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Little Nation Hearts Headphones

Little Nation Hearts Headphones

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Broke on the second use

We were so excited to be using these cute headphones that we even bought a second pair to give to a friend. We had a long plane trip so this was going to be very handy. However when they arrived in the mail, I was already disappointed because it looked flimsy. But we heard good things about the Little Nation brand and thought it might be sturdier than it looked. We took it on our trip and it broke at just its second use at our layover stop. One of the earpieces came off and the wire within snapped off as my toddler took it off her head. I was expecting it to to be a lot sturdier than that. I wouldn’t recommend it but it was pretty cheap. No issues with sound volume or quality while it was actually working though.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Gread Headphones. Super Cute and Safe!

After finding my kids watching the Ipad with the sound WAY to loud i did some research online how to solve this issue. The problem is that even when i set the volume at a respectable level, the kids play with the volume and it ends up being turn up to maximum. Something about kids and not understanding the consequences........ Anyway i purchased a set of these headphone from the Little Nation shop (along with a heap of other cool stuff) and the result it what i was looking for. The highest sound these will put out is 85db which is the equivalent of talking level. Together with the over ear design to block out outside noise, these headphones really put me at ease knowing the kids are not doing permanent damage to their delicate ears. A must have!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

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Hearts Headphones
Price (RRP) $19.95
TypeOn Ear
Active Noise CancellingNo
Controls CompatibilityUniversal

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