10Euca Concentrated Laundry Powder

Euca Concentrated Laundry Powder

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10Euca Concentrated Laundry Powder

203 reviews

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203 reviews
petrulCentral Queensland, QLD3 posts

Highly recommend Euca

Have used Euca for over 12 months now. Buy the dishwashing detergent and laundry powder in bulk. Highly economical and a great safe product for my family and my washing machine and dishwasher. Completely dissolves and smells great! Show details ·  1
Rachael G.
Rachael G.Goulburn Valley, VIC

Fantastic products and even better service

Best laundry powder i've used, cleans hubbies dirty work gear and cricket whites come up perfect! Soft wash all the way for our towels, jumpers and blankets. Love the biodegradable packaging. Super fast freight to country areas, straight to my door. Show details ·  1
N Kafegellis
N KafegellisWimmera, VIC
  Fair Incentive Powder

Best laundry powder ever!!

I've been using Euca products for 10+ years, particularly the laundry powder and dishwasher powder, and wouldn't use anything else. It has no nasty chemicals, it dissolves completely and washes our families clothes and dishes perfectly. I love the way you can purchase bulk refills. And its Australian made!! The website is user friendly & delivery has always been super quick.
I will be continuing to purchase Euca's products for a long time to come. Keep up the great work of producing fantastic products Euca!! Show details ·  1
Anna from Strathmore
Anna from Strathmore2 posts

Euca laundry powder concentrate - Euca ... Let’s make it more eco friendly!

I’ve been using Euca laundry powder concentrate for many years now and I love it. I love it because it doesn’t have all those nasties like other laundry detergents on the market and is good for the environment. It’s 100% Aussie made and is also a local manufacturer (Melbourne). I’d love the company to be more eco friendly and discovered they also sell an ‘Eco Pack’ but just not to their retail suppliers e.g.Mitre10. How about it Euca? I’d much prefer to refill my 10kg Euca bucket than continue to stockpile the number of buckets I already have in the garage. Show details ·  1
  Fair Incentive Powder

Great products for all our household needs

We have started using Euca for all our household cleaning products as it is an excellent product being natural and non allergic. We have sensitive skin and the laundry concentrate has been a help for clothing. Love the bodywash and handwash too. Great Australian company. Show details ·  1
Bronwyn A.
Bronwyn A.Far North Queensland, QLD

Absolutely love it!

Euca Laundry Powder Concentrate is truely amazing.
No strong perfume smell
Hasn’t irritated my daughters ezcema
I use it with my septic/grey water system
10kg box lasts for months!
Use it on both delicates and work/school clothes Show details ·  1
BernieSydney, NSW2 posts
  Fair Incentive Powder

Love EUCA products and have been using for Years

I have been a huge supporter of EUCA and have never been disappointed. I love the fact that it is Australian made and Australian owned. But also the product is terrific. I mainly use handwash & bodywash, washing powder, stain remover. Highly recommend.
Bonus if you live in Melbourne as you can pick up and save even more money! Show details ·  1
GloriaGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC3 posts

Excellent results

I decided to give Euca Laundry powder a try and haven't been at all disappointed. I am only using half the amount of Euca powder compared to what I used previously which makes it very economical. The Lemon Myrtle scent isn't over powering but never the less leaves clothes smelling nice and fresh. Apart from washing the clothes to a satisfactory standard, I have noticed the washing machine rim/rubber seal is cleaner and free from any residue. I will continue to use and probably purchase in bulk next time. Show details ·  1
Value for Money
Unhappy3 posts

Impressed with results

Am reordering the laundry powder and and laundry soaker. Being on a septic tank system I am always careful about the products I purchase and Euca is the best environmental laundry powder I have yet found. Wash is clean, machine is sparkling and septic system working well. Couldn't continue using dish liquid as perfume rather unpleasant. Show details ·  1
Value for Money
Shar D.
Shar D.South East Queensland, QLD5 posts

EUCA hand moisturiser Presious Vegan Protective Hydrating Balm 100g & 500ml is the best

the best with all the handwashing we are all doing the hydrating balm transforms dry hands overnight to soft hands hydrating balm transforms overnight. Best protective balm ever. Leaving my hands soft and supple. Recommended to use and the Euca Shield Barrier Cream & Protectant for Hand and Body you have the best products to use. Highly recommended for everyone. Show details ·  1
azuraDarling Downs, QLD21 posts
  Fair Incentive Powder

Laundry powder awesome

I had issues with sensitivity to OMO sensitive and started using bosistos, I. Found it didn’t dissolve. I bought Euca laundry powder and it definitely dissolved and smells so good. Cleans well. Love it. Show details ·  1
kelvinMetropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified Powder

