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What a fabulous device!!

I absolutely love this!! It has great sound quality and punch even when cranked up, very minimal distortion, hard to pick at all. In fact it was purchased for use in a very large outdoor space and this definitely makes the grade, not much else would have though. It is so good that my friends and family have purchased one for themselves after seeing and hearing mine in action. It is so portable, is very quick charge easy to pair and lasts for up to 20 hours!! This time would be cut if you had the device on full I'm sure but will definitely outlast any party you may be planning. I purchased it for the Christmas parties we were hosting this year and it was faultless and a real talking point as it is surprising to be so small, yet so powerful. Some of the functions including % of charge left on the device by pushing both the higher and lower volume control simultaneously is great. It is waterproof, great for outdoor use, comes in a range of colours and I love the quality, the sound and the size. This is really fabulous. I just need to keep my 18 year old's hands off it as he grabs it at any opportunity! Don't need to think twice about this little beauty!! Enjoy!!

Must have portable speaker

perfect for beach, shower, poolside or a summe bbq. simple to pair with device, battery that will last almost all day (aprox 18hrs) negative is no play/pause or next/skip. But this portable waterproof, dustproof speaker will definitely perform to your needs with Very decent sound quality/ volume for its size

Slams the competition for value and sound music delivery!

This has to be the best bluetooth speaker in this price range. Depth in bass, no distortion when cranked as loud as it goes. For those with a sound music ear you will be pleasantly surprised by how much this kicks the tones of your tracks.

Going to buy a second to link up (and maybe more!!) If your after a bluetooth speaker, you can't go wrong!

Best portable speaker ever!

This portable, waterproof (!!), bluetooth speaker is actually incredible. I can honestly take it anywhere! I have used it around the pool, in the shower, outside and even in the dust while renovating. The sound quality is perfect indoors and out. The speaker really is dust-proof - I just rinsed mine underwater to clean it and it came up like new! It really is waterproof! The app is also great for sound control in different locations. Battery life is incredible and bluetooth range is great! I did purchase this at Dick Smith when it was on sale for $295 so I recommend waiting for a good deal if considering buying as they are a little pricey (but well worth it). Honestly an all-round perfect speaker, great for summer! I recommend it to anyone I can!

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Bluetooth ConnectivityYes
Price (RRP)$349.95

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  • MPN: 984000483

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