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Logitech Z906 Computer Speakers

Logitech Z906 Computer Speakers

MPN: LOG-980-000470
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Powerful, All-in-one, 5.1 Surround with Industrial look, faithful sound reproduction, and remarkable

TLDR; You really won't find a better set of all-in-one 5.1 surround sound computer speakers for under $300 anywhere, period. The Z906 isn't perfect, but is flexible enough to cover your audio needs very well, as long as you have an equalizer at your disposal. The 4.1 setting can provide very full sounding music, the 5.1 is immersive, and the sub-woofer does its job exceedingly well. Bluetooth would be nice, but the speakers would have to be wired to something for power anyway, so the wired rear speakers aren't too much of a problem, but I do recommend getting the Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand ($40 set of 2). Although they are computer speakers, they sound much better at a bit of a distance, and are a bit too one-dimensional up close, especially the center when used for 5.1.

First Impression:

Purchased these at about $260 for use as computer speakers about two months ago (Netflix, Youtube, music, and gaming). Out of the box, set-up wasn't too difficult, but instructions left something to be desired; black green and orange may be standard audio connections for 3.5mm jacks, but still would have been nice to have for reference (I'll jot these down at the bottom for your reference!). The speakers look relatively premium for the price point, and the wide range of features allows for considerable customization. They are admittedly a bit industrial-looking for a home theatre but should fit in just fine with a computer setup. For a 5.1 computer speaker system, you just will not find a better deal than this.

But how do they sound?

Out of the box with no equalizer settings? A little bit flat for my tastes. The satellites sound more crisp with mids lowered a bit and rounded off. If you want a more full sound coming out of the satellites, especially at lower volumes, you can increase the 60, 125, and 250hz levels, gradually lower the mids (1k and 2k) and then gradually raise the up to the 8k mark, but drop the 16k a little. You may lose some fidelity in higher ranges though (the satellites get muddied when they try to reproduce lower frequencies). I'd recommend playing around with the settings until you find one you're really satisfied with. Remember that you can drop the lows in EQ, but then turn up the sub independent of the other unites using the control module.

The sub-woofer is ported, so it does provide some serious room-filling bass, but it's not all that crisp for music. I tightly rolled up some black linen and shoved it into the port - this was enough to make the bass a little more punchy without muddying up the sound at high volumes. There is way more than enough power going to that driver to produce satisfying bass in a small-mid sized room without the port.

High frequencies are a little grainy or chirpy, but without dedicated tweeters, that's just kind of unavoidable. If you're an audiophile who is looking at these to play music perfectly, you're probably going to be disappointed. They aren't bad by any means, but a good tweeter, mid, and sub setup with appropriate crossovers is always going to beat out a pseudo full-range driver and sub setup.


Biggest Concern:

The power supply hands-down. One major reason for having a dedicated amplifier is the increased surface area and porting available for heat dissipation. The power supply for this speaker set is housed at the rear of the sub and gets very toasty very fast. Thankfully, the turning the speakers off at the control unit effectively prevents this without unplugging the unit, but unless you feel like warming up your room, leaving this bad boy on all day may not be a good idea, and it certainly should have enough airflow to prevent the heat from building up. I haven't noticed it getting dangerously hot to the touch, but the whole back plate gets very warm and long-term use might cause the power supply to fail.


If you are looking for a powerful 5.1 surround sound system without having to mess with a separate amplifier or want to use them as computer speakers, then this is the set for you, especially if you can get them for less than $300.


3.5mm Audio Cable Setup:
Orange = Center and Sub-woofer
Green = Front Left and Right
Black = Rear Left and Right

Sanus Speaker Stand on Amazon:

150% best bang for buck system on the block

Just bought this system yesterday and finished setting it up today.

All I can say is wow....I cannot believe what is coming from this little system.

Running new Samsung 75inch 4K Tv and Xbox one X(Also run Foxtel IQ3). Running HDMI from Xbox to TV and optic audio cable from TV to the Z906 system.

Changed settings on Xbox to Dolby surround sound, set the Z906 to 3D and then let it rip.

I'm no audiofile as my previous systems were a JVC unit($1100) that was about the same size and wattage, a kenwood receiver and accusound speaker systems($1500) and I was looking for a new system to run my new gear.

Was looking at numerous units but saw the positive reviews for this little unit and for less than 400 bucks I thought what the hell.

As with previous systems I've had, its mandatory test is the Matrix lobby scene(Blueray).

Set the system to full blast and the sound was crystal clear filling my 4.5 x 4.5 media room with absolute Movie and matching audio magic.

Even using youtube app through xbox the audio is beautiful, clear and loud. Anyway I'm wrapped and for the price I am 200% stoked.

Easy to setup and good sound quality

Recently purchased this and use it as my computer sound system to watch movies and listen to music. Really good purchase have Been using Logitech speakers for years and this was really easy to setup. Loving the remote control and many types of inputs for devices would of love two aux input but not a big hassle

4 plus years and still running strong

I've now had these for just over 4 years and they still sound awesome to this day. I originally purchased these used from Amazon for just over $200 and I will confess that this was the best deal I've ever received on a sound system. This speaker system provides powerful crisp clear sound with enough bass to make an entire house rumble from the thump. I've played games, watched movies (various formats), and listen to music through these speakers. I have learned to really enjoy the my music with these excellent speakers is that the music itself needs to be higher quality. I've recently started converting my music collection over to FLAC and the difference is simply amazing. Right now my most limiting factor is my sound card, of which is the SB Zx and only has a 116 DB SNR. I am looking at getting a higher end sound card with better SNR, then we will see what these speakers can do.
It seems the more powerful and better quality I throw at this system the better the sound gets!