The eucalyptus product is marvellous. The best I have ever used

I use it to clean the benches and cupboards fridges. spray it around the house and add a little to the floor bucket. It is great for cleaning up and disinfecting. A little in the rinse cycle makes toe clothes smell fresh. Show details
Value for Money
patreen2 posts

Happy Aussie

Very impressed. Proudly buying australian owned and made product that works and benefits myself and our country. Love the smell. Value for money. I will continue to support this business Show details ·  1
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DTBBSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts
  Fair Incentive Powder

Not what I expected

I received this product by accident (I ordered Dishwashing powder) but after using in my wash I really like it! My clothes are clean and machine is too. Has a nice fresh scent and didn't leave any residue. I use liquid usually so I was quite surprised. Will buy again. Show details
Value for Money
Jacquie C.
Jacquie C.2 posts

Great eco alternative!

Delighted to find something that is eco friendly and uses eucalyptus. Very reasonably priced, arrived quickly, in an eco friendly cardboard box. Looking forward to trying other products. Also well priced pure eucalyptus oil, which is a household staple for us. Show details ·  3
SarahSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

The best washing powder!!!

This is the best washing powder I’ve ever used. I’m now converted and will never go back to supermarket brands ever again. Everything comes out squeaky clean and the inside of my washing machine (front loader) is sparkling not to mention no build in soap dispenser. Show details ·  1
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CHRISMurray Mallee, SA5 posts

the best

after the clothes etc are washed the water is pumped to a holding tank where it is all used on the garden we would not use any other detergent chris mcguire Show details ·  1
IndiSydney, NSW
  Verified Powder

Best washing powder I’ve used!

I’ve been using Euca Laundry Powder for years. It is really effective and doesn’t involve all the harsh chemicals and perfumes of the supermarket stuff. I would never go back. Show details ·  1
DejaVuAU10 posts

Might be good for sensitive skin but not a great clean otherwise

The product smells great and is good value for the amount you use, however compared to something like Omo Ultimate this gives a very mediocre clean at best, the difference is very very noticeable on whites.

The product sounds like its great for people with sensitive skin, so if you aren't sensitive then stick to Omo Ultimate.  Show details

Value for Money
Lindy M.
Lindy M.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts

Wouldn’t use anything else

I got this when clearing out my parents house. I used it because I wanted to use it up... that was about 4 years ago and I dont bother with anything else. My daughter has eczema and has absolutely no reaction to it. The washing comes out clean and fresh. No white powdery marks ever. I use half a scoop in my 8kg Bosch front loader. I get it from out local Mitre 10 hardware store and my husband came home with a new one today which included fabric softener and I had stopped years ago using fabric softener (supermarket brands)because my washing machine started smelling but I am definitely keen to try it given the good experience with the powder. Show details
JohnHunter Region, NSW2 posts
  Fair Incentive Powder

Euca laundry powder is the best

I have been using Euca laundry powder for years because it works and is value for
money, after washing clothes they look and smell so clean, no other product matches Euca Show details ·  1
Troy D.
Troy D.Sydney, NSW6 posts

works so well its unbelieveable how good it works

we ordered the liquid laundry detergent to see how well it works
we tried the samples they sent us in sample packets and for such little serves we were amazed how well it worked and made the clothes felt so fresh am now wondering why we didnt do it earlier and as anatural product with no chemicals will definitely be buying again  Show details
nicoleeSydney, NSW2 posts

Excellent quality on clothes and machine

I ran out of this and started to use an Aldi power. Almost immediately, my machine started to smell and get a mouldy build up. I purchased more Euca and my machine is no longer smelly or has the build up. This powder cleans well and does not leave a film in my machine. I will keep using this as it is value for money and highly concentrated. Show details
JulieGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC3 posts

Euca for washing sheep fleece

This review might be of interest to the spinners out there. I have quite an amount of sheep fleece that is very heavy in lanolin and extremely dirty. Other detergents haven't cut it and it ends up feeling somewhat greasy and often discoloured.

After reading the reviews here a couple of days ago, I decided to try Euca Laundry Powder. I am delighted with the results and couldn't be happier actually. The fleece has no greasiness and is beautifully white. Another plus is no strong fragrance to permeate the whole house and give me a headache.

With dirty, greasy fleece, it is normal to give it two hot soapy washes followed by several hot rinses. That's what I did for such a great result!!!

