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Another hacked card...

My card was hacked a couple of years ago, and i tried without any luck to try and get my $100 back, in the end i gave up and have not used the card since. I would love a recommendation for a reliable load and go credit card that works.

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Hey Sye, It's concerning to hear that this happened. I'm not sure if much can be done now due to the time that has passed but I've sent you a message for some extra details just in case. ~Sami

Fixed problem but not without stress

I have held a Load & Go Card for a few years and am about to go on holidays. My current card was about to expire and I was sent a new card along with a letter to take to my local Post Office. I did this in good faith, came home and destroyed the old card and letter and proceeded to try out the new card. After it was declined four times, I went to a nearby Post Office to find out why as a deposit had been accepted at the time I activated it. it seems the girl who supposedly activated the card had no idea what she was doing and I was left unable to access my money as she hadn't in fact activated it at all! As I didn't have the letter that came with the replacement card, I was given two choices: wait up to two weeks for Australia Post to reissue a replacement card and letter or buy a new card at a cost of $6.95, deposit at least $20 on it, wait 24 hours and then phone the help line to have the money transferred to the new card. I took option 2 and the following day, I spoke to Chris on the help line, explained my predicament and he went through it all with me. He told me it would take 24-48 hours for the money to show up on my new card and it took about 36 hours. I have yet to try out the new card but will do so today in the hope that all is OK. One plus to all this hassle - they refunded me the additional $6.95 I had paid out so thanks Chris at Australia Post helpline.

October 14th 2018 Update: Further comment on my previous review

Have tried out my card successfully and can now have a stress free holiday! As I said, If this happens to you, go straight to the Load & Go help section and make sure that you actually speak to a real person. Don't try and fix it yourself online.

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Hey Monica, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. It's great to hear the issue was fixed but it definitely could have been avoided. I've sent you a message for some more details so we can pass on feedback about this to ensure all staff know what to do with activating replacement cards. ~Sami

Do Not Honour

Currently on holidays with a full load and go card. Every time I try to use it, it declines and says DO NOT HONOUR. I’ve contacted Aust Post & Load and Go, but no one can help me. I’m now short of $999 and not sure what to do. Hoping by writing this review someone will contact me.

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Hey Brandie, It's a shame to hear that you are having issues and that you haven't been able to get much assistance. I'd like to pass your details onto Load&Go so someone can take a look and contact you so I've sent you a message from the additional information. ~Sami

Pls help

Confused. Transferred money from my bank account to my load and go card, it's been nearly 2 days and the money is not in it, but my money is gone.

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Hey Selina, Thanks for getting in touch with us about this. How soon your funds are available depends on your bank. It's a 2 business day minimum but if it has been over that time and you still don't have access to the transferred money it'll be best to contact your bank to confirm how long it should take. ~Sami

Absolutely terrible customer service

The card itself is generally ok but when something goes wrong help is pretty much non existent. Have had more than the amount of money needed loaded on the card to make an online purchase (with a shop I have used previously) via PayPal only for the purchase to be declined. BUT the money was taken out of the Load&Go account showing as pending.I will waited a couple of days to see if it would then go through. Still no luck. Ichecked my PayPal account yet there is no record of the purchase on their system, so I called Load&Go customer service thinking they could help.
WRONG! I was told that they couldn’t reverse the transaction because the money had already been paid ( have no idea who to as it’s definitely not showing on PayPal) and perhaps, maybe if it wasn’t claimed it would come back into the account in a couple of weeks time, or if I really needed to send the money through that I could get PayPal to fax them. Again, I said it doesn’t show on my PayPal account. I was then told that I would just have to wait.
So my money is off somewhere in limbo and there seems absolutely no interest in fixing it.
So use this card only if you’re aware that the customer service and assistance is pretty nonexistent

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Hey Tashie, Thanks for taking the time to contact us about your recent experience. It's a shame to hear that you haven't gotten much assistance and I'd like to see what I can do to have this looked into further for you. To help me arrange this I've sent you a message for some additional details. ~Sami

Load & go credit card

I will not have another one. Do not depend on it for overseas travel or anything for that matter. Will take your money off you easily when depositing it in a post office, ha ha try use it after or get money out of it at a Atm. Hopless.

