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Logitech Wireless Headset H800

Logitech Wireless Headset H800

MPN: ING-1931952
4.0 from 10 reviews

Great Headset - pity about the USB charging cable!

This headset is great, and it works beautifully and is very comfortable.

Aside from that I wish to complain about the "PATHETIC" USB charging cable that has been supplied.

Battery life is not endless and the headset needs recharging, no problems, I expected that. However, the charging cable that they provided is only 24cm in length (about 1 foot) - SERIOUSLY? 1 foot? ... Have you ever tried to wear a headset that is connected to the computer (which is on the floor) with a cable that is only 24cm in length? So while the headset is charging, I have to plug in my old wired headset and use that. Therefore I have not been able to replace my headsets - and the new H800 has been abandoned until I get the cable extended somehow. Also Logitech don't have any longer cables it seems!

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OK, I now have an extender USB cable and can wear the headset while it's charging! Now that I've been using the headset for a while now, I've noticed that ocasionally my sound just "stops" - no apparent reason. To solve this I just pull out the USB receiver and plug it back in. I wonder why this is so ...

Did not work for me

I cannot rely on the Bluetooth headphones at all, they work and they do not. Sometimes when I have them on, it stalls my whole internet connection to a very slow speed and goes back to normal when I disconnect them.
Also, this headset is not noise cancelling. The headphones are comfortable on my ears and do not pull.

Ticks all my boxes

The little USB transmitter bit is plugged into my computer almost permanently so I can use audio through the headset and not disturb others around me. When not in use (infrequently when I'm out and about with the laptop) I store the transmitter in the dedicated compartment within the headset so it doesn't get lost. To use them with my phone or tablet I just move the switch from the USB position to the bluetooth position. The biggest hassle is using them with multiple bluetooth devices. If I've been using them with the tablet I have to turn the bluetooth off on the tablet so I can use them with my phone (but that isn't a fault, just an annoyance). I've never had a complaint from others about the audio quality of phone calls. When I'm in a noisy environment it is much easier for me to hear using the headset than using the device's hands free option. As with most headsets, they are easily adjustable for different sized heads and they can be used whilst they are charging. The microphone part can be easily raised and lowered, which is helpful when I want to have a mouthful of liquid while talking to someone. I also have a set of corded head phones (which insert into the ears) but after a while they make my ears sore, whereas because these are over the ears they are quite comfortable for long periods. They are good for travel. They fold up pretty well (not perfectly flat though). I make sure the microphone part is safely within the folded headset so it doesn't get damaged when floating around my backpack. I use them with my own device to watch in-flight entertainment. The volume can be turned up easily to allow me to hear over engine noise. I've had my Logitech h800 headset for maybe four years and they've been punished a lot in that time. I'm about to replace them as I'm starting to have trouble charging them. I think perhaps the connections for the charging cord might have been damaged and they start charging but after a minute or two the lights go out and they stop charging. However they ticked all my boxes and I'm going to replace them with the same model.

Everything I was looking for

I work as a careers writers and have been looking for an affordable, reliable Bluetooth headset and boom mic, and after trying a couple of different headsets bought this and have been so impressed. Seamless connectivity after I switch the on bottom in a hurry to answer calls, battery lasts a long time and the call quality on my and the customer’s end is fantastic. Such a fan of Logitech. Love it so much. When the battery light comes on it still lasts for hours, and an easy switch between mobile and computer. Definitely buy this if your looking for a similar thing from a headset and boom mic. Very covert boom mic as well for leisure use.

Worth it

CUrrently using logitech h800 headset for work & also when i am in the gym and its very reliable . sound is very clear literally i can't live with out it i have on me all the time . great for answering phone calls or listen to music when in the gym or out n about . battery lasts ok but i would prefer it last little bit longer say atleast 2 days . currently lasts 4 hrs

Literally can't live without these.

I use these for work every day they allow me to seamlessly answer my mobile phone and the regular Skype calls I get at work.mi have a technical advice job so I literally can't work without these. These are rechargeable and a full charge will last even the busiest of days.

Great wireless headphones for a good price.

I've had my H800s for about 4 months now and cannot live without them. I clean the house while listening to videos from my pc, and they're perfect for the gym. They're comfy and have a built in mic which I use for call.s The only problem is when they get down to low battery, they make this really loud and frequent beeping which makes them impossible to use. Other than that I love em.

H800 review

A very nice headset that is comfortable and sturdy.

Buyers beware though, I have returned and replaced this product twice. The USB nano receiver is prone to malfunctioning. For example, the device will not connect or audio will drop out.

If you buy this and I do recommend it, don't leave the nano receiver plugged in over night. Plug it in when you use the device and take it out after you are finished.

Works for me!

I have two pairs of these (both my wife and I work from home and teleconference a lot). Both pairs are close on 2 years old now and have worked well.
I'm more than happy than the sound quality - for listening to music as well as teleconferencing (I have a set of Bose AE2 headphones for serious listening, the H800 is not as good as these but not a long way behind, given their intended purpose).
I haven't had any complaints from other people about the boom mike either... most people seem to be able to hear quite well.
I use the H800 via USB on Skype (on my computer) and via Bluetooth with my iPhone 5.
Works well for their purpose - and not too bad for music listening either
Wish they were a bit smaller/more portable

Inconsistent advertising

This device starts well but then audio drops off. And stays dropped for a while before it comes back. As for the microphone, I get people complaining that my voice get chopped off and they cannot make sense of what I am saying. I bought this thinking that it would be a better product than Logitech H600. Now I see that the H600 is better than the H800. What a rip off.
Looks good
Does not work as advertised

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Wireless Headset H800
Price (RRP)159.95
TypeOver Ear
Active Noise CancellingNo
Release dateOct 2011

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  • MPN: ING-1931952

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