Thank you so much!!! Show details ·  2

DaniGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC121 posts
Deb W.
Deb W.Southern and Hills, SA3 posts

Very pleased with performance

Just bought a Euca laundry powder from local hardware shop as couldn't wait for order to come lol. Must say I am very impressed. Clean fresh laundry over a wide range of fabrics and colours. Rinses away well, plus my washing machine is sparkling as well. No residue whatever. I cannot believe how little I had to use to get great results, after juggling with amounts as I am on rainwater. Will definitely keep using and buy again, also try the other products. Show details ·  3
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Sally C
Sally C2 posts

Very good laundry powder

We have been using Euca laundry powder for about five years now. Because it is all natural with no fillers, I am able to use it to wash all our clothes including very dirty work clothes worn on the farm as well as delicates. Due to it containing no fillers only a small amount of powder is needed in comparison to other brands. Our clothes always come out of the wash clean and none of our family have developed any skin irritations from this washing powder.
I would recommend this washing powder. Show details
Value for Money
Dave R
Dave R2 posts

Whether you are a mechanic or a merchant, Euca will keep your clothes clean & fresh

My family has been using Euca for years now, and literally everything from dedicates to heavily soiled workshop clothes are clean & fresh with minimal effort. I probably over-dose with the work gear, but it still works better than other more advertised brands, and it is good value for money. I buy the 25kg tub, and it lasts for months. Show details ·  1
DarrenPerth, WA

Euca leaves clothes clean and fresh

Cleans very well.
Clothes and linen are soft without the need for fabric softener.
No yukky chemical perfumes.
Just finished a 10kg pack... it lasted a family of 4 for 18 months.
Buying more Euca today! Show details ·  1
Rebecca G.
Rebecca G.South East Queensland, QLD3 posts

Amazing laundry powder

We are farmers and as such often have a lot of dirt and grime on our clothes. We find the powder amazing as it removes most heavy stains. Also love the fact the smell is not overpowering but gives a nice clean smell. Product does not make any of our skin itchy or dry... Show details ·  1
Coffee is good
Coffee is goodFar North Queensland, QLD43 posts

The best

This laundry powder washes clothes clean rather then mask them with over Powering perfume. Towels have never been so clean bed linen feels comfortable washing machine much cleaner and the once odd smell is gone. Love it just ordered a 10kg of powder after trying 1kg and the fabo fabric softener. It says 500 washes so should last 12 to 18 months now that's real value for money. Show details ·  3
  Fair Incentive Powder

Excellent Laundry Powder

This laundry powder ticks all the boxes. Comforting to know it is not harmful to environment and no lingering, overpowering perfume that you have from other well known brands, just lovely fresh clean clothes and linen. Very pleased with this product 100% Show details ·  1
Mel F
Mel FRichmond-Tweed, NSW2 posts
  Fair Incentive Powder


LOVE LOVE LOVE this washing powder. As farmers who get filthy, on a daily basis, Euca works hard for us. It never disappoints! With sensitive skin, it’s really nice to not have to use harsh chemicals to get clothes clean. THANK YOU EUCA! Show details ·  2
Happy Euca user
Happy Euca user


This is the best laundry powder I've used without a doubt. I've been using it for many years in my front loader and love how clean it gets our clothes, that it has no fillers, smells great and is super economical. I am very sensitive to artificial perfumes and can also get skin reactions. This product is perfect as I have none of these problems using it. I am very happy that there is such a product on the market and when I moved interstate, I chased down where I could continue to buy it ... I found it at Total Tools (NSW). I wouldn't use anything else. Show details
ardieMid North Coast, NSW22 posts

Excellent laundry powder

I've used this powder for years. I use it for towels, jeans, tee shirts, undies, bras, work gear (health worker scrubs) everything. No clumps of undisolved powder, no residue, no allergy or sensitivity issues - which I have quite a few of, cost effective - I use a bit less than recommended on the tub. I bought the 10kg bucket - it will last me a very long time. Yes, I highly recommend it. Show details
LouisKurri Kurri5 posts
  Verified Powder

This is the best! Seriously

Started using it about 6 months ago and i no longer have weird itchy skin!

Also the clothes seem to be cleaner than i remember using other cleaners.

I think once you use it you'll struggle with the usual smelly powders that are out there.

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T Penks
T Penks

Love it !

The smell is amazing . As soon as i open the container i am greeted with the fresh fragrant smell.

You don't need much powder to achieve clean clothes every time.

BeeeSydney4 posts

Worth the money

I’m happy with the purchase and satisfied with how it washes my baby clothes and all clothes in general, whether they are colored and white. I bought the 10kg and got a bonus glass cleaner which is also very good.

I will defenetly buy it again.

JJcSydney3 posts

Great product!

I have been using Euca laundry powder for years. It washes very well, and doesn’t leave a strong fragrance like other brands. I wash a variety of clothes from kids clothes to tradesman workwear and it washes everything perfectly. With small children I wanted to wash their clothes with something more natural, not full of chemicals and that would not irritate their skin. I also love that I can buy the big 10kg tub!

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