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This is Prefect

I just love Little one’s nappies.
So affordable and great value for money my children just love wearing these nappies and I have to say as a busy mum they are wonderfully made and easy fit. Super comfy for my baby. I just love this product. I highly recommend it to the Aussie mummy’s out there

Good value

I bought this as I ran out of the nappies. It is so much thinner than I expected but never cause any leak or explode for my bub. Due to its thin design, every time after he wee, you can feel the wetness from outside so I don't use it for overnight. Overall, it's good and I will continue to use it for my bub.


I love the little ones nappies . U have used every single brand nappy sold in Coles and Woolworths for both my children and this product has by far been then best money saving nappy without having quality lost. I have used the leading bands and spent the extra $20 a packet and I have had leaks and even bad nappy rash from one big name brands. But once I put these on my children straight away feel better. They fit perfect for larger babies too giving them comfort to crawl .

Couldn't even catch a drop of water

Leakage leakage leakage. Too much leakage! Worst nappy I've ever bought. Even if the nappy hasn't been on for an hour, it still leaks like it's overflowing. And when it leaks, the coloured dots bleed onto the clothes. I really hope it comes out in the wash. Such a shame Woolworths.

good for its price

i have been using little ones nappy from woolworths for last 3-4 months preety happy so far .... specially fitting is great and good for its price. i havs started with size 10-15 and now moved to size 13-18 walker both sizes are ok no any issues till now .

Feels wet from inside and outside but okay for budget

It is just okay if you are looking for budget shopping but you have change quickly as it feels wet from outside and inside too. If you are willing to change nappy quicker after each pee then you can use this , it does not do nappy rash. I found this nappy won’t give nappy rashes May be because you need to change it quicker,
Does not feel heavy as other too ,
I will recommend this if you want to change quick and looking for good price.

Absolute garbage!

My husband bought the Little Ones newborn size when he was unable to find our regular nappies (Tooshies by Tom). To even give this product 1 star seems like 1 too many.

Even with 2 hourly nappy changes, I had to change my 2 week old son’s entire outfit 3 times during the night due to leakage!! Not exactly fun for a sleep deprived Mum.

I ended up popping a cloth nappy on him and had no further problems.

Terrible! Will never buy again

I bought these nappies for my 2 month old baby as I thought they were a great price. Every single day there was a leakage and I had to spray and wash many baby clothes. I ended up throwing out half the packet of nappies as they were not worth it. Would not recommend to anyone!

Better Off Using a Plastic Bag.

My partner and I bought these as they were fair priced.
Instant regret, its as they say in this case you get what you pay for.
Almost every nappy change our little ones green curry in a hurry had exploded up the backside of the clothes, it has ruined many outfits.
Definitley not a good product. In our opinion.

Perfect for all 3kids

I have used these nappies for all 3 my kids . I have noticed or it maybe just me but the junior nappy pants have gone up to 10$ when they were 8$ and the price says lowest price guarantee . I'm confused on a tight budget and have 3 children in these nappies 2 having health issue where I don't have spare money .


Always bought huggies $33 and baby love $27 , this $10. Wish I knew this earlier. Thanks this is far by the best and bub doesn't have rashes no more. Will always get this now. Great price and huge savings. Happy
Thanks woolworths :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Great for babies

I have used this product since it changed over from homebrand version I use this brand of nappy for my 2 year old son no leaks so far all around good nappy to use and i will be using these brand nappies on my future bub and these nappies are prices dropped at Woolies for $10

it's excellent for its price

$10 a bag for 50 nappies in Toddler. I have tried other economy and premium nappies, it's far the best cheap nappies i have tried. Its absorbency, thickness, design, softness is quite good considering it's pricing. I would choose this as a day nappy at any time. Actually, it already is.

Value for the $

For the price Little One's are great value. We use them day & night on our toddler grandson & have never had an accident. Comfy with elastic around the legs. He has never had a rash either so will keep these as our usual nappy. Very happy with the quality.

Great daytime nappy

I use these for both my toddler and baby as daytime nappies. They are a great price and do their job well. They don't have wettness indicators but for the price, I don't care. I do find that they can leak overnight so I use a heavier duty nappy for sleeping.

Worst nappies I ever bought!

I bought these nappies because they were cheaper than huggies and being on a tight bugdet I decided to give them a go. But regretted it on the first night of using them on my 8 week old son. After only 2 hours of him wearing the nappies, my sons clothes from the waist up and around the legs were very wet. I ended up changing his clothes every time I changed his nappy. On top of that, the bed got wet because my sons nappy leaked. i don't like saying anything bad about products but this was my experience and I was really fed up since you expect a product to do what it's supposed to do. So now I'm back to huggies and paying that bit extra. Happy Baby, happy mum.

Great value, my go to nappy

These have become my standard nappies. Great value, always work and I like that they don't have some kids TV/movie character on them. They hold slightly less liquid than some of the premium brands, but for the price you can't go wrong. Will use until my 2 year old is out of nappies

Good fit, absorbent.

I have purchased crawler and walker nappies. I use the larger ones overnight which are great. Just started using the pull ups, fit well, nice soft sides, love the tab to wrap up dirty nappy with but a big Negative.... they get smelly quickly as they obviously don't have much odor control in them. Doesnt worry me much as I need to change her nappy often.

Great for day use

I started using the little ones napped when my daughter was one based on a recommendation. She is now two and I still buy them. I find they are great for day use, I've never had any leakage but I still keep to Huggies at night as I find they can't hold enough without leaking over a 12 hour period(which is how long my daughter sleeps) the price is great too which really helps for our budgeting.

Can't beat it for price...I was Huggies all the way

Used to use Huggies all the time for fear I'd be considered a bad mum if I dare use a different cheaper brand on my precious baby's booty, but one day I was out & about and one of my sons (baby & toddler) had an accident & a friend had a nappy to save me running back to the car.
It was a woolies nappy & I had to say, it felt a bit weird like thinner & less elasticity or something but value for money is AWESOME & I don't buy a Huggies nappy anymore...
I've heard they aren't as absorbent as Huggies but my kids don't sleep through (joy) so haven't had any blowouts overnight because of that issue. $11 a bag of 44 walkers can't go wrong. It's just poop & pee man.

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