apartment and needed a fridge that wasn't deep as my kitchen is narrow. This is the only reason I ended up with the Liebherr fridge and freezer side by side. I am thrilled with the purchase. The only issue I have with it is that it is a little on the small side, but hey -that's why I bought it: it fits my kitchen size-wise. The food in this fridge lasts forever. Every other fridge I've had (Fischer & Paykel in particular) the veges are slimy in a few days. With the Liebherr it is not at all uncommon for greens to still be really fresh looking after 3 weeks (including lettuce) - or (embarrassingly) even more. I don't buy the special green bags I just pop it all in a normal plastic shopping bag & it just seems to last - and its not always in the veg crisper either. While the purchase of a fridge has a lot to do with dimensions (what you can fit in your space), I would definitely give preference to another Liehberr fridge in future. Very impressed.

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Hi Kate, Thank you so much for your glowing review of your Liebherr refrigerators! We are very pleased that you love your fridge as much as we love the brand. Warm regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care 1300 650 020

Back of fridge built of duct tape and silver cardboard

Just bought the most expensive fridge on the market. To my dismay the back is built of duct tape and cardboard. I thought it was packaging and was going to remove it. Phoned the agents and they said it was part of the fridge!!!!

Dear Clair, The part of appliance referred to is not seen when installed. Liebherr use the “best available technology” that minimises the consumption of energy and resources and provides a holistic approach to environmental protection that encompasses the entire product life cycle. The materials used at the back of the fridge are suitable for the purpose and in no way lessen the quality of the product and have not given rise to any service issues. If there is still concern, please take a photo of the rear of your new appliance and email this to us at servicecentre@andico.com.au for further review. Kind regards, Customer Care Team Andi-Co Australia Thanks for replying. I can't imagine cardboard would have a very long life. In fact it's partly torn. Will be looking at a Miele next time.

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Price (RRP) $3581$3581
Energy Rating2.5Stars2.5Stars
Release dateJan 2010Jan 2010

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