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Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt

Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt

4.0 from 2 reviews

Excellent lock but need to learn to program it

Agree with Hason's comments generally - an excellent secure lock. Replaced an existing Lockwood deadlock without too much complicated carpentry - good templates supplied.
Absolutely important is getting a master pin number recognised by the electronics before you try and do anything else - paper instructions with the unit are wrong - to add additional or specialised pin numbers you can only bring up the programming menu by hitting master pin then the # key - NOT the * key that the instructions say.
Lockwood phone help was fast human and helpful - call with your mobile on speaker and the help person can give you guidance over the phone by hearing the beeps and audible prompts the lock makes in program mode.

Bad things - 1. ridiculously expensive at $690, but its worth if it to control access without keys with great flexibility if
you have lots of different people coming and going through a main door.
2. promised z-Wave control does not seem to work on my unit - but I am very disillusioned with the whole integrated home automation thing - so not a real problem - just hit the right numbers and forget your keys.

Easy to use but poor touchpad quality.

The locking mechanism lives up to the reputation of the Lockwood brand. Feels solid. Easy to install and reliable to use. I don't carry any keys to the house anymore which is very convenient especially when I go out for a jog. Batteries lasted a bit over 2 years before needing replacement. They have other newer versions that use RFID and voice prompted menus which helps a lot so you don't have to go find the instructions.

However, the touchpad is made from polycarbonate plastic rather than glass. It is prone to scratches and stress cracking due to contact with skin oil or solvent and environmental exposure. After 1 year of use, there are worn marks on the touchpad on all the digits of my pin code. None of their advertised stockist actually sell the touchpad as a replacement part. Contacted Lockwood via their website and they were sympathetic to the issue and offered to send a replacement unit. It's hard to find good customer service like this anymore these days.

Recommend to add a stick-on screen protector to the touch pad during installation and replace the strike plate with a proper stainless steel one to prevent rusting.

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