Hey Sam, Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, it's a shame to hear that this service wasn't the right one for you. ~SamiNot right for any one fix the problem, I am still waiting to have my money reinstalled into the account, or still waiting for you to take the block for the card. Once I can get my money back out l cut up the card. You have a day. .

Do not use this card.

This card was fantastic for over a year. It was widely accepted by many retailers, and I was able to use it both online and instore without any problems. As of July 2018, my card became hacked and a total of just under $140 was taken, for several unauthorised transactions. This became apparent after I attempted to make a purchase at one retailer and my card was declined. Naturally, I checked my balance and was shocked to see the amount so low. Within two days of the hacking, and discovery, I made a phone call (the number on the back of my card) to the Load&Go Service to inform them of this. The lady assisted me well and dealt with the situation as far as she could, and told me there was an investigation underway concerning my unauthorised transactions.
I received an answer within a fortnight of this phone call. Apparently, all of the transactions were authorised by me (including one overseas), which means I will not be reimbursed for any of the stolen money.
Also, as the 'card has been blocked due to fraudulent attempt,' I am unable to take any of the remaining money that was on the card.
Long story short, unless you put your full trust in using this card, I would not use it. I, for one, will never be using this service again.

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Hey Croc, Thanks for taking the time to let us know about your recent experiences with the Load&Go service. I'd like to help get this looked into again for you by Load&Go so I've sent you a message for some additional details. ~Sami

Pending transactions take far too long

I made an ITUNES purchase on 27 July'18, of one song $1.69 AUD, using the load&go card. It is now 31st July and the transaction is still pending, causing accumulation of ADDITIONAL charges one to twice daily recorded on my card statement as "Itunes music store Pre-Auth Transaction-POS Signature Purchase : - $ 1:00 AUD. To date this one song has cost $7:78. The charges are authorised in the terms and conditions of using Itunes music store . The problem is with the processing of the load&go transaction. I thereby have no receipt of purchase and cannot follow up with ITUNES because of that.

Additionally the load&go card in March this year permitted transfer of funds, which was very useful. Since then this option has not been available on these cards. In reporting this to helpdesk, I was told this is the policy, despite the card being advertised as able to transfer funds.

Very disappointing.

Hey Libra, Thanks for getting in touch with us about this and sharing your thoughts. If you haven't done so already I recommend contacting iTunes about the transaction as their system might not accept reloadable Visa cards. In regards to the transfer of funds from your card, I've only ever known of being able to transfer money to the card, not from it as the card doesn't require the same security checks as a normal bank account would. ~SamiiTunes placed a new debit on 6 August which was processed quickly. I am in contact with iTunes about the $6.78 claimed in the initial payment + charges. Thank you.

Terrible experience

I transferred funds onto this card last night for the first time as the initial balance was low. Today I received a text message from AUSPOST stating that the balance on the card is above the specified card balance threshold. I've just rung Load and Go and received terrible customer service. The customer service representative stated that the card will be fine however that the text message definitely did not come from Australia Post. When I asked if the card had been compromised (?) he said that he couldn't say 100% however it was most likely. He was unable to provide any information or transfer me to a supervisor etc. My daughter needs to use the card as she is currently away on a school trip. Hopefully, it works. Either way, I will be cancelling the card Monday when she is back and attempting to retrieve the balance from Australia Post.

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Hey Laura, Thanks for sharing your feedback with us about this. So long as the amount you transferred didn't make the balance more than $999 there shouldn't have been any issues with the amount on the card. You can find out information on how to claim back your funds from the card here: https://auspo.st/2NTGRhq The information will be under heading "My Load&Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid card or Load&Go Travel card has been closed or has expired. How can I access my money if I've got unused funds?" ~Sami

Money stolen from me off this card.

My card was hacked so rang (at a cost of 6.95) Load & Go the hacked money after many months was deposited on to my new card but 103 that magically disappeared from the account from one month to the next was not refunded and have been told to bad the case is now closed?

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Hey tandra, It's disappointing and concerning to hear about this. I've sent you a message to get some more details so we can get this looked into further. ~Sami

Someone has tired to still from me.

But. This should up. This card is block due to fraudulent attempt. Can I get my money back from this.

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Hey Jaspa, It's concerning to hear this has happened. If you haven't done so already I recommend contacting Load&Go directly for further assistance on what you can do. ~Sami

Didn’t work

My teenage son was travelling with a school group. I purchased the card in his name. The card didn’t work overseas, when I tried to fix it at this end they wouldn’t allow me to because it wasn’t in my name!!!! When we tried to get the money back out at this end they tried to charge me extra for the passwords. Hence I never got a refund, still have the card with $300 on it, now it’s expired!!!! Sounded like a good system, wasted my money!!

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Hey AmJ, It's concerning to hear that the card didn't work for your son and that you can access the money on it. I've sent you a message for some more informaiton so I can look into what the best next steps are for this situation. ~Sami

has got worse

this card was really useful at first - Kids buying over the net, being able to reload etc, however lastly I have not been able to use it for anything. It is not excepted by major retailers etc.

Hey Cate, Thanks for getting in touch with us about your time using the Load&Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid Card. Some retailers don't accept payments made by pre-paid visa cards. It's best to check with the retailer first before making your purchase to confirm if they'll accept payments made by these types of cards. ~SamiThe issue is that the "load and go" card was excepted feely before and not most recently.

The worst card ever

The card got locked while I am overseas (my mistake, entered wrong PIN on their website that never warns about number of attempts before it gets locked). The bad news is they refuse to talk to me saying the card belongs to someone else. Ok, it's in my wallet, I know the PIN (sent to my mobile number), it is in my auspost account, it has my email address on file (as I received temporary access code too). But the response from them is:

>> The card is under someone else name . Unfortunately for safety reasons I can not give you any card information.

And zero attempts to suggest a solution to help me get access to the product I paid money for, not even a tiny effort (both via e-mail and phone).

Now I plan for emergencies and thanks god also have other cards/cash with me. Imagine being stuck overseas with no way to access your money.

At this stage I don't care any more, so trying to get them to reverse my recent transfers to this card and if they still refuse to cooperate (which at this stage I am sure they will) I am going to try reverse my transfers to this card via CBA and if this doesn't work - going to Financial Ombudsman.

Stay away from this product: not reliable, pathetic website and helpless support. There are much better products which I used for years (Qantas Cash/CBA travel cards).

My case is 2018070810000199 just in case.

Hi RRryery, This sounds really stressful and yes I am so glad you have cash and other cards to get by on your trip, I can't imagine being overseas with no funds. Did someone else purchase the card? Or did you buy it? It's really weird that it's recognising someone else name. I'm afraid I'm not trained in Load and Go or have access to the system to check your account to confirm the name. I'd like to get this followed up for you. Can you please check your private messages for one from me? I need to get some details off you to pass it on. PriscilaYes, I personally bought it and it is in my aupost online account. Thanks a lot for trying to help however I already initiated my transfers reverses via CBA after I got this response again from loadngo support: "Unfortunately even thought I want to help I can`t because the card is not on your name." Thanks anyways.


No one will accept the card that I have,and why don't you have a tap and go option on it.you got my money but now I feel ripped off I smell a scam good one auspost

Hi James B, That's concerning and confusing as to why it's not accepted. Anywhere that accepts VISA should work, is it declining your PIN? Any more information that you can provide will help. PriscilaIt never came with a pin if so I cannot find it

Perfect card

You can check balance and pay card and pay as much as you want on line and it saves carring cash around

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I hate carrying cash, I tend to spend more with cash in my hands and then coins are everywhere, thanks for your lovely review :) Priscila

Illegally holding up my money without giving any reason

My card got blocked without any notification on the 2nd day I purchased it from Post Office. It was fine to load money and spend online on the 1st day ONLY.
Called the customer service for more than 7 times over 4 days and they only said they will ask technical team to look into my issue, but can't give out what is the reason my card was blocked and the ETA to resolve this.
I have spent $6.95 to buy the card and still have over $400 inside my card, but now no one can help me how to get back or spend my hard-earned money. ACCC suggested me to contact Financial Ombudsman Service for further assistance.
Stay away from Load&Go, what's a nightmare.

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Hey daytmr, It's disappointing to hear about this. I've sent you a message for some more information so I can follow up with Load&Go for you so we can try and get this resolved for you. ~Sami

Terrible to use. Stay away

Not widely accepted on online transactions like many other cards.
Difficult to update details, such as change of address.
New card was sent to old address....I managed to retrieve it. For some reason my online account no longer allows me to login. As such i cannot activate the replacement card. I now need to go to post office to verify my id before i can activate the card and reset my login details.
This is crap. All my other cards i am able to sort through problems seamlessly.
To Australia Post, do not bother responding....it will be your typical government depart reply

Hi Frank, I appreciate you said you don't want a reply, but I just wanted to let you know that if you're ever experiencing issues with the card in future, you can give the Load and Go team a call on 1300 665 054 and they'll be able to help out. RoxyRoxy, this is the worst card. You lot should not be providing this service. This card is the least accepted card......how is that even possible given it is prepaid and a local card???? I have a balance on the card and i simply cannot retrieve it. You lot basically stole my freaking money.

Dodo Telecom having trouble collecting payment from this card

Set this card up as did not want to give my daily use debit cards to dubious suppliers who continue to take payments out on tricky worded advertising and up until now it has been good and reliable keeping minimum funds on card to cover planned debits, one of which is Dodo telecom which takes out my monthly mobile bill.If their is not sufficient funds available Dodo keeps trying daily until the funds go through. This month I paid into the account on the day the amount was due and expected the payment to go through the next day at least. After a week I noticed nothing had happened so contacted Dodo who told me they had been trying to deduct the amount daily and were unable to get the funds to transfer and that they were having similar trouble with other Load and go card holders. Given that there was no activity on the account this means that dodo were unable to connect to the bank never mind my card!
My faith in this card is declining very quickly so may have to consider setting up something else The other problem there does not seem to be a help desk to ring someone to get anything sorted. That is a big negative

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Hi Bob, This does sound unusual. I'd definitely suggest giving the Load and Go customer support line a call on 1300 665 054 (this number is also on the back of your card) and they'll be able to check that everything is OK from our end. Roxy


The card won't work on the same POS machine as it did the day before. It also won't work on a whole host of machines or for on-line purchases. Now it's been blocked and I still have $50 on it. The online management is also hopeless. Can't find anything on unblock card. Never had so many issues with any credit card.

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Hi Chris, This doesn't sound good at all. Please give the Load and Go team a call on 1300 665 054 (this number is also on the back of the card) so they can sort this out for you. Roxy

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Questions & Answers

Hi I bought a new load and Go card today after my current one expired and I've been trying to add it to my Auspost account for the past few hours. However it says "card already linked" but doesn't show up.
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Can I use a Load and Go card to transfer money to my PayPal account? Thanks for your help
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Hey Leigh99, The Load&Go card can't be used to make transfers from, only to. I believe you can link your card to your PayPal account and make purchases that way but I recommend contacting Load&Go directly to confirm that if you want to be 100% sure. ~Sami

Can't log in, won't accept my password. Can't reset password, won't accept email as valid. ???
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Hey Jewel, Are you having any issues logging into your MyPost account or is it only the Load&Go section? ~Sami

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