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Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

3.8 from 82 reviews

Great product

Love using Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash. I use it twice a day and it really leaves me feeling so fresh.
Great price and often on special too. Will continue to use as my favourite mouth wash

I prefer Listerine over other brands

Listerine is very strong (though they have a range that's non-alcoholic) and I prefer the intense burn. They have quite a good range of flavours too, so it doesn't get boring, though I tend to stick with Spearmint and Fresh Mint.

I've tried other brands, but none of them seem to be as strong as Listerine, and often, the flavours don't taste as good either. The only flavour of Listerine that I really don't like is the flavour of the Whitening mouthwash...

It is one of the pricier mouthwashes, but they are also often on sale - so it works out.

about average

I used to buy this listerine mouth wash product from the towradgi gold cross chemist nsw and found it worked quite well though it didn't like the fact that the label on the container stated alcohol so I stopped using it / I recommend this product as it works quite well though it did sting a little bit @ not much and it's nothing to worry about really

Great product

I have used listerine quite alot and find it a great product to clear off mouth ulcers, sore throats and gingivitis. Plus the ad that shows the explosion in your mouth is spot on but its only a short period and afterwards the mouth feels clean albeit after quite a few spits to rid the rest of it out. I would recommend this product to other adults. My only issue was concern for people with RSI or Arthritis who would never be able to get the lid off (which is probably safety regulation) however ignores a good market. Keep up the good work.
Fresh breath clean feeling after use.
Lid - very difficult to open.

No Way

I don't know how people could use this product, they is nothing in it that is safe, with all the oral cancer these days, I wonder how many are triggered or caused by listerine, and if the alcohol based one is safe, why wold they create a non alcohol based one. do people ever google and learn what's in the things they put in their body.
toxic ingredients

Love the product, hate the cap

I’ve been using Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash for years and I love it. I use the original, urine-colored, version (I don’t what the marketing department were thinking on this one) and it does a great job. I gargle with it after brushing my teeth and I keep a little bottle at work for after lunch. It also helps with sore throats, mouth ulcers and general oral hygiene. Basically, it’s a staple in my bathroom.
My only gripe is with the new child-proof cap, which is poorly-designed, ill-thought out, and doubtless designed to fulfill some arbitrary nanny-state regulatory requirement, so the manufacturer can hardly be blamed for that. However, it’s a struggle to get off and the little prongs on the rim invariably get in the way when using the cap as a default cup, as everyone does. Luckily, you can just cut the little prongs off with a pair of scissors, converting the cap back into a non-child-safe product and increasing its friendly usability around ten-fold. Of course, if your six-year-old then manages to unscrew the modified cap in order to clean the dog’s teeth, any subsequent bite marks will be your own responsibility.
Effective, strong
the cap


This is a great mouthwash. Comes in different flavours (I like the new purple one) and different sizes. Its great for people with a sensitive mouth/gums too.
Gives me a fresh breath! I find its a mouthwash that actually works and that isn't too expensive
Apart from if you accidently swallow its yuck.

the best mouthwash product i have ever used

it does a perfect job, leaves mouth clean and freashing, it feels great and refreshing after using it in the morning, and leaves mouth completely clean before go to bed.

it can be expensive, but sometime it is on special in priceline or chemist warehouse.
feels refreshing after using it and does a perfect cleaning job
expensive, but worth it

Was oN special so i bought it.

Saw it special price today Priceline so bought it ,1 litre 9.99,with a toothbrush affixed to it.
Mostly i purchased it because it was on 'special' otherwise i usually go for a cheaper alternative,,usually those 2 or 3 dollar ones u see in discount stores.
It claims it kills germs that cause bad breath and gingivitus.

Listerine seems to be good,however readig the instructions on the back of the bottle to gargle for 30 secs seems a bit long as it's seems a very strong taste.
Found it had a burning type sensation on my tongue which eased the longer i kept the mouthwash in my mouth.
You are supossed to gargle for 30 secs accordig to the bottle.
Seems strong taste,feels it's doing it's job by the freshness of my mouth.
Almost 'burning' type sensation in mouth/tongue when gargling,horrible taste,mine was original flavour.