Lastest 2 years then power supply fails

Great speakers and loud. But after about 2 years the power supply failed. Called logitech can get parts or even just the subwoofer where the power supply is. They only sell whole new system and had very little help from customer support.

For approx $400 of speakers you expect more life out of them. Google z906 power supply issues you find its a very common problem.

Gorgeous sound, delightful to use.

Absolutely love this system. Very rich bass and crystal clear surround sound. I love the hardware adjustments and the remote is concisely set out. All round great system for theatre sound as well as all genres of music. My only complaint would be that there are not included wall mounts, which leads to an extra cost (speakers are small, and really do need to be mounted in a secure position.

Good but not great

Those speakers are great for gaming and movies, they are really good in these two aspects but don't be a fool like me use them for songs/music, don't listen to BOSE speakers and compare them with these. These speakers are not for audiophiles. I have them paired with Xona D2X sound card and they sound pretty good for the price but as I mentioned before they don't sound that good when listening to music.

-Good bass
-Multiple inputs
-Small and compact



I upgraded from the Logitec X530 to the Z906's thinking that a total of 500watts would be much better than the 140watts. Well I cannot really hear much differance, certainly not an extra $250 worth. The X530 cost me $99 and the Z906 $349. Admittingly I cannot run the optical cable connection as the new sound card I purchased with them needs Windows 7 and I am still using XP Pro, but I cannot see that making too much differance.
My suggestion if you have Logitec X530's stick with them, if you have not then take a look at getting some for under $100, they are great!
Not much really, compared to my old Logitec X530.
Hardly any increase in volume from the X530's. Need to purchase wall mounting brackets, X530's can be mounted.

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Hi Animal World, something doesn't seem quite right with your situation, the Z906's should be a great improvement over the Z530's. We suggest given our Support Team a call to Troubleshoot on 1800 025 544.

Logitech Z906 Sound Perfection

I have had this system for over 12 months now and is still going strong with no issues at all and still great sound I will start off with how I love the multiple inputs, 6 in total and at the moment I have my Xbox, DVD, TV, Wireless headphones and portable CD player (for FM radio) all hooked up to it with no problems. Now this system is not just great for the PC but it awesome as a home theater system. I am a bit of a movie buff so I can tell you that when you’re watching a DVD you are put right in the middle of it with bullets flying left, right and center.

The other good thing about it is that you can adjust the sub woofer, rear, front and center speaker levels differently. I have always found that the rear audio in 5.1 movies was always too low so all you do is turn up the volume on the rear speakers and then enjoy being in the middle of it all.

The remote head is a nice size. Not too big but not too small. I did find it to be a little too light though but it does have rubber like feet to prevent it from moving around. The display lights on it are orange so when watching a movie in a dark room it is not too dazzling yet it is bright enough to see your settings. Also on the side of the remote head it had a headphone output and a 3.5mm input which I plug my iPhone into it and enjoy my tunes. It does also come with a remote that I must say is nice and small but be warned...sometimes when you put it down it can be lost ;).

The only con I have found on this unit is that when pressing buttons on the remote head or using the remote it can be a little slow in responding (changing channels) as for everything nowadays is instant!
The speakers themselves are nice and solid and also have some weight to them...They are all wall mountable as that's where mine are at the moment. The sub woofer is also not a bad size and can pack a punch (vibrates my windows). I have a neighbor that lives half a K away and even she enjoys the music I play sometimes and even has commented "did you enjoy transformers last night?" so I guess that's saying something.

Overall I would certainly recommend this for all your audio needs either it being PC or home entertainment as the pros outweigh the cons and after having it for over 12 months there is no loss in audio quality either.
All the different inputs 6 in total, can be used for multiple items such as TV, DVD, XBOX, PC, nice subwoofer, Solid unit
Response time can be a little slow on the remote head when you change channels or effect and also the same when using the remote

Questions & Answers

I purchased Logitech Z906 a couple of days ago. What I noticed that if I keep the power on and not playing any music the back panel of sub is heating up and the heat is keep on increasing until the power is off. Did not get much help from logitech customer care. My question is, is this a normal behavior or there might be a problem with speakers? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Altaf mine has no problem i can have it on for a few hours and it doesn't turn off. make sure the wires are connected correctly and that your outlet has no issue. i have the speaker on like almost every day i have had it for months now and had no issues@Vincent23 - Thanks for your reply. I think I did not mentioned my query clearly, Issue with my speaker is that the back panel of sub is heating up a lot until I turn the power off. I was not playing any music just kept the power console on for 30-60 minutes. Can you please confirm that, is this the case with your speaker too? Thanks in advance.

Where is the logitech show room?
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Z906 remove
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Z906 Computer Speakers
Price (RRP)549.95
Release dateMar 2011

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  • MPN: LOG-980-000470

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