I think this mouthwash does what it is suppose to do with good results. It cleans your mouth and makes it feel fresh and makes your breath smell minty and nice as well. It provides good health care for your teeth and in turn looks after them. It kills all the germs and you can feel that after you have used the mouthwash. An a+ for this mouthwash.
This mouthwash gives you a nice clean, fresh and revitalised sensation. It kills all the germs in your mouth and is a good finish after brushing your teeth. It is kind on sensitive gums and gives your teeth a clean appearance.
After a while when you gargle with it, it gets really hot. It really does blast your mouth and feels like it is burning your cheeks and makes you want to spit it out faster, thus, wasting some of it and minimising its effects.


My boyrfriend is obsessed with this stuff! I use it occationally and find it great for a clean mouth feeling. the dentist said they make this brand too strong so don't be affraid to water it down 50:50. Since doing that it is kinder on my gums and still gives you that fresh mouth feeling.
Wow you can feel the clean.
Can be too strong for my gums


LISTERINE IS REALLY GOOD product, It has nice packaging and the product itself well you need only a small amount, the trouble is that the taste os so over bearing you cant wait to get rid of it out of your mouth, now it does leave you mouth feeling clean and fresh but being so over powering it just make my eyes water and I cant use it as it should be used or for the amount of time I should gargle for. I like this one so I have used it I just have too water it down a bit. Then i am thinking that i have a less superior product that i am using, cant win on this one.
This product really gives you a blast from the past.
Cant wait to get it out of your mouth.


I liked it but agian, it is very strong. My sister can not handle it but my father loves it. It is different for everyone but I would suggest this product to many people.
I love the "flavors". Left your breath feeling very clean.
To strong for many people. Has way to much alcohol in it.


Listerine is a mouthwash and its three uses are to protect against bad breath, plaque build up and gingivites. I’ve triend this product and I feel it is best for removing bad breath and plaque but I have my reservations about using it too often as I don't like the fact it contains ethanol, that sounds a bit too dangerous a chemical to put in my month too much.
Really makes you feel like your teeth and month are clean. Readily available in leading supermarkets.
It contains ethanol which I believe is very dangerous to use too often.


I always end up diluting this mouth wash as its too strong to keep in my mouth for more than 10 seconds. Its expensive at the supermarket however i can see the difference in my teeth while using it, they are so much cleaner and feel like they have been professionally cleaned
leaves my mouth and teeth feeling so much cleaner, my breathe stays fresh for ages, when i use listerine my teeth seem whiter and it feels like i have had my teeth cleaned at a dentist.
dries out your mouth, my lips always get really dry when using this mouthwash. expensive now at the supermarkter


I used to use the coolmint but found that it had a burning sensation. It does leave you with the confidence of that freash breath feeling but my dentist says that if your brush properly it's not really necessary. I have since changed to another brand that is alcohol free.
leaves your breath freash
leaves your mouth dry and burns


This is a powerful mouth wash once you use it you will be like wow it has the right amount of kick. Leaves you with fresh breathe you feel it working.
It is one of the top brands with a great taste and it gives you a nice nice tingle I just love.


Not good for your mouth at all. Keep up with cleaning and flossing instead. Rinse with water. And smile for life!
Feels like it is really making your mouth clean however......
My dentist reports the ETOH destroys good bacteria and well as bad bacteria and strips the teeth of the flouride you apply with brushing. It also has a drying effect which can cause secondary problems like cracking (hence leads to infections)


I used to use this product regularly,in fact I used it for years as there was little else on the market. I did find that it was reasonable effective although it was very strong and to highly flavoured,and it was necessary to dilute it considerably.I became concerned that it had alcohol content that is supposed to be detremantal to you, also I felt the taste indicated that it could be abrasive on the teeth if used for too long. I believe they have changed the formula now which is good, but there is now a lot more competition out there.I have changed to another brand which is not so strong.
It does what its supposed to do.
Very strong,too highly flavoured


Listerine leaves your mouth feeling very clean and fresh and also smelling great. i did find that compared with other products that Listerine is a lot stronger and can sometimes burn your mouth.
very strong it leaves your mouth smelling fresh
i found the cool mint too be a bit too strong

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I stopped using Listerine recently because, in recent times, it started "foaming" when gargled. I recently traveled overseas and thought I'd try the product again. To my astonishment I found that the old, non-foaming product was available. Will Listerine return to the old, non-foaming formula in Australia or will the new, foaming Australian formula be maintained